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1. Sordid Leader

Arms gagged
I'm flat on my back
Those nauseating grins
Covers all light, blackest lies

How unconcerned we swallow
All which we're fed
A revelation came to me
Integrity, a new entity

Genuine and truthful
I smite your grim design
Taunted, unconscious
I woke to find a life

Arms gagged
Tied to the back
With no questions asked
We shall remain on our backs

2. Juxtaposed

To what do you not drive
Mortal hearts
Accursed hunger for gold?
Cheaply bought, but deadly sold

With new light they shine on through
On fields of shredded goals
Reap crop of clinging hope
Harvest our brave new world

Ancient woe, be gone
Foul illusions of better life
Compared to what, I ask
Does this truth of life coerce?

Juxtaposed they are not
Worth a single glance

3. Conquest : Writhe

Shifting eyes turn with shade
Slave, a false entity
I saw their hearts flood with ashen dusk
Liars, scorn of foul delight

Forgive me father, for I am sin
I rejoiced triumphantly
As goodness turned away and shut
It's bleak and weary eyes

This manifest of fundaments
I trusted you to see
Buried stark and tepid will
Come to life, oh fill with empathy

Smiteful bearer of hypocrisy
You shall crush beneath the sky
Damn your frantic bigotry
Remorseless, we shall win

You shall see

4. Promised Faith

Under siege, mental chains
As a caged rat
My will condemned
Fallen on faith of others

What the hell had I?
By god, I wonder where's my chance?
I'd sell my soul
For just one glance

Nourished on forsaken lust
Covet memories, long to be
Born of promise and devotion
Caught and bled for thee

Tired, soulstrained frantic
I free these shackled hands
On wings of promised faith
An eternity broken free

5. Misconception

A legacy of pain
Born into suffering
Bound by some spiritual chain

Cowering under
The weight of a cross-shaped shadow
Your definition of sin
Leaves mankind crippled and cold

I pity this mindless dependency
Confess to none but yourself
Who better to judge your actions?
No damnation awaits

No man is born sinful
No rules are set
Salvation won't be found
Through self-induced starvation

No judgement awaits
Religion is misconception

6. The World Denied

So I remain the misanthrope
The words I spoke left unheeded
No lesson learned, no will to hear
You never knew what you needed

The world denied
Mockery my reward
This world deprived
Of it's essence

So I guess I'll try my best
No need to maintain the lie
Your eyes and ears sewn tight shut
Your stagnant vision prevails

That's when I wanted it to end (coward)
That's when I wished for release (coward)

7. Nefarious

Spare me your righteous lesson
This path I walk is mine
Those hollow words you speak
Won't change my made up mind

How cheap we buy our ideals
A standard set for all
How dull they seem, your idols
Submit, the worm is turning

A mind gone numb
The stinging mockery
All I feel for you is pity

It's easier to let go
Than cling to shattered dreams
I lost control
By my own choice

A mind gone numb
The stinging pain
All I have for you is pity

8. Numbed By The Vision

Life cheaply spent
All feelings put aside
Deep paralyzing anguish
Pays the price, twisting the knife

Eluded for so long
My path was clean
I thought it was long since gone
Now the faces come again

Delving into depths
I never thought were there
Racing with turmoil
All visions distorted

Facing devastation
The course now set
Rebuilding from destruction
A sweet release, I swear

9. A New Beginning

Polluted the ways of days to come
What more am I than what I've made?

Apathy as virtue, a self-made trap
Seated in the front row
Too ignorant to care

Turn this fatal mission
And I shall be redeemed
Ring true with creative visions

Damn it, I live, I breathe, I care in life

A new beginning, I'll find a way
Daunted by decades
I'll make my way

10. Decomposed (Merzbow Remix)


11. Scrape

[Unsane cover]

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