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MCD: "Butchered Feast Of Being" (2006)

1. Bolt Slaughter
2. ABC Butchers Co. Ltd.
3. Wice
4. Suffer

1. Bolt Slaughter

On the field of battle, death had always won
All laws forgotten, mercy for none
Expose the bowels, entrails splayed
Fields of corpses, putrescence divine


Entrenched in the corpses of my enemy is what I most remember

Blood, the gore
The bullets rip out more
A slow graveless death is what you have in store
The lots are cast
Our species fights to last
Glory through death can never come to fast

Satan laughs
Another momentous gain
Grim reminders of the carnage
Spent shells like stars in the sky

2. ABC Butchers Co. Ltd.

Gathering into the underground,
Hunting humans, merciless and malicious
Thousands of acres, they just multiply
Herds of animals, just bred to die

Clean and neat, we won't spoil the meat
On the slab, their guts emit a reek
Endless supply, fat plump and fresh
The large slow and meek are what we like best

Fat ribs -- on my plate
Flesh tongue -- lap the blood
Lick lips - engorged on meat
Slaver -- cut up nice and neat

I hear forty - the bidding starts
Sixty - the bid goes up
Ninety -- to you, kind sir
Ninety--nine point nine
And then you die

Butchers gather, a human slaughter treat
Corpses brought out, a parade of succulent meat
The bids are up, action sale begins
The gavel drops, buyers hope to win

ABC Butchers Co Ltd.
Fund zero, stock free
Retail, wholesale, home delivery
Cut and packaged for no extra fee

Human flesh
Cheap yet delicious

3. Wice

Plummeting down, smashed into the ground
Peaceful collapse, existence relapse
Carnal fulfilment, holy defilement
Deviant freak, pervert of god

Sacrilegious, wicked blasphemer
Temporal coital desires of corrupt debaucherous depravity

Virtue is vice
Vice is your virtue

Tearing of flesh
Bodies enmeshed
No thoughts of regret
Pleasures beget
Trists that are set
Gashes made wet
Through blood that is let
Sex and violence are met

Ecstasies of flesh and blood -- fresh, unique, unspoiled
Wallowing in newfound delights -- unholy, sinful, unsoiled

Light no longer shines so bright,
The darkness calls you after
The threats of guilt are drowned
In your hedonistic laughter

Holy being, stripped prestige
Cast from the promise land
Desecrating convictions of the flesh
Punished back to Sodom

Black sun burns, burial ground
Your hand dyed with blood, dying red
The black son burns by the blood soaked sun
Your hands dead, dying red

4. Suffer

Every day, I start anew
Ever biding fact that my life is almost through
Going to hell, calling it life
A constant moment suffering is what we're meant to do
Existence is a battle of war
Survival of the fittest no longer calls the score
Modern convenience the whore
Taking it simple and living it soft just makes you need more
Scrambling to gain a hold
Keep us blind and ignorant so we do what we're told
Pushing us down into the fold
Simple human putty that is easy to mold
The enemies, take on different forms
Reliance becoming the modern-day norm
Falling ever deeper, into the trap
Blind obedience is where we're almost at
Bureaucratic business the life
Only answer seems to be grab the fucking knife
To turn it on you or me
A comfortable slave existence is not where I want to be
Substitutes for distraction
Pacifies and prevents the taking of action
Fall in line, don't tax the mind
A lonely wasted deathbed is what you will find
Life becomes meaningless
Vengeance for suffering
Instinct kicks in then the killing begins
Pens and papers, stamps and lies
All push us closer to the day we die
Guns, explosives, sticks and knives
The only answer is to start taking lives

Living puppets, of all race and age
A life so simple, you never notice the rage
The machine rolls on, thousands strong
Made to know your opinions is dead fucking wrong
Pit us against one another
A life of ease in which to suffer
There's little that they have to do
Just take away our right to choose

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