Dark Lyrics


1. There Were Others

[Voice: Blaze Bayley / lyrics: Peck]

When will we ever know the truth
Behind the origin of mankind?
Religion sites ancient texts while science
Puts its faith in imperfect twisted theories
Both sides agree that human beings
Were not the first sentient life forms here on Earth
Somehow, from somewhere...there were others...

2. Ancient Evil

[Music: Garcia, Magic, Peck / lyrics: Peck]

My name is Elliot Worthington
My loving wife is ill nothing can be done
To make matters worse
We have a nine month old son
We're leaving the seventh physician
We've seen in London
Crawling out of the shadows
Creeping into our lives
Desperate are the measures
Terrible are the times

An ancient evil can't ever be controlled
Don't make a mistake and invite evil into your life
Ancient evil, ancient evil...an ancient evil

[Lead: Trask]

Azim is my name don't be afraid
Twisted and crippled
I am as I was made
I work for a man by his hand
Annabelle can be saved
But please don't ask me how
I know your wife's name
He handed me a piece of paper
He said to me go there tonight
He slipped away into the alley
It was the year of 1869

An ancient evil can't ever be controlled
Don't make a mistake and invite evil into your life
An ancient evil, don't ever justify
Or your soul will be paying the price
Evil it's on the rise
Ancient evil

[Lead: Garcia]

I took his advice and did just what he said
I've nothing to lose my wife soon would be dead

[Lead: Trask/Garcia]

I've something to show you
That just might save your bride
Bring me a living soul back to my lair
A life for a life it only seems fair
This procedure will take place tomorrow night
I swear by my name Allistar all will be made right
I returned to find my lady kneeling
Passing out onto the floor
Another soul I would be stealing
But Annabelle would be restored

An ancient evil can't ever be controlled
Don't make a mistake and invite evil into your life
An ancient evil, don't ever justify
Or your soul will be paying the price
Evil it's on the rise
Ancient evil

An evil deep in London has arrived!

3. Behind The Walls Of Newgate

[Music: Garcia, Trask / lyrics: Peck]

I'm the reaper the sealer of fate
Make your peace before it's too late
In this prison they call Newgate
I am the hand of doom
Shed no tear I'm blind to it all
Surrounded by death
But still l stand tall
Haunted by horrors
Behind these great walls
One day you'll meet me too
Behind the walls

Pick a prisoner to be sacrifices
Dead man walking makes it all right
Tell myself it's to save my wife
I'll do what I must do
Allistar gave me a pill
I made him (Jarvis Felton) choke on it til he lie still
I must admit it gave me a thrill to whom I did it to

Behind the walls-the horrors they hide there is no escape
Behind the walls of Newgate
Behind the walls-a noose on your neck a victim of fate
Behind the walls of Newgate

Jarvis Felton the worst of the worst
It was my pleasure to make him go first
I fashioned my carriage into a hearse
It would be his tomb
Little lies to get past the guards
Wheeling his body crossing the yard
Keeping them silent would not be hard
They were all my crew


[Lead: Garcia/Trask/Garcia/Trask]

Allistar was glad I arrived
Let's check the body make sure he survived
Jarvis Felton was still alive slowly coming to
Take his body bring him inside
And this must be your lovely bride
Brace yourself you're in for a ride
For what we're about to do


4. The Procedure

[Music: Garcia, Vozdecki / lyrics: Peck]

Come around the back, bring the man inside
Put him in this box, beware of prying eyes
He'll be waking soon, never tell a soul
There's no turning back, but you already know

Dim the lights draw your attention to the tables
Read him his last rights while his resistance is disabled
Chain the prisoner to the silver one do as you're told
Undress your wife and lay her on the one that's made of gold

Something's coming for them in the dead of the night
A nightmare that cannot be named - a creation
Not knowing they're releasing hidden horrors
Inside all so that she can be saved-transformation

Throw the switch, it's time to begin the procedure
Annabelle twitched, her body writhing like a seizure
It felt so soothing, something's moving beneath the floor
Lights were flashing, both were thrashing upon death's door

