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1. House Of Straw

Hold the hand of a liar
It must be easier
Your dreams he fought to conquer
Was there ever anything

Years weigh upon my mothers face
Every single day
Memories that I will not erase
You ruin my family

Her pride beat into submission
And everyday she suffers

She..s under the spell and the power
Of someone who hurts her
He..s under the guise of a man
But truly he..s a coward
Empowered by the feeling he gets
From seeing others
Who cower at his hands
Just to prove he can

You say he lost his heart that night
He never had one anyway
You say your drinking starts the fights
Well I..m digging his fucking grave

Prove to me you can

There was never anything


2. A Glass Sipper

Take it back
I won..t give
One more inch

But I..m afraid to hurt you
Hurt you what could I do
Like I could do to you what he does
Or half of what you have done to us

Remember when I asked you
If you were proud
She..s proud she has enough strength
To bruise herself
You gave her your disease
And he gave you hell
She has the strength to hurt
But not save herself

I want to write
Days without eating
Or even breathing
Thanks for the asthma
It..s all you gave me
And all you gave her
By always needing
Was this dependency on human beings

Remember when I said
We..d forgiven you
I..d never take that back
We believe in you
I know you have the strength
I know she does too
But I can..t trust myself
Or what I might do

She has our strength
Strength to hit so hard
She leaves both her hands bruised
Just like he leaves her face
But I can..t trust myself
Or what I might do

What I might do

Take it back
Take your life back
Take her strength back
Take my faith back
Take this hate back

3. The Poison Apple

I know you lie

Was she worth it
You gave us all up and for what
I draw a line in the sand
And I hope that you take a stand
Isn..t that perfect
And now you can smile and why not
If you consider the cost
It..s just some fucking friends you lost

Some friend I lost

..I just wanted to be sure
Thing are good between you and me..
Well I may not know how to say they..re not
But if you saw the things that I see

So let..s begin

I know you lie
And the distant zip code
Doesn..t apply
To your bed or your edge and
So tell me why
You made your fucking choice
And so have I

I consider this matter closed
I may not run this place
But it seems like what I say goes
You should know
And I..m sorry but that..s you

This is her love spilled for you
Because she..d never give up on you
Be the man she wants you to be
Be the you we know that you can be

4. Twelfth Stroke Of Midnight

I can..t read between the lines
Of a letter
That you..ve never written
I can..t begin to compromise
On a problem
That you have invented

Dead stares cut a paper heart
And beats ink in these pages
Letters written in regret
To many lifeless faces
This is the end of me
I am running on empty

Hours spent pouring over these words
With nothing gained
All that was lost with nothing learned
I..m just feeling drained

This is taking so much out of me
I am doubting my place as of late

I wish I could make this
Paper heart come alive
All my time spent on
Writing this living lie
All my time spent on this lie

5. Trail Of Crumbs

So it all comes down to this
Who..s to blame and who..s excused
I..ve dealt the cards and you lose
And now I hold it all against you

I said I..d take it all back but
We both know that I won..t
I won..t take the time to say what is mine
And you can keep the car
..Cause you left this scar
I..ll show you the door
I..ll give you what..s yours

I said I..d take it all back but
We both know that I won..t
I won..t take the time to say what is mine
These pictures of her
These clothes on the floor
I..ll show you the door
I..ll give you what..s yours

But you..re not coming near
The years we spent

..Cause those we..re holding onto
They show us what we..ve been through
And what she..s never going back to
She found the strength it wasn..t you

6. A Wishing Well

You faced a tragedy
You changed the course of me
I had the right to speak
But you took that right away
When you took you away

I know the choice wasn..t easy
But I don..t know what it took to choose
And I know that you..ll never believe me
But I know that we would have chosen you

Was he ever deserving
Of the figure that we lived without
Did he just turn out to be ugly
Or were you living with all your doubts

And to this day
I wonder what you were thinking
And I still wonder where did you go
I still don..t know
How you came to leave us that day
Left us behind you but not alone

With one another but without you
Make the best that..s all we can do

I hold nothing against you
I just feel we deserved a chance
There..s so many questions I want to ask
So many holes to fill in our past

7. Let Down Your Hair

You..re still my everything it might
Feel like I..m wasting my time
But I..d give you anything
And if I have to say this one more time
Someone..s gonna get hurt

So tell me what you want from me
I..m left staring at these empty sheets
I know I told you the last time
Was the last time
And now you..re hearing it all again

I can..t believe that you believe in me
And you see something in me no one sees
You somehow deal with my lifestyle
And I..m always coming home
And to your bed

I hear your heart
And it sounds the bells of war
Another pointless meeting
With another fucking band whore
Another month I..m leaving
On another tour
I hear your lungs breathing
And it means so much more

8. Mirror, Mirror

I look at you
With disgust disappointment and regret
All we..ve been through
How could you fucking forget

You said I was forced to
So bitter and I didn..t want to
Leave your wing for the first time
And I would never leave you behind

I carry you in my attitude
The words I speak and the things I do
In every line your voice rings through
I only fly because of you

Tonight if I die in my sleep
All the times we..ve shared
I hope in your heart you will keep

Tonight if I die
I die in my sleep

I will die

9. Second Star To The Right

Her blue eyes grey in the shadows
Making changes for tomorrow
Her fear let..s another day go by
Where stars fall dreams die

I know she..s suffering
And pursuing what went lost
You..re fucking wasting away
Skies only tell the tales of
Dreams that are lost

I wrote that to you everyday
She never came
My faith in humanity died
Calling out her name

I wrote that to you everyday
Shit never changed
My faith in humanity died
Calling out her name

10. The Enchanted Rose


11. House Of Brick

I understand your position
Do you understand my hate
You can..t feel my fist itching
And you..ll never feel her pain

I can..t place a value on
All that..s missing
But you..ll pay the price for
All our history

Keep your money but don..t take your time
Do you under stand my hate
She may choose wrong
We all do that sometimes
But trust me
You don..t want it to go that way

All your rules we were force-fed
And with all her heart and soul
I..ve read her notes and she wanted you dead
And all you wanted was control
Time after time you reared your head
..Cause she knew no other role
With this last line I..ll say goodbye
But this time you..ll pay the toll

I..ll see her be who she wanted to be
For the last twelve years of her life
All our history

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