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1. Return From The Other Side

Whether sun shines or coldness reigns, whether it’s day or night
Keeping vigilance, here, high at the hillside
With brothers at my side, thirsty for bloodshed, guarding each move
until we spot the first signal, beasts will rage with hunger

Behold the hospitable country, flourishing with healthy life
Taste the flavour of the fields of my home surrounded by wild plantscape
Get drunk with the beauty in all forms
Barefaced they would sell, steal and destroy these riches

Dare not to enter, you wasteful one, not knowing the wisdom of the white wolf
Bodies of men of your race will be buried by slaves,
deep into the ground where dry heath grows

Kind to kind, the will of the man born to fight
Saturated with hatred and wrath—the creator of a perfect plan of ruse and damage
Cursed be, who stray from the path, set by the gods of our race

Alas, to the deceitful and cowardly dogs
Their torsos will be stuck live on the stakes
On display to all—for warning and for amusement
Heads cut off, on the ground for the most insane murderers of my tribe to tread upon
Young bastards and whores will finish in the fangs of bears’ paws

One or a dozen, always heading towards any prevalence
...and if I fall, in the first line or at the end
I will take off to the sky like a hawk
Whose spirit will always be bound with this country

There, where the seed of fear has been sown,
our battlecry will long be heard and no one will dare to enter twice
Many solstices after, when peace takes over,
you can taste the flavour of the fields of your home everyday
Surrounded by wild plantspace, get absorbed by beauty in all forms...
...and when you remember,
I may reappear for a moment, just as fast, as I will get out of your sight

Then listen for a while to what the wind has to say ...

2. Over The Abyss Of Life And Death

The wind is my company in the time of traveling
Caressing my feathers, speaks through the instinct

the zeal of the games with the elements flows in my blood,
when I spread my wings it softly creeps under

Such a high degree of confidence I put into this strength,
that I can know no fear
Noblest of the otherworldliness
Made the whelp a hunter, ignorant of hesitation

Although a storm could pull him down in an instant like a straw
Before he grow up from his wildest youth
Now he knows the due time when to strike and when to escape away
Since time immemorial, we have known, for so long,
where only the memory of gods can reach
The creature chained to the ground has never had a clue what freedom really means

Circling above the regions, where every time I come back
Here in the highlands, the scene of magical moments of harmony
whence came the motion for creation of a perfect coexistence with environment

I will gather all my courage and take a quest to distant hunting grounds
I will find the right current, drifting gently and steadily
In a killer dive headlong, I will seize my prey, swiftly like no other predator
Travelling downwind, soaring up over the mountain peaks, white
floating clouds, I land with a crown of majesty

I will wait till you change your direction and slow down your pace
Then let me safely float and fly again as fast as you can, my precious friend

I will listen to your songs with the most mystical of stories,
with gratitude and loyalty to the end of all ages
Ruling from the heights, soaring above the abysses of death and life

The body of the ground, the spirit of the wind
Back to the gods

3. Highlander

Where the mountain stream falls beneath the frozen shroud
In the bleak forest home, a thousand years old frost is the companion
Thick white clouds of haze embrace the animals’ moss shelters
In the time of sleep, shared by all the forest creatures
While the ember is smouldering, ready to catch fire again
In the spring the snake crawls in to swallow the last shreds of grey

from the nutrient virgin soil
the colourful splendour of the world is reborn
the armed man and a stallion
...adventurous endless wayfaring

nobody knew where the way
he took would lead
Steel, which he refined
When his forge shined with the glitter of all stars into the black nights

The man treaded the wolf trails, crossed by those of deer, lynx and delusions
Frightened bird flocks let know of his presence
In the moments he resisted the traps of wilderness
As it read in the visions of his election

Alliance with mighty spirits ruling the weather
Influencing what is to become ...
How long did he have to travel to get to his destination ....
What things did he discover and learn
How many wounds did he suffer and how many did he have to deal