Annabelle was moaning with her eyes looking wild
Caught between pleasure and pain - a sensation
Next to her the prisoner was decaying inside
His skin turning blackened and stained - a mutation
Jarvis Felton was his name-transmutation

[Lead: Trask/Garcia]

The crazy sound and lights that his machine had made
That chaos in the room now began to fade
Stand aside, l have to complete the procedure
Elliot cried, as he stuck her with a needle
A bright blue liquid, how he sticked it into her neck
Annabelle woke up, then rose up off the deck

Allistar had taken them on quite a ride
It all seemed to be so insane-a temptation
Felton's body shrivelled up and painfully died
Smoke rising from his remains-desecration

In the fading light, I witnessed something strange
Clinging to her back, I thought I saw some things

[Lead: Garcia]

5. The Appetite

[Music: Garcia / lyrics: Peck]

I gave them what they wanted-a fresh start
A new lease on life for that young man and his wife
I kept from them a secret, l did not tell the price
She was changing into something that wasn’t nice

Annabelle was doing well, she was at her best
I could tell there was no more hell, she had passed the test
She was so alive now so was I
I watched her as she danced, marks on her back
They were small and black, hardly gave a glance
She really needs a lot now, I love her every night
Things are really getting hot now, her ferocious appetite
I can't seem to break her, she can go all night

So much heat between the sheets
It's so different than before
She moaned so loud, shed scream and shout
She acted like a whore
I tied her down I raised her gown, I laid her on the bed
With sexy eyes and creamy thighs, I did just what she said
Things are really getting rough now, she even likes to bite
Now every single night I feed her appetite
I can't seem to break her, she can go all night

You're not the same, you're not the same my love
What's happening to you?

[Lead: Trask]

I came home one night, she wasn't right
She was lying on the floor
Frail and weak her outlook bleak, just like it was before
I went back there to the Arab's lair, he said she needed more
A girl this time would do just fine
He said it as he closed the door
Will it ever be enough now, something isn’t right
I'd do anything for love now, oh how I need her appetite
I have someone in mind, I'll go get her tonight

Feed her feed her feed her-the appetite
Faster and faster so goes the game, this is insane
Deeper and deeper drowning in guilt, up to the hilt
Weaker and weaker cracks in her voice, I have no choice
Sicker and sicker fading away, I must go today

Annabelle knew what we had to do
There was no going back in fact, she wanted it

6. Cassandra

[Music: Trask, Garcia, Peck / lyrics: Peck]

She needs more not built to last lying on the floor
She needs it fast that wizard said go get a girl
There's only one girl in the world
Who's body that none can resist
Perfectly poisonous lips seductively thrusting her hips
Beating you with chains and whips

Cassandra, some men gave their lives up for you
Cassandra, there's just one more thing you must do

[Lead: Trask]

I went to her cell late at night, a raven beauty what a sight
Oh how her eyes they did seduce
But I slipped a pill into her juice
As she sat there on the bed, she pulled me close to her head
As I succumbed to her charms, she fell asleep in my arms


You're a beautiful dream that came true
Now settle down my dear and enjoy the ride

[Lead: Trask/Garcia]

I snuck her body out in a cart
I took her over to Allistar, my angel wife said get the witch
Now strap her down and throw the switch
Cassandra pleaded and wailed then verbally was assailed
Shut up bitch was the yell coming from Annabelle

[Lead: Garcia]

Grinding stones sounds from the floor
It had begun she needed more
Pretty Cassandra began to scream
From her mouth came smoke and steam
I watched it all in the glow
Heard something strange from below
Cassandra arched up her back
I saw something slimy and black


Oh my poor dear Cassandra

7. Blinded By Rage

[Music: Trask, Garcia, Vozdecki, Peck / lyrics: Peck]

A week or two, that's all we made it through
Bad signs were showing again I just knew
We gave up Cassandra so this would not be
Annabelle was acting so secretly
I had to find out what was behind her strange behaviour
Did she think I was blind?

