Dark Lyrics


1. Intro

2. Thrasher's Return

[Perfetto, Ozio, Patrizzi, Regep]

Mirror sky, shows me your reflex
Aggressions quickmatch on the hell of land
Washing the floor of this century's end
This Metal difusion is falta, bloody and hatred

Going down the stairs of hell
Search it! Has its smell
Exploring two mirror's face
Smashing submissive's gate
- Thrasher's Return

We're not blind, we know our fate
Metal ripping your flesh, can't you feel the pain?
You hear hell's sound and your ears explode
So check this out: you're inside the mirror

[Solo: Regep / Perfetto]

[Repeat chorus]

3. Broken Witchcraft

[Perfetto, Regep]

Innocent an unhappy child
Born to live and grow so weak
Frightened to posses strange signs
Afraid to know her death she foresee
Bewitched and scared by evil force
Witchery now her evolutions way
Threated now bursting with fear
'Cause is coming soon her final day

Full moon will arrive
Bless the witch in this time
Now it's time to free the witch
Let the fight of evil win

At trance on darkness doing rites
Bestial fire rising from her eyes
Like an evil and wise prophet

She can see the fate of mankind
But this spell can now be threated
By heaven's forces in this endless war
Clain for moon, her strongest allied
Hell's majesty will never die

[Solo: Perfetto]

4. Killing The Pharisee


The kings of hell sent us a plague
With scars of hate by the chosen one
The plague was Phrarisee that followed Christ

Feel the winds of death in your face
Just his eyes will see his end
Sinner! You spit on the cross
Killing you! Feel your betrail on the skin

The rage of god will fall without mercy
With Gabriel's return expursing from Earth
The gates of Eden are closed to him
So the betrayer was accursed forever here

[Solo: Regep / Perfetto / Regep / Perfetto]

See? He died by rage of god!

The clouds of hell are full of sin
Following Pharisee through four points of Earth
With his cursed soul Pharisee awaits
The end of times to rebirth again

5. Enslaved By Dreams


Trapped in a dream, future death
And walls painted with blood
Spirit hunter, he sees you well
Trying to take you to his hell

Walking alone on death row
Hidden keys I will search
Unreal site, natural fate
Let me escape from this trance

Watching my own death
Painful ripped flesh
Exploring ways of mind
Dreams in sight; you're next to die
Enslaved by the dreams
Evil won't let you win
Terror while you sleep
Roaming free on deadly dreams

My body sleeps, my soul creep
Like a snake paying sins
Christ cannot help me, I have no force
Fastened on the way of evil throne
Uprising inside, resting with pain
I've been striken by fate
Lucifer laughs, no one hears me
Sentence is now, never free

[Solo: Perfetto / Regep / Regep]

6. Death Of The Immortals

[Perfetto, Ozio, Regep]

The end of your life in the beggining of pain
Evil will born in the deep of your soul
With powers of ancestrals gods of hell
Burn the pride of the immortals
Your disease is sucked by Satan
So your blood now is turning black
Your dream is over on the center of my hand
So this is the end of the immortals

Don't go to the sky
Your way is the hell

Betrayed by cry of your children
Men no more look for your future
To live in the hot shadows of Earth
You'll die with the glorious
Salvation is the song of the beast
And its food is the blood of its sons
Kill to survive and creep with me
'Cause you're not the victorious

[Solo: Perfetto]

7. The Conquest

[Perfetto, Ozio]

The conqueror joins his forces to destroy
Nordics respond the call of the island
Preparing their boots, the guns smelling death
Across the long channel, they arrive to destroy

The Duke becomes the king of the island now
Envolving his blood and soul for all his sons
Sweat and gut, he's now the chosen one
Enjoying the power of his new home

His murder brigade command the entrance
The servants of might dominating poor plebians
With the aid of the Duke the island becomes north
But the forces from gods cannot help the supreme

The supreme court stink like dragons
Rain is falling in the twilight
The smell of death now ride the sky
The power of the king now is captured

[Solo: Regep / Perfetto]

8. Near Of Madness

[Perfetto, Ozio]

In the shadows of ablazing night
Reborn of the evil eye
Blood flows between the clouds
The saviour have no more powers
Questions born here in this hell
The seven trumpets are ringing again
Don't think of the last survivors
They're riding for all eternity
You'll see the light someday
Now pray! 'Cause short is your way
Don't go! Stay, in the mirror of your mind
She's an angel watching you die

[Solo: Perfetto / Regep]

This is the falling down
Give one chance to act
World is a genuine hell
You will burn and feel
Questions born here in this hell
The seven trumpets are ringing again
Don't think of the last survivors
They're riding for all eternity

9. Outro

Adriano Perfetto – vocals, guitar
Enrico Ozio – drums
Helio Patrizzi – bass
Victor Regep - guitar

Thanks to heresia for sending these lyrics.

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