Dark Lyrics


1. Pale Pretender

Pale pretender
You're shaking while you go
Soulless vendor
You'll be reaping what you've sown
You've shown us your might
Now try to survive

Willows weeping tunes of nearing flood
Ancient winds won't carry them afar

Hunters of deep are howling

Fields are turning grey
As we're watching the cancer spread over the land the night awaits
Be aware of the infiltrators' conniving ways

The beast will lie well restrained 'til ready to unwind and feast on its maker

A fading choir lays its silhouette over the gasping land
Our drying mouths are getting drier
Come thirst overwhelming
A fading choir lays its silhouette above the sleeping land
Humming lost songs of the better days
Can you still hear them?

2. Backbone

Dim lighting hides the scene so well
It's truly frightening
These walls grow taller by the day
No words make sense and
There's only one way to amend the backbone I've left laying around, gathering dust

New branch
Warm touch of grace
Yet winds blow colder
Fierce thunder in its wake
While raging powers reign
There's no truth nor shame
You know it all makes sense
A mind depraved

Still reaching out to find a meaning
A revelation guiding home
Worn out to wear the armour of the vivid
While stumbling on the winding road

Struck to the ground
Gather pieces and rebuild
Gather pieces and rebuild

3. Acts

Act of God
Serves the inner monologue
A lost prayer
With these eyes
A relic from another life
I'm no stranger
A beast like mine
Feeds upon the oldest scars
Another traitor in the making

Come and meet me in a state where I'm off guard
Between rest I'm assured
Moment of belief, my heart is released
Waving from the aisle just barely inside
Between rest I'm assured
Moment of belief, my heart's released like a drug

And yet they make their way back to where thoughts are stored
Left to ghostwrite the end

4. The Dead Layer


5. Lost Prayer

His holy light shines for the vile
He rolls the dice and putrid wounds close up for good
One's plight will fade without a sound as he rolls the dice
Now rest, it's undone

Breathe and let it out
Give yourself to the cause
As one we shall unwind
And make our way through the envisioned
The thrones are aligned

A prayer lost in a maze
God, spare not Thy wrath
A prayer lost in a haze
God, drive down Your axe

All in Thy name

6. Breasts Of Mothers

The night is full of grace
The trees, they shine
King of the afterworld drives his chariots home
The breasts of mothers are overflowing
The night is full of grace
To the earth we return

Trees shining like stars
The great escape
To illumination

7. Grey Light

Never came to be
Aware of true me
Thriving in the dismay
Where fear burns my eyes
Still I know the word
I've been blessed by grace
Yet I long for a mane to keep me warm

I rake the sand in me
A brighter tone of grey
Coming from the horizon
Of the fateful span
Gratitude and shame
Shake hands in me truly
And I wait for the grey to reel away

Deeper into the hay
The ray, it swarms tonight
Catching my skin in shade
I never thought it'd come
Just tonight, fill my sight
And melt the grey away

I rake the sand in me
A milestone in grey
Came in days too early
To face all that light
A permission to stay
In gratitude and joy
And I wait for the grey to reel away

To swirl in the span of
Depleting time
It swallows the time of
Our being in dismay
We're all in swirl of
Sunlight and dismay
The ray of grace it
Still prevails

8. Ghostwritten

A whipping word has become the flesh
Waved around as if the world is tamed
In muted tongues where the wisdom begs
I'm done holding my breath

False faith disallows to create
I sense them wolves at my doorstep
Force fed and bound to resurrect
God knows my name but won't address

Been covered here for a while
Building up sorrows, sweeping under rugs
But the spires are heavenly guarded

Great is the light
That separates and carries out our commands
Left with blood on our hands

Pour your lies into one
Feed your bastard child
Crown your wives before sons
Sustain what they have begun

9. Old Souls

Navigate by what matters
The foundations of one ain't mere
Release futile load
The foundations of one ain't mere

10. Dam's Lair Road

Make no sound
Waste no time
Hide what lights your dark
As hours run through both hands
A way is found grim as grave

The city is sleeping
I am keeping guard
The scent in the evening air
Reminds me of life

Steer the vessel through the night
Glide past flickering lights
Steer the vessel through the night
May you never be found

Time has come to hide what lights your dark

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