She'd lock herself into our room
I'd knock and she would not come out
I sense immense impending doom
I had no doubt, our nightmare was about to begin

I was blinded by my rage and seeing red
If he did something to my wife I'll have his head
There must be something that the Arab had not said
I was blinded by my rage and seeing red

Then one day I left early in the rain
I'd spy on my family make sure they're OK
I went to the back, put boxes in a stack
Wiped rain from the window and tried to relax
My view improved, her clothes were removed
I saw baby Jacob and her back was so smooth
She had our son a feeding had begun
She sat so awkwardly something was wrong

I saw what I could not believe, she was kneeling with my son
She held him but her hands were free, how was this being done
What kind of thing had she become?

I was blinded by my rage and seeing red
God only knows what little Jacob had been fed
So very strange the way she held her crooked head
I was blinded by my rage and seeing red

I leapt from the window and ran to the front door
Ramming my shoulder to find it was locked
Firing my pistol, it blasted to splinters
I forced my way into the bedroom and shock

[Lead: Trask]

Inside I found my bride became a monster
Tentacles flailing, they came from her chest
Split open wide from her neck to her navel
Feeding our son something not from her breast

[Lead: Garcia]

Annabelle's eyes were as white as a blizzard
Her jaw was detached with a tongue like a snake
Hissing and rasping a voice like a lizard
All this insanity too much to take

[Lead: Trask]

I made my way with my blade to baby Jacob
Cutting the sinews that now held my son
I recognized just what the hell they were made of
The same blackened tissue from when this begun

8. Tell Me Everything


[Elliot: Blaze Bayley]
[Allistar: Joseph Tuttle]

9. The Expedition

[Music: Garcia, Trask, Peck / lyrics: Peck]

What have you done my wife?
I'll beat you to an inch of your life
I'll try to explain if you kindly refrain
Then I sliced with the blade of my knife

Allistar I beat him bloody battered to the bone
My eyes were glazed with craziness
I lost all control
I drew my sword and pressed it squarely straight into his chest
I said tell me what have you done or I'll lay you to rest

A mystical place seen by no one
So we set off on the expedition
No turning back, nowhere to run
I now know my journey to hell had begun

Come with me come with me, on the expedition
Such secrets you will see, on the expedition

[Lead: Garcia]

Let me take you back, not but ten years ago
A village in Egypt that I called my home
My father, a doctor well known
His dreams, he would share them alone

I learned his ways I could amaze the people with my healing
My destiny was not to be what Daddy did desire
I yearned to find the secrets that the desert was concealing
A longing for adventure in me burning like a fire


[Lead: Garcia]

The tomb of Osiris buried under centuries of sand
I knew, I knew I had to find it
Something beckoned me and forced my hand
With my father's funding I assembled all the best
One hundred men, supplies and archaeologists
We set out in the sands and followed faded clues
Something strangely guided me
It somehow ted me to the tomb of Osiris

After forty days and night we finally came to the site
Gazing at the ruins by moonlight
We set up our camp and began to explore
Amazing the massive size of that door

Digging scraping excavating ruins in the dust
The writings on that giant door were warnings we should trust
They spoke about an ancient race, the old ones from the stars
My scientist's translations told of creatures quite bizarre


For twenty days and nights we worked at the site
Nothing we did would go right, trying to open that door
My men had not seen nothing like this before

10. Beholder

[Music: Trask, Magic, Peck / lyrics: Peck]

I woke from a dream to a camp full of screams
And sounds so obscene, what was out there?
By the light of the moon the door of his tomb
I saw was removed, death everywhere

On this black starry night this monster will feast
Some kind of god, some kind of beast
Old as the stars, master of men
It's the beginning and it is the end

Stare in the eye of the Beholder
Sanity's lost, there's no escape
Burning your mind, it starts to smolder
You have been caught, your mind has been raped
Stare into the eye of the Beholder