He who wields iron by rude force and delicate touch
He who tasted and dealt no mercy in regal portions

Words of return, gradually fell into oblivion
As so many moons passed, and people lost their count
No one had a clue who was the man the traveller spoke about
No one knows where he disappeared, and who cut off the head of the
the devil master, plundering here long ago

4. Verdict

Golden gown with the stench of incense
Blood coloured velvet stained with sperm
...how young bite for your uncontrolled lust

Pressed against the wall, with the gun in your ass and heart on a thread
Not an easy way out, when you know whom you face
Brainwhashed with all this silly philanthropy....
Do you really believe human life has the value they attribute it?
How funny ...

So many sliced wounds for my delight
Deeper and deeper to the bone
Skin covered with bleeding runic signs
Lack of conscience
Heartless and cold to your cries
Madness culminates
and the stabbing gets faster
Watching the body ridden with a horrid nervous fit
Final blessing before your impalement
You’re honoured with taking over the place of Jesus
It will be a pleasant look for your sheep

Do you really believe human life has the value they attribute it?
How funny ...

5. Heathen Beast

The blade swishing in the air
Spinning around its axis
Before you cover your back
A hit of skin, wood and scrap

The wolf catches the scent
In wait for its prey
Stalks it cunningly
Then hunts it down and snaps its back

Stand up above the abyss
Saddle the iron horse
Take your post in the pack

Heathen beast—laughs in the face of death

An iron mace rises above the skyline
A fire stroke
Drive that quenches your thirst
Flames breathing the fuel

Flies forward and laughs in the face of death—heathen beast

Slip into a raging iron mass, after the first hammer blow
Galloping with the speed of an arrow
Tear out the flesh, slurp the blood of your enemy
Spare him not and loudly mock the gods of the inferior ones

With a fresh dose of evil
The ongoing march of the army

War, black death, hurt, starvation
Purifying disasters
precise job of killing machine
For the hungry mouth of hell

Laughs in the face of death—heathen beast

6. Down There

A shock therapy, start
Close your eyes
and cover your ears
Blood pressure pills
Take as much chance as you can carry
To be able to forget
An adorable bundle of nerves
Turned back, hiding behind a woman’s skirt
Take care of your humpback
The Devil’s cane needs no rest
Like a nightmare you cannot chase away
A silly intrusive scene and flashback
A picture you cannot erase from your mind
Days grow shorter, nothing more to say
Oh, how deeply he scorns you
The demon arisen from unceasing wrath
He trampled out the last ruins of your soulless presence
And he keeps breathing in all the power of evil with the dragon’s mouth
And spits acid on your uninviting mask of goodness
Feeds entire hell with boundless hatred
Like snapping one’s fingers the punishment comes
Not a grain of ash remains
deceased, forgotten, swept into nothingness
With all that can remind of your face
Days have been counted
Nothing more to say
No one will miss... feeble minded lies
Six feet under is the only place where I want to see you
And then I‘ll take what’s mine
Else we shall burn down there

See down there

7. Redemption By Blood

And the enemy was stricken with a single fatal blow that broke all his rotten bones
His body hung upside down, a piece of frozen ice, sacrifice for the gods and food for hungry beasts
With the advent of spring, the remains of meat rot away in the sun and the wolf buries the bones for a hungry day

What hatred and contempt had the barbarians for the disfigured carrion
That brought ruins, loss, and enslavement
Disgusting helpless body, once heavy with grapes and flowers
Now smelling with urine and decay
And the malicious brood began playing tricks again
Weapons were not left in peace
Flames devoured the homes of their god, but the plague continued to penetrate the air

What was easily redeemed by blood
Time turned to dust
And all those who stubbornly resisted
Now rejoice in the festive hall
In the seat of the mighty ancient spirits
Far above the horizon of the setting sun
In the oases of eternal blissful reveries

Thanks to LopezJoe for sending these lyrics.

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