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1. Indian Forest

[Music: Marcelo]


2. Little Indian Voice

[Music: Geraldo Aita and Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

I remember a child crying in the night
Her tribe had died in front of her eyes

Shouts for help, sounded from a little Indian voice
She felt cold and fear

In that night the forest heard her voice but nobody wanted to help her
She was alone looking at the sky waiting for salvation, save her

She tried to cry (SHE TRIED TO CRY)
Please tell me why (PLEASE TELL ME WHY)
So much cruelty for this child (SHE WANTED TO CRY)
She'd lived in peace in her tribe before the white man arrived

They fought in the night and tried to survive
Their weapons were simply bows and arrows to fight

Shouts of fear and pain sounded in that bloody night
They tried to save their lives



Her little dreams of a tomorrow will not happen, only a salvation
Can change this and will come from the sky a hope of a new day to live in peace forever

In that night the forest heard her voice but nobody wanted to help her


3. Medusa

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

Born as a mortal with dreadful powers POWER
Even dead she can petrify
A lock of her hair scares any army
That is Medusa and nobody can look into her eyes

Flaunting snakes on her head, sharp and long teeth, hands of bronze and golden wings

You'll petrify, if you look into her eyes, run while there is time
You're gonna die, close your eyes, run while there is time

She is a creature bad and mighty
Her sparkling eyes show the power of her evil
Somebody has to stop her while there is time
A brave hero arms himself to confront her,

With a shield of bronze and winged sandals to float above the creature
While she sleeps he cuts her head with his sword and use the head as protection
Putting it in the shield of Athena



When the enemies come
They'll find their destiny
If they look at her head
They'll become a stone army

When the enemies come
They'll find their destiny
If they look at her head
They'll become a stone army


You'll petrify, if you look into her eyes
You're gonna die, close your eyes

4. Believe

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro and Marcelo]

You don't need to stop believing
You can't leave this feeling now

We were born innocent
Believing in everything
That is said to us

Never stop believing in the legends and stories
Life needs it

Don't kill the child that lives in you
Stop lying to others
And think about the truth
Don't wait to see that life's full of lies
'Cause we make it like this

If people continued living the true childhood
We would be better
With no envy, with no hate
Just believing in fairy tales




Oh This feeling now

5. Never Surrender

[Music: Emanuel Pieruccini and Leandro, Lyrics: Leandro]

All right!

To become a brave knight
Keep the shine in your eyes
And your honour as the key to find the eternal peace

Never escape from a battle and face your biggest fears
With the strength of your mighty shield and the power of your mighty spear

Defy your enemies and never surrender...

Don't be afraid of your fate
Be strong you will face him tonight
The power of your heart'll show you the way
And you'll be honoured for all in this day

Your faithful squires are your horse, spear and shield
Never underrate the loyalty of them
They'll be together with you in the path of glory or path of death

When you'll face some terrifying defiance
Follow the light in your brave heart
Feel its force and never surrender



Defy the enemies and never surrender...


All right!

6. Guide Of Dead

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

Sacred dogs are dedicated to Him.
In the kingdom of dead he's the Judge
With the head of a jackal and body of a man
He's the faithful guard of the graves

Guide of deads
Anubis wants your soul

WATCH OUT Your time has arrived
WATCH OUT He'll guide your soul
WATCH OUT He can be your last chance
Before your soul goes away

He leads the dead, so their hearts will be judged in front of a court
Where the soul earns the right to pass and live again in the beyond

Or have the heart devoured by a devil
Suffering a terrible death one more time

WATCH OUT Your time has arrived
WATCH OUT He'll guide your soul
WATCH OUT He can be your last chance



7. Save The Queen, Save The King

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: André Moretti and Leandro]

Warriors arrive in their villages
Tired thirsty for staying in their homes
For warriors that never come back
Remain only the tears of their sons

Time to go to their homes
Their wives are crying all night

TIME Time to live, LIVE live free
Stop the war free your heart for freedom

Blood and glory for the throne
For our sword we'll want to live in peace
Save the Queen, Save the King
Long Life for them
With our lives we'll defend
Forever the crown

While many fight for the riches
Others fight to protect the king
This story will never end
Whose will be this victory?

