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1. Social Skingraft

Promises made, promises kept.
A common sense revolution, a broad-axe to environmental protection and preservation.
Privatize the parks, now privatize the prisons.
The relegated become the negated, deregulated and expandable.
Commercial development is exponential.
Funding earmarked for D.U.I. prevention, redirected to propagandize mis-education, and bolster a campaign of character assassination.
And giving answers before asking questions, like is selfishness inherent?
And is this the essence of community?
Slashing, clawing, repealing with a blindness to consequence.
Anything to cut the costs of the already privileged.
But kids will still slit their own throats, and others are incapable of self-sufficiency.
By removing a program you do not remove the need for that program.
You can't sustain prosperity without sustained opportunity.
Transferable deficit, saturated by human husks.
This isn't about a profound ideology, this is about true 'common sense revolution'.
I learned to share when I was five.
This reflection haunts and leads to the fact, that equality can only be achieved whereby those who stand to lose, are actually prepared to lose, in order to gain.
Simple numbers, unreal damage.

2. The Seductive Nature Of Female Sexuality

We woke up one morning, confused and disoriented, wondering if it really happened.
But as they say, if it doesn't kill you, it defines you.
Round of pleasure.
The definition outweighs the violation, while cultural constructs remain, and the vulnerable are prey, a learned behavior festers, from depersonalization to conquest, without responsibility to consequence.
Where did it start and when will it end?
A reversal of moral accountability, a kiss that bites.
When glass is broken and a body falls, tangled and stretched.
To any action, there is no uniform response, nor a uniform time of recovery.
Scathed, scythed.
Dull the blade that reaps/rapes our fields of hope and security.
Because this is more than Nanking, and this is more than Vietnam.
This happens everyday, and this is happening right now.
Manhood is a delusion, an assumed identity, inked in patterns and sealed by sight.
'For today I'm alive.'

3. In And Of The Self

Drawing breath in the realization, that everything may be nothing, because sometimes there a no easy answers.
That growth is the only evidence of life and exposure the only celebration.
A daily dose of vicarious mediation.
Our daily bread consumed in faith or in fear?
Do we manipulate the scenery or does the scenery manipulates us?
Individuated through compassionated atomism.
Branded on the sleeve not the skin.
To accept ourselves before our surroundings.
Because etiquette is subjective and there is no black or white, nor good and evil.
Of kith and kin to pit and marrow.
Auguste Comte was right.
Nothing at bottom is real except humanity.

4. Unendowed (Come Join The Party)

Born into, worlds apart.
Heir to dust, a forming heart.
What is inscripted, scupted by borders.
What is encrypted, blackened by borders.
Eurocentric epidemic.
Guiltless hunger swayed by a guilty hand?
Consign to oblivion, turned backs follow raised chins.
And we stubbed our toes on superficiality.
This, the incomplex complexity.
The soiled witness of prestige.
For without beauty there is no happiness, and without selflessness there is always ignorance.
Weave, cut, melt, fade into ashes.
Masticated untouchability, beyond peripheral/our western vision.
Personal interest is the steam that fogs the mirrors of our very existence.
And so it continues.
Forgone conclusion.
Forgotten resolution.

5. Eve Of Forever

Sometimes years change nothing, and sometimes one day changes everything.
And that day has come.
When racial and economic dichotomy, are one in the fucking same, and a line has been drawn, head down, eyes to the ground.
Inveterate culture, customary conservatism.
Where survival is costly, but carelessness is affordable by all.
Where communities are gated, architecturally fragmented.
Nestled in the gears of cyclical entrapment, predisposed to rise and fall like clockwork.
Prepackaged for convenience, propagated for stability.
Romance conceptualized, morality predefined.
When a knee is broken at the bone, and the instincts bred say leave it alone.
Afraid to lose tomorrow to yesterday, many make their beds with illusions and silent addictions.
Ten thousand years in the making, twenty scores in creating, we all play a part in our own alienation, we are all a stroke in a bigger picture.
So here we are, sitting on the edge of it all, waiting for the sun to rise.

6. Along The Edge Of A Straight Razor


7. The Transit Gloria Mundi

Obedience to manufactured assembly.
The infinite paths become the optionless freeway, mass marketing consumption itself.
This extirpation is progress, collecting in the mouth of destiny.
If sacrifice is necessity, so passes away all of the glory of the world.
To live off hope or be drowned out, washed away.
destruction through construction.
Multimedia landfill funkadrome.
Drowned out, washed away.
Responsibility through awareness.
What it is, to be garroted by our own means.
The third law, the final repercussion.
To starve the ears and see in darkness.
To cut the strings and return to innocence.

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