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1. Freedom

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

Live and feel the liberty in my eyes is just what I want
But to live in this time, in the world that is covered in flames
and demons ruled over man
Living now and forever will be
My battle so I can live free
Someday I will return to keep my fight and die for�
FREEDOM is the only way
FREEDOM to have another day
FREEDOM is the feeling that I feel
To keep the fight for
FREEDOM people will live again
FREEDOM burning the eternal flames
FREEDOM give me forces so I can live
And keep the fight for freedom
Sacred blow of destiny gave us the cruel and injustice law
From the forces of the evil that will never be stopped
The parchment spoke the truth
The kiss of sacred flames will reign over the land
It's time for revenge
Revenge that's mine
Living now and forever my batlle will happen in this night
But I will fight �
Freedom... OOOOhhh
And keep the fight for freedom

2. Shadows Of The Wars

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

In the begining of bloody wars soldiers fight for their lives
But many are wounded and started to die cannot see the sunrise
Soldiers marching in the way of death
Feeling pain and fear
Cannot change their destiny they shed tears from their eyes
In the sky signs of blood for all eternity
Destruction fire cannot be controled by man
Women and children are praying
While the soldiers are dying
In this war that will never have an end
They live in shadows trying to save their lives
Escaping death to live in peace someday
Their hearts want to touch the skies
Not became one more shadows of the wars
Screams of pain and agony sounded in this battle fields
When the night starts to fall, suffering bells will ring
Many guns and many deaths helpless children suffering and crying
Soldiers faces show the sadness but they have to fight
On the ground, the dust from misery
Shadows of the wars not giving hope to live

3. The End Of The World

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

Sometimes I feel
In my heart, a lot of pain, in the name of Gods my soul follow his own way
Now I understand why I must not ever trust in a strange
Because these can be your killer
And taking your life changing your fate
Don't stay wasting your precious life
Go out and live a little time
That you have to live
Because it's arriving� the end
In the night, walking alone, deadly shadows come growing my pain
Living alone, my past said goodbye to my eternal soul
that's waiting for his death to arrive
Pain and suffering were meant to be in my fate
As pale as death, as bitter as its taste
Destruction and fire arrive from the sky
These are the signs that the end arrives
The end of the world
And we have to try changing the world
Looking at the sky and dream of the paradise
Because it's arriving the end
The end of the world
And we have to try changing the world
The end of the world
The end of... the world

4. Forever I'll Be Here

[Music: Geraldo / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

In this fight to survive, someday I'll stop to suffer or die
Too early or too late, in my way,
this will change my life
I dream of freedom, that can lead us
Flying higher in our dreams
Even though I die
My spirit will remain 'cause
Forever I'll be here
OOOOh... the hell is here
OOOOh... burning in the flames
OOOOh... it's my fate
OOOOh... forever
Die is the price, that I'll pay for my life
Hiding in darkness all the night, maybe forever
I look at my past, I can't understand
What life has reserved for me,
Hate and suffering, injustice and pain
I'll remain 'cause
Forever I'll be here

5. Slave Of Darkness

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

Slave of darkness, slave of darkness, slave of darkness
I'm riding high across the wind to wash away all my sins
So voices can be heard in my mind and Gods will light my whole life
You see my fights and my prayers to follow the line of my destiny
In my soul there's much grief
'Cause I lost my hope
Taking away my joy of living
With no friends only my fears
My dream is just to live and not be a slave of darkness
I live now and wait for someday
So that I will be able to live in peace
I live now and waiting for tomorrow
And trying to escape to be�
Slave of darkness, slave of darkness, slave of darkness
I don't wanna be for all eternity
I'm riding higher over the hills
My eyes can't see anybody
Nobody to save me
The shadows will be my only friends
Lost in the sky just me and my mind
Isolated from the world only with my thoughts
Emptiness in my eyes
I want to live again

6. Welcome To The Battle

[Music: Geraldo / Leandro Lyrics: Geraldo / Leandro]

Hurt hands of a man
Created the steel blade for the sword of a king
He put in this sword all his feelings, hope, justice and hate
Fighting for his people against the enemies
Holding in their hands his sword of steel
Their knights ride in their horses and pray for this night
Waiting for the order of the king
The order of the king is...
FIGHT LIKE HEROES, on the battle fields
WAITING FOR THE NIGHT, use your swords made of steel
FOLLOW YOUR GREAT KING, he'll bring hope, riches and peace
The knights have their minds, guided by the force of the king's heart
That clamour to win, and clamour for glory, and victories for his people.
Honor, justice, guide the king by heart and soul forever
In this sword there's the weight of a nation
Waiting to make justice by the king's hands
Welcome to the battle
Fight for nation, for life of the king
Never surround by power,
Honor their lives and theirs swords
And run to eternal glory... go!!!
The order of the king is...
Welcome to the battle
The blood spilled by the knights
The blood spilled by the sword of the king
That'll reign and bring hope and peace

7. Last Of The Dragons

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

The world of illusions keep in secret a lonely soul
of the last of the dragons
He gave up to fight
'Cause the only way to save his heart
is flying high through the skies
Waiting for someday he can live alone,...alone
Living in the darkness hiding in his cave
Last of the dragons came from his cave and trying
Change his fate
Alone in the paradise
He fights against all who try to take his life
No more illusions living in peace with his soul,
trying to save his heart
By the forces come from the skies,
where the heaven is waiting for him
to can fly alone too high
where he can wait and live his eternity
waiting for his salvation
his brothers are dead waiting for his day arrive

8. Sheding Bloody Tears

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

All right......
A long time ago the noise of swords
Sounded in the cold night
The warrior of light I have to find
And he'll help to save my life
In the horizon there will be my last chance
Alone in the dark, sheding my tears, this is the only way
Fighting for my liberty and alone again
Laying on the ground, waiting to see the called from eternity
Begging for eternal rest in peace in this paradise
I return to the sky to be free for all eternity
But die never will I while the people are still sheding bloody tears
Running to fight against the time
Screams of warriors are the song of night
Facing my fears I can't believe
This is my cruel destiny
To save my soul and can rest in peace
Walking the night, facing my fears, I lead my heart by this hate
Fighting against my cruel destiny I will try another day
Crying on the cross, sheding my tears,
gods' blow will have to appear
Praying for eternal rest in peace in this paradise
I can't find the warrior of light
Will this be my fate?
Dying for my people and alone I will fight far away
Crossing the skies, losing my faith,
gods' blow open the gates of hate
Fighting for eternal rest in peace in this paradise
Oohhh.... while the people are still sheding bloody tears
A long time ago bloody swords reign in the night
Living in darkness waiting for a better day
Freeing my soul keep the faith in my heart
Praying to Gods not to burn in the flames of... hell

9. World Of Illusion

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

For glory, FOR FREEDOM
For children, FOR FREEDOM
For faith in brave warriors

10. Brave Warriors

[Music: Leandro / Marcelo Lyrics: Leandro]

In the time that sword power worth more than any word
A land moist of blood spilled by warriors
A child was born and he'll show the salvation way
The people pray the rosary in church with hope a best someday
Fighting monsters, wizards and dragons
His bravery was one of a kind
He was blessed by gods
And he had a brave heart
The kings only wanted new lands and more riches
While the people worked hard only to live
Many wars and a lot of destruction, people go to a place far away
Bodies fallen on the ground, prisioners with rusted chains
Brave warriors fight for freedom
They kill monsters and dragons
This child became a brave warrior
He'll never lose bravery in his heart
Bravery in his heart

11. The Battle Will Begin...

[Music: Geraldo / Marcelo]

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