Fast as a snake no way to escape such a horrible fate
A river of blood stained the sands
Again and again both camels and men
Were slaughtered right then, they had no chance

Beyond belief hard to describe, tentacles twisting up to the sky
Huge as a house skin slimy and black, eight horrible eyes staring straight back


Fifteen of us left standing alive, paralyzed as it spoke to our minds

A rush of its thoughts invaded my head, a lesser mind would have gone mad
"I have awakened, you are now mine"
There was no other choice to be had

It would mandate we shared its fate to repopulate the world with it
It went back inside take me for a ride, of course we'd abide on to England

[Repeat pre-chorus / chorus]

[All Leads: Trask]

11. I Have Awakened

[Allistar: Joseph Tuttle / lyrics: Peck]

There we stood paralyzed in the starry night as the creature slowly slithered
its way towards the few of us that were still alive. As it towered over us it was
deep inside our conscious minds in complete control of our nervous systems

Then, all at once I was bombarded with a rush of its psychic memories and
impressions as it communicated an impossible amount of data to me in a
way that would have driven most men mad

Were that I was able to explain to you the cosmic nature of this forbidden
knowledge, but alas, the human language is laughably inadequate and
incapable of such description. Let it be said that the creature is made up of
harnessed, concentrated, pure evil.

Born from a race as old as the stars themselves and quite transdimensional
as well it seems. Then it spoke to us a message that still echoes in my head
to this day.

"You are to be my vessels, my slaves, for I have awakened." Then it sealed
itself back within the massive stone sarcophagus from which it came.
We labored for weeks as we dragged it across the desert to the nearest
seaport. It was quite easy to commandeer some pirates who lusted for gold,
to take us and our new master here to London.

12. Across The Sea Of Madness

[Music: Garcia / lyrics: Peck]

We set out to the sea dragging the sarcophagus
That held within the beast, across the desert dunes
We finally came upon a ship to carry us away to England

Turn this ship into the wind and lay the gauntlet down
Thundering the vicious waves attack the wooden hull
This trek will take us where the master has commanded
Where he will usher in a horrible hideous new age

The fury of the wind drives us fast across this sea of madness
Will it ever end this nightmare just goes on and on
This insanity breaking like the raging sea of madness
All humanity if this ship survives all will be lost

Something drives this vessel pushing past the point of no return
We feel the violence of the ocean ripping us apart
Supernatural the way we move and navigate
The very laws of nature bending to my master's will


[Lead: Garcia]

Across the sea of madness
We told the crew not to disturb it's best to just leave us alone
We huddled in the cargo hold next to our master's tomb
One deckhand snuck right down the stairs
Pretending I was still asleep I watched him meet his grisly end
As my master fed it took him and drained him of all of his life
One tentacle grabbed him before he could cry out for help
Through my master's eyes, I felt it as he died
Melding with my mind, I was horrified

[Lead: Trask/Garcia]

I could not tell which thoughts were mine
It manipulates my mind I was beginning to unwind
I think I like it, Azim had finally given in
The beast was now inside of him
He served the monster's every whim, I tried to fight it
The crewman was lifeless quite dead and defiled
The beast threw his body, it splashed as it fell to the sea
Forced through the porthole flesh tearing without soul
I could not keep control of my terror

[Lead: Garcia]

We finally reached the port of London in the dead of night
After several days we managed to secure this secret place
Through the darkness we moved the beast unseen by prying eyes
Where we began the task to remake the world in his image


All will be lost, across the sea of madness
We sail across the sea

13. To Save Love

[Music: Garcia / lyrics: Peck]

Tell me what do I have to do to save love?
Is there anything that I can do to save love?
I would do whatever I have to do
Track down this monster and then run it through
I'd brave any perils for you my dear love

The brain
Bring me its brain
The brain
I must have its brain
Then I can create a serum she can take
On my life this I will stake

It has one weakness, a dark spot on its head
Strike it fast and hard or you will wind up dead
Now go - we don't have much time
Arm yourself to the teeth
We don't have much time
Before it's too late

