Dark Lyrics


1. Pure Lust

Slashing corpses, darkness, cold
Putrid smells and silent bodies
No blood, no pain, just pure lust
Sacrilege, dance with the dead

Instruments to play, to torture
Face distorted, members apart
Symphony of knives slow cutting
Impure thoughts raise a sick look

No blood, no pain, pure lust

2. From Murder Into Love

You, such a nice being
Dead, silent, still fresh
Cold hands, cold lips
Arise unknown lust

Perverse feelings
Touch your big tits
Fuck all night long
Your stench is perfume

In love with dead whores!

3. Forensics' Nightmare

Black, cold pulsing lights
Creatures getting closer
Cannot move, cannot scream
Sweating chills on my back

Fear of the living dead
Souls I’ve conquered
Swimming in a sea of blood
Cannot escape

Make it stop, make it stop!
I must kill, I must kill!

4. Avort

Obstretica – sange-nchegat
Ginecolog – chin pervers
Ustensile de patruns
Deflorare si dureri

Borcane cu avortoni
I-am scutit de agonie
Nenascuti – nedoriti
Creati dintr-un accident

Avort – omor?
Avort – eliberare
Avort – nu-i vina lor
Avort – nu-s vinovat

5. Chainsaw Sculptures

Human flesh – that’s my domain
An artist of pain, of suffering
Kingdom of the grotesque beauty
My next work won’t be my last

Come with me, you’ll be immortal
You’ll become forever art
Feel my chainsaw shred your skin
Decomposed to be composed

Chainsaw sculptures
On your body
Chainsaw sculptures
Transform your corpse

6. The Masked Killer

Standing tall and calm
Peacefully awaiting
For the next to come
Holding heavy axe

Do your job and die
I’ll do mine and kill
Separate your head
It’s my only will

Meet the executioner
My mask is all you see
Before I take your life.
Your blood slowly drips.

I can taste your neck
Your pulse excites me
Victim by victim
I become a god

7. First Killing

See the prey running
Desperate, sweating chills
Feel the urge to kill
Satisfy my needs

No escape from me
Feeling your last breath
Slowly close your eyes
You’re a part of me

Timeless ecstasy
Impatience in me
I can taste your death
I’ll do it again!

8. Consumed From Within

Devoured by maniac thoughts, no control
To kill, to split, open wounds, blood runs free
Dedicate my life to your death, eat your flesh
Enchantment, fulfillment, excited, hungered

I - pleased, you - hacked
I - exhausted, you - butchered
I - consumed from within
You - consumed from outside by me

9. Slay The Guilty, Torture The Innocent

Walking around this wicked world
There is no one to blame, but you
In my mind one thought is lurking
To cleanse this fucking reality

No innocents, all of you are guilty
I won’t stop until I terminate you
The ends justify the means
And my means are terrible

Electricity is now my partner
I love to electrocute you
Your shock is my excitement
As I watch you shaking.
See my chainsaw shredding you
Smell your burning flesh
Feel my dagger on your skin
Hear my bullet near your head

10. Soul In A Coffin

Terror, arise in the darkness
Horror, is too much to bear
Rotten, a putrid carcass
Scream, but there’s no one to hear

Blood fills your eyes
Maggots bite your flesh
You’re buried deep down
You meet with the dead

Deep in a tomb
You died, by my hand
Chopped, in pieces
Your stench fills the air

11. Hallucinating Voices Of Justice

The night is coming, I am prepared
To fight the wicked forces, as told in whispers

Voices command me to kill
I’ll serve them till the end
That’s my true purpose
To clean this sinful world

Rotten smelling corpses lie at my place
A collection of homeless and whores
An exhibition of sin that I despise
They must repent, I’ve heard it in my head

Day by day, I release the evil from them
I can’t be stopped, a perfect justice of compassion

12. Feast At The Morgue

We are an insane couple
But what’s normal these days?
To kill, to slash, to eat
The only way to survive

The hunt has begun
Hungry for human flesh
In search for victims
Fresh human blood

Delivered at morgue
Voluptuous feeding
Constant need to chop
Insidious urge to feed

It’s never enough
Deep hidden in our senses
The taste of the dying men
Never ending domination

13. She's A Killer

Need constant male companionship
Possess jealous suspicious nature
Hate unfaithful kind of men
Like to make them disappear

Don’t abandon her, she’ll make you decompose
Don’t lose interest in her, you’ll vanish
You’ll be with her forever
She’ll stand by you eternally

She loves to sit amidst the coffins
Surrounded by all her lovers
They will never leave her
And they are all hers

Arsenic – this is her poisoned gift to you
She – the black widow loves you to death

14. Justified Slaughter

Come to me, I’ll offer you liberty
Release you from the pain of life
Intoxicated with your last breath
Pleasure to see your bloody guts

Nothing can stay in my way
Your warm blood on my hands
Disfigured face still smiles at me
I sacrifice my dreams to let you free

Severed parts of you
A puzzle in red

Corneliu "Profaner" — Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
Adi — Vocals
Victor — Bass
Cristi Militaru — Drums

Thanks to corneliu_cadavrul for sending these lyrics.

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