Our blood for our king
'Till the end of days, we'll protect him
OUR our wives are praying all night
Looking at the window waiting for our return




The power of the crowns of the king and queen
Will bring the peace

The power of the crowns of the king and queen
Together we'll win

8. Stay Together Forever

[Music: Geraldo, Leandro and Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

From my eyes are falling tears, cause I'm lost somewhere
I don't have my love to hold my hands
In my heart there's pain, cause I changed my fate
I wanted to live in a fairy tale and dream away…

Flying high through the skies like eagles fly
I'm dying each night and I can't look in your eyes…

It's time to find the love of my life
I lost her in the past but she remains in my mind
When I was child I used to dream of her in my arms
I don't lose my hope we'll stay together forever

Long time that I don't see you and many things changed
But my feelings are the same and I never lose my faith
Someday I will find you and together we'll stay
I look at the moon and the sun to remember your face




We'll stay together forever

9. Code Of Honour

[Music: Leandro, Lyrics: Leandro]

Samurais were the warriors of the old times
Who preserved the names of their families
Above everything even of their own lives
They fought for their honour in the battle fields

They lived to protect their Lord with loyalty and devotion
Following Him to the death if needed
If they lost their honour, they’d have to stab themselves with a dagger

Life is limited, but honour lives forever
This was the rule of the samurais code
They had to honour their Lord with their protection
With their lives and their swords

The most lethal of all warriors of the antiquity
Were the samurais who didn't feared the death,
Used the suicide to regaining their honour
They had to feel pain dying slowly





The code of the samurais

10. The Waterfalls

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

[Solo: Andreas Kisser]

The chief of a tribe had a daughter so pretty who'd be sacrificed to a God
But a warrior fell in love for the pretty Indian and run away with her

The God's revenge was very brutal
He turned her into a rock in the river
And the warrior in a tree on the edge of the abyss
Where he contemplates his love
In the bottom of the abyss it has a cave
Where this God guards the passionate lovers

When this God discovered about their escape
He twisted His body and became a huge snake
Diving wildly in the peaceful waters opening a hollow


[Solo: Andreas Kisser]
[Solo: Geraldo]

At the top of that pit
He contemplates his love and he can never touch her face again
The pretty Indian is always bathed in a veil of clear and fresh waters to alleviate her pain

Every spring he throws flowers in the waters of the river, RIVER, RIVER
As a proof of his love

He opened a hollow in the river
Creating the big waterfalls
Where the escaper fell from a huge height disappearing eternally


11. Goddesses Of Fate - Part 1

[Music: Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

They weave the web
Of life and of death
Braiding the skein of fate
For all and every living mortal
Extending a golden thread
Firming the ends
The work is done
Goddesses of fate rule the world above the Gods and above everyone

12. Goddesses Of Fate - Part 2

[Music: Leandro and Marcelo, Lyrics: Leandro]

CRY !! They decide our lives
I follow my way and live my fate
I don't wanna suffer,
I don't wanna die I wanna stay alive
Trying to live in peace my fate, this is the only way

The first is the weaver that weaves our destiny
The second is the mediator and the third finishes it

A new life will rise
Showing my way
And finally reveal my cruel fate
Goddesses of life, I beg for compassion
For releasing my way
With no sorrow and hate

CRY!! because it's too late
Each every mortal has the line of life and death
Three ancient sisters decide the fate of the human race
Even the Gods have no power to change what was weaved by them

They can change the beginning, the middle and the end
Our lives are in their hands
They're the Goddesses of fate



People are snatched by the bloody webs of death
Weaved by the three sisters, Goddesses of destiny


With no sorrow and hate

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