[All Leads: Garcia]

14. Christ Protect Me

[Elliot: Blaze Bayley / lyrics: Peck]

I knew what I had to do, arming myself as I stared into the
blackness of the catacombs before me

A trail of fluorescent blue residue dimly lit the path the monster
had made. I took one last look back at my wife as she lay there
in a surreal, peaceful rest

I had no choice but to leave her there with Allistar whom I had
just beaten to within an inch of his life. As I took my first step
towards the unknown terrors I thought, truly this be the valley of
the shadow of death, but I shall fear no evil. Christ protect me

15. Sinister Six

[Music: Garcia / lyrics: Peck]

For what seemed like hours
I made my way through catacombs filled with waste
I knew just where to follow, its trail was glowing blue
I soon came to a doorway into the room I flew
They were shocked to see me, the four of them
And now my rampage would begin
They rushed me in a frenzy, I quickly drew my gun
I calmly squeezed the trigger, they now were missing one

I'll finish these four with some gunpowder blasts
I still need Allistar save him for last
Vengeance burns deep in me I need my fix
Mindlessly murdering sinister six

My lamp then found the next one, it broke with burning oil
It lit the room like the sun, I watched the bastard boil

The third one was half monster, it shrieked a sickening yell
I emptied the full chamber, and sent it straight to hell

Their golden-robed leader drew down on me fast
A bolt of blue lightning, I just dodged the blast
What sinister sorcery mind playing tricks
A weapon arcane from the sinister six

My arms was frozen in some kind of shock
The strange gun that he fired at me, it shattered rock
It was recharging, light circled the tip
It crackled and sparked like stars had been ripped
Before it could recharge again, I charged him with my blade
His blood filled the room from the hole it made

The room began collapsing, I grabbed that wicked gun
He said the beast had forged it-it was the only one

A beam from the ceiling crushed their leaders head
Before he was killed I heard just what he said
One final chamber yet still did exist
There you can finish the sinister six

16. Symphony Of Sin

[Music: Trask, Peck, Garcia / lyrics: Peck]

With this new weapon I ran through the maze, feeling inspired
My lamp and its blue trail guiding my gaze
As I sloshed through the mire
Getting closer now I see some stairs
The blue residue leading me there
Inhuman shrieks I can hear through the haze, condition dire

Hearing the horrors, what lies past this doorway?

When you dance with the devil, you risk your soul and your life
A trial by fire doing battle with the beast
Kill the beast or lose your wife
Soul or your life - son or your wife-a terrible destiny

I opened the door I was stunned by my eyes, it had to be fiction
There in the center the beast was alive, defying description
Worse than imagined huge and grotesque

Razor like mouth in the midst of its chest
People in cages hung from the skies, with the affliction

The monster was feeding-and also breeding


A choice that should never be
It's a symphony of sin
There is no good solution, there's no way to win
A symphony, a symphony of sin

The beast ripped the cages they crashed from the ceiling
Then creatures spilled out at me
I drew my revolvers and blasted away
At twisted shapes of humanity
My eye on their master they came at me faster
Killing another I climbed to the balcony
I threw down a bookcase crushing the mutate
And thought out loud now it's just you and me

Slashing and whipping and flailing away
It tore at the railing, I ran the other way
Timber was splintered and masonry cracked
I barely avoided these vicious attacks
I desperately daringly swung across the room
Grabbing the chains from the cages of doom

[Lead: Garcia]

It's a symphony of sin
There is no good solution, there's no way to win
A symphony, a symphony of sin
It's a symphony of sin, he kept playing it over and over again
That symphony, that symphony of sin

Now from behind saw that spot on its head start to glow brighter
I drew the weapon and prayed to my god, and felt it igniting
I felt it attack like a spike through my lobe
Grabbing my head like brain would explode
Pulling the trigger I fired at the beast and blackness took over

I fell into darkness-from its psionics


17. The Antidote

[Music: Garcia, Peck, Trask / lyrics: Peck]

