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1. Darker Than Black (Intro)

As we unlock the secrets to our universe. We have
discovered that an all encompassing substance
called Dark Matter threatens our very existence is
this mysterious energy the true source of evil?
And what small hope have we as black
holes angrily devour our floating islands of light.
Theory becomes reality and another cross lines
the cosmic roadside engulfed by something....

2. Kill The Devil

The evil one we can defeat him. Our mission make him dead and gone.
One from each religion assembled to take him on. They would go to the
ends of the earth and below to end the game and kill the Devil Deception
our greatest weapon the priest in black has joined the cause hell betray
his master and then we will strike without pause. Midnight all the power
of light well fool the master of lies and kill the Devil [repeat]

Kill Kill the devil. The game was on midnight approaching the dark disciple
made the call. The formless one took shape the sight of him left us in awe

Now that we've got you you'll die here today. When hell freezes over you will
stand in my way. Come hell or high water to rest you will lay. When you deal
with the devil there will be hell to pay. Blinding light came! The evil is finally
gone the impossible seemingly done. Still we must save ourselves from the
evil that comes from below. The darkness still lingers within us all
You've got to kill the Devil!

3. Chupacabra

Down in the Southlands lurking in the dark without invitation it comes
to make its' mark. Few have said to see it many tell the tale how the
monster hunts for blood feeding on the frail nocturnally delicious its?
hunger never end. See the full moon swimming in the sky hear the
horrible shrieking cry CHUPACABRA! Senseless superstition nature
did neglect looks beyond description terror to inject. Caught between
a poltergeist and something you can kill. Striking with impurity when
the night is still. From small puncture wounds escapes the majesty of
life. See the full moon swimming in the sky hear the horrible shrieking
cry CHUPACABRA! Stay the path and never go astray it will steal your

Winged just like a Demon poison tail to whip moonlight shining on the
bodies as the flesh is ripped. You will never catch it or is it real to get if
you fall asleep tonight you won't wake to regret. It lives far beyond the
realm of mans ability to reveal

4. Blood Of The Innocent

Lost without trace indigenous race taken by force and displaced. Sons
of the land true American they made their last stand for survival. Pain
greed and fear manifest destiny is here. Lies hate revenge crimes of the
past are avenged. We're spreading the blood of the innocent. Loud were
their cries vicious yet wise a people of peace forced to fight fractured and
few the invaders knew against them they would not unite.

[Pre-chorus / chorus]
Promises that were made broken and quickly betrayed on reservations
they're enslaved a race of resentment and rage. God had a plan this
once savage man has justice poetically made. Temptations of sin that
once did them in now has us the slaves to the Indian
[Pre-chorus / Chorus.]

5. Eyes Of Obsidian

When I was a child then it came. A night full of thunder and rain I
would be never the same. I wish that I never had seen what no one would
ever believe. Playing tricks that my eyes deceive. So scared I felt my spirit
leave. Now I'm darker than black. Digital eyes for therapy. The faster we
live the more that we see. Did you just see that my god. The entity looked
right at me with the eyes of obsidian. Darker than black it would seem. The
eyes of obsidian. Deep in the dark of the night lust at the edge of my sight
a shadow was coming to life. As if I awoke from a dream. Awkwardly
crippled a secret that I cannot keep. Evil no longer asleep now I'm darker
than black
Tuning our minds to the same key. Something just moved what was that
[Chorus] Darker

6. Philadelphia Experiment

All would be sacrificed to get what's needed through. Once again the
world was at war we knew what to do. A union of the minds with Einstein.
Tesla to. They would do what couldn't be done witnessed by few. The laws
of science are falling. The laws of physics decay Gravity no longer holding
us down no longer will we obey. All of your rules we leave them behind.
They're made to be broken. They're crossing the line. The rules of the game
are made to the broken. Aboard the Elbridge they would spin magnetic fire
to make the ship and crew disappear that was their desire. The switch was
thrown the engines groaned a warning cry. Something had gone terribly
wrong there was no reply

[Pre-chorus / Chorus]
They didn't know just how transparent they would be a fate most cruel was
suffered by those out there at the sea some bodies burst to flame and
madness claimed the rest. Others suffered flesh within steel was this
worth the test

[Pre-chorus chorus]
Breaking boundaries pushing the limit never relenting where did they go.
The fabric will tear and into thin air they're far beyond visually cloaked.