I opened my eyes I was still alive, I bested the creature
I somehow survived I shook off the cobwebs became clear of mind
The weapon arcane I quickly would find it was crackling
I cut through beast with a brilliant blue beam
Carving just like a pumpkin on Halloween
Its brain was there it stunk the air as I freed it with my sword
I wrapped it in a burlap sack and prayed to my dear Lord

I've come too far to have you fail me now
Allistar must find a way somehow
Blue bag of brains, a cure he did promote
If he fails, I'll shove it down his throat-the antidote

[Lead: Garcia]

I dragged it outside I looked for a ride
By the good grace of God a free horse was tied
I loaded the package with no time to waste
I asked for directions, I had to make haste
Blazing, I raced through the rain with a bag full of brains
Praying, that through all this pain my love would be saved
On my horse I raced the streets of London in the storm
I must return my Annabelle back to her true form

I hope she wasn't gone

[Lead: Trask]

I broke down the door
Then Annabelle tore Allistar's body in two
She screamed with a roar now fully transformed
I knew just what I had to do
The lab was on fire the flames getting higher
As the monster that was my wife came
Scraps from her dress in a tentacled mess
As she slithered I called out her name
Can you hear me my love God in heaven above
In her eyes I still see the blue
Then a tear formed and fell that the fires of hell
Would be extinguished if it were still you, but she was gone

My true love was gone, I had to move on
For the love of our son it was now breaking dawn
Her blue had turned black, there was no turning back
I parried and dodged while she pressed her attack
I was hating what I had to do as her inhumanity grew
Saying my last goodbye as tears filled my eyes
I drew the weapon, crackling light then brightly filled the room
Then with a flash I shot my wife and sent her to her doom
Then she was gone


18. Tomorrow Never Came

[Music: Garcia, Peck, Trask / lyrics: Peck]

My mood it reflects in the weather
Just at the dawn of daylight
I'm racing for home never more alone
I've been through one hell of a night
I remember when we got together
Never had two been more tight
When we became one, we gave birth to our son
Nothing could have been more right

And the leaves on the trees turned black
And the sun didn't rise and my world's foundation cracked
When all I loved died
Feeling total loss, kneeling at the cross l will hold you tight
When I meet you in the light eternal life we'll share
In a dream somewhere save me from despair

And you won't be there to meet me
And you won't be there to greet me
And you won't be by my side
You'll awake from death and find you in a light
That nearly blinds you and all the ones you loved
Are there with me

[Lead: Garcia]

I spotted the home of Mrs. Watkins
Out from the chimney blew smoke
All that I'd done for my wife and my son
Of this nothing would be spoke
I gathered myself at the doorway
Approached and gave a gentle knock
I could not prepare for what was in there
Once again my world would be rocked


I waited for someone to answer
From inside there was not a sound
I opened the door what I was in for all of the family was found
There by the glow of the fire, I saw all the Watkins were dead
Close sat my son, God what had he done?
He looked towards me turning his head
And he said Daddy, Father, did you bring Mommy with you?
As you can see I'm very hungry
And these three people just won't do
How could he speak at just 36 weeks?
His voice had an inhuman tone
From his little frame black tentacles sprang
They had pierced the Watkins to the bone
Tomorrow never came

Elliot knew what he had to do to put a final end
To this madness he must take the life of his precious son
But were there yet others amongst the streets of London
Out there loose upon an unsuspecting world?

19. It Can't Be

[Elliot: Blaze Bayley / Jacob: Jesse James Shultz / lyrics: Peck]

Mrs. Watkins? Mrs. Watkins? I've come for Jacob
Mrs. Watkins, is that you there? Mrs?
No-no it can't be!

Daddy did you bring Mommy with you?
As you can see I'm very hungry!


Dave Garcia: Guitars
Sean Peck: Vocals
Sean Elg: Drums
Casey “The Sentinel" Trask: Guitars
Dwight Magic: Bass

Thanks to dimorante for sending these lyrics.

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