7. March Of The Cage

We take on the world wherever we go. Nothing will stop us that is our
oath. All of the evil beneath crawling up from below. We will deliver
defeat we won't take anymore. Marching forever we go but we want to
go higher. Follow us straight down the road and into the fire

With infinite malice we shatter the night and then we destroy in the
name of what's right. Under our flickering glow like a beacon we shine.
The fallen will cower in fear to our all seeing eye

The frequency that we invoke is your purifier

Listen your life in danger. Fortune and fame don't make them a stranger.
Follow you heart and you're laughing at danger. Run to your dreams and go!

March of the CAGE!

8. White Magic

From days of Salem when the craft became alive. The Wicken way has seen
the congregation thrive. The moon and goddess of the earth a solemn face.
But soon they sought such power from a darker place. Beguiled trapped under
their spell. Repent be tried be sent to hell. Tied to the cross the witches will burn
alive on this night. White White magic. Turning to black. White magic turning to
black. The Cauldron curses those the witches do despise. They will fall victim to
their wretched evil eyes. The coven instigates the Equinoxal fire witness deliverance
to all that they desire

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
They're turning to black
[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
They're turning to black.

9. Door To The Unknown

Spirits unite heed the call from the call from beyond. Sense the sorrow we feel now
that you're gone. Over the threshold you've crossed into the night lifelessly numb
to the tunnel of light. Now we will reach the medium channels a ghost. The seance
begins a presence enters it's host message revealing such things no one could know.
Now here at last the closure that you needed so door to the unknown you're not alone
Open the gate. The door to the unknown. The door is a bridge to things best left unseen.
Not from above or below caught in between. Under the archway it leads to the abyss.
The final goodbye blessed to receive such a gift

Once it was hard to believe but nothing you've felt and nothing you've seen was like
this unreal nightmarish dream

10. Secretc Of Fatima

Know the message of the blessed three given the gift of prophecy of the twentieth
century the virgin Mary gave. One by one the secrets came sworn to be true in god's
name look to the sky the three children claimed and doubt would remain. The secrets
of evil the secrets all evil. They try to hide away the secrets of the future. They hide it all
away from a people gripped in fear they'll take to the grave they never will reveal it.
We never will saved until we finally hear. The third of the secret tells a terrible tale
visions of death and destruction evil prevails. A time will come the say when the faithful
fear no longer. They call it judgment day and they say it is finally here. All of Fatima's
faithful in the crowd. Thousands gathering then a gasping sound I tell you no lie the sun
came alive in the sky witnessed it with my own eyes at precisely the moment the children
had prophesized. Staring at the sun with their naked eyes turning bloody red miracles alive.
Violently spinning around strange colors were bathing the town I thought that the end had
begun as fiery ball unbelievably crashed to he ground. All would hear what the seers
would say but the church hid the secrets away. Number two was revealed too late as a
peaceful world decayed. The warning told of coming genocide and then the rising crimson
tide. It must be stopped and cast aside or all mankind will pay

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
Final images angel holds a blade penance to the world as a bishop is slain. Our fate
most surely is sealed the third secret finally revealed an impression of horror and pain
a corruption of the divine chaos will reign. Secrets of Fatima.

11. Wings Of Destruction

The world is falling down. But reaping winds reclaim the kingdom that once was a home
to us all a memory all that remains. As we begin our approach. Their life signs begin to
fade. Wielding the wickedness that is to come wings of destruction. Seething with anger
to the inferno we fly. Death from above took the ones that we love now it's up to you and I.
Legions of angels mercury red glowing eyes. Strike take the night see just how perfectly we
pulverize. Laceration branding their nation with fire we are disguised from the enemy's eyes
weapons that science defies incinerator blasting the buildings below burn they will turn targets
of tyranny we overthrow. Standing mighty and tall with blinding lights and flashing flames we're
laying waste to it all. Now we control the sky. Seizing the light of the day and ruling the night
Nothing will stand in our way well make you fall. Strike with vengeance and spite NAIL THEM
unleashing all of our might SLAY THEM. Let the fire fall wings of destruction well take 'em all
feet it raining down on you domination calls wings of destructions from these hallowed halls
we are devastating you. We ride on the wind suicidal delight. Do or die to the end. For the fallen
we fight

Nothing is over until that we say it's done. Vapors of death darkly billow below see how they
blacked the sun. Silence is singing loud as your memory gone. Erased eradicate only our
victory will carry on
Pre-chorus chorus

Oh the wings of the guiding light are crushing the will of them all catastrophic coming to call.
The wings know what must be done. Our task is securely complete desolate lands of defeat.
The wings came surgical strike maliciously mocking the slain inflict a poisonous pain.
The wings fly beyond the veil. The Reaper she rides on his back.
Prepare for another attack.

12. Antimatter

I'd rather be left alone in you can't confide. You've made your
intentions know you suffocate my mind. There's nothing to fear
there's no need to hide cause the pain that I feel keeps on growing
inside and I'm tired of you wasting my time I'm wasting my life with
you sick of the sight of you. No feeling no laughter. You wear me
down with antimatter. And from you I'll carry this scar. It makes me
sick that you're the martyr that you are. You let me down time and
time again. You're wasting my time. Within you my faith is hard to
sustain. You're living a lie I've got to get far away from your constrict
vice. Mistakes that I made with you will never happen twice I'm closing
you out I'm shutting you down. It's painfully clear I don't want you
around and I'm tired of you wasting my time. I'm wasting my life with
you sick of the sight of you

[Pre-chorus - Chorus]
Now you're face to face with your mortality victimized inside by mortality.
Face to face embrace your own mortality.

13. Forces Of Freedom

Every thing changed. This glorious land shall not be the same
Oh those things that we saw on that on one fateful day
we stand ready to fight. Liberty guides us we follow her light
and we will carry on the American way. And the drums of the
brave begin playing their song. The flag is being waved showing
freedom lives on god bless the Forces of Freedom and those who
protect God bless the US of A. From the skies we will come then
we'll take to the ground and do what must be done. To avenge
those we're lost they did not die in vein. Shining stars in the sky
well there's one for each hero who gave up their lives. Their
memories will survive heavy hearts feel the pain. And the drums of
the brave begin playing their song. The flag is being raised showing
Freedom lives on god bless the forces of freedom and those who
protect god bless the U S of A. God bless the souls of our fallen
in peace may they rest. We will never forget that September day
that September day god bless the U S of A.

14. Chupacabra (Spanish Version)

[Hidden Track]

Las tierras del sur, en la oscuridad
Sin invitación llega a devastar
Pocos lo han visto, la gente habla de él
… , …
Busca a su presa por todo lugar

La luna esta en el cielo
Si le perciben no ...

Toda una leyenda, te hace temblar
Todos se persignan y se ponen a llorar
Como un fantasma sobrenatural
La bestia anda suelta, terror fenomenal

Sus mordidas matan
Y paralizan vidas

La luna esta en el cielo
Si le perciben no…
El sigue tus pasos
Una vez en ti ya es real

Alas de vampiro
Cola que alargar
Ojos color rojo

La bestia anda suelta, es la realidad
Y si es que no has corrido, nunca despertaras
La criatura vive en la mente de los mortales

La luna esta en el cielo
Si le perciben no …
El sigue tus pasos
Una vez en ti ya es real

Mike Giordano: bass
Dave Garcia: guitar
Anthony McGinnis: guitar
Sean Peck: vocals
Mikey Niel: drums

Recorded, Produced and mixed by Richard Carr and Sean R. L. Peck.
Mastered by Richard Carr at VIPER Studios.
Drums tracked at Silvercloud studios by Floyd.
Assistant: Oscar Sanudo (Mexico).
All artwork and graphics performed by the mighty Marc Sasso.

Thanks to abissmo_metalshop, budgie_butts for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to jorge.runwowlol2 for correcting track #14 lyrics.

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