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1. Back To Wreck Your Neck

(The final decision)

Lost in the dungeon of silence
The coffin was almost closed
A crypt was built for our history
A living cenotaph was our destiny

The king slept for aeons
And darkness conquered the land
But memories awoke the dragon
To start the mayhem again

The angel of death flies again
And a voice screams for the damned
The sound of hell cuts off your head
Rotten corpses, but we are not dead
Taste of blood gives us the might
And still we got the second sight

Atrocities last for eternity
Vengeance is mine, a murder divine
A new attack, it blinds your eye
And spread the plague, by the
Sword he dies

War and submission
Is our final decision

Thousands of men die in their blood
Strike down every coward one by one
Victory's ours and mercy for no one
The field turns red - our work is done

2. The Beast Rules Me

Disastrous the end of your life's mission
Changin' their minds but no one listened
Depressions pulled you to the bottom
You're frozen like the salt pile in Sodom

You'd better look back on your success
A failure couldn't bring you down
The challenge's the least and the best
The honour to fight's the crown

A new knight hit you from behind
Nothing remained but surrender
Jealous deceivers in your own lines
No saviour helped - no defenders.

You're dreaming of glory and mighty days
Surrounded by violence and power
Tasting the sweet blood as you open your eyes
Kissin' the witch and lost in the tower

She's disguised as a fairy,
Wearing diamonds and gold
But in the mirror of truth she's dreadful and old
Temptation is stronger than the will to survive
Down by drugs you can't see her actually...

Is she in league with the devil,
Are you obsessed by this witch
She rules your mind, recognize, that she's a bitch
Tries to seduce you, convicted to destroy your will

If you wanna live as a man, stop fucking
And start up the kill

Let her perish in flames
Just knock off her head
Cut her into pieces
Now watch out, I am back

3. Conquer Moriha

As the brightness got dark
And the righteous got wrong
The evil seized power betrayed even strong

The god of confusion entered this scene
Created a mountain to enslave all the free

Blinded men's eyes and blinded their minds
Took their respect - broke reckless their spine
The evil has risen - masked with the good
From the altar blood flowed - put in his foot
The evil has risen - masked with the good
Put in his foot

Ill reputed the ancient values
Derided the inviolability
Irrevocable mankind's fate
Perpetual the torment they suffer

A sacrifice for the fear of god
A throat for his unspeakable hunger
Innocent blood for his enormous thirst
And a mountain for mankind's failure

Innocent blood for his enormous thirst
Mankind's failure

Take the dagger to sign the testimony
Your son's body should be the parchment
Darkened his look, as he finished the irony
Alone, the enemy redeemed
The son from punishment

Inexorable wrath broke loose
As God saw his work obliterated
"Cursed be the hill - your head in my nose"
Atheists must conquer Moriha, so you're liberated

While the time flowed, the hill saw too much blood
A dome made of skulls covered the rock
As long as God's conceptions exist
The enemy won't rule, but we will resist

4. A Piece Of Flesh

You will regret, I know it hurts
Those badly chosen ugly words
Imagine, I am not the one
Can't pretend whatever you want

The velvet cave between your thighs
But you want me to see your boring eyes
Silly things you want me to do
Let me dive in your crimson pool

I don't care
What your breed's doing
I won't share
My valuable life
Just cry
I pierce your face
You're mine
I want your ass

I am bad, I am a killer
Be glad, so taste my pillar
Hot, my acid burns your skin
I am the one, I live for the sin

You want warmth, but I am cold
Want my riches, but I am poor
Don't come closer, leave me alone
Eat my fist, I kick you home

Can't you see, hell's in my eyes
Shut your trap, you make me cry
Just lay down, I break your chest
I am the devil, I let you rest... (in pieces)

I am bad, I am a killer
Be glad, so taste my pillar
Hot, my acid burns your skin
I am the one, I live for the sin

I am bad, I am a killer
Be glad, so taste my pillar
Hot, my acid burns your skin
I am the one, you're just a piece of flesh!

5. Buried God


6. Eyes Of The Gorgon

Born into a world of hatred
Maltreated by demons of wrath
Stheno's eating your guts
Euryale's drinking your blood

Abused by a living nightmare
Took away your innocence
Taken by a trusted illusion
Reality is no heaven

Escape into sleepless nights
Purgatory's burning
Evil's face's shining
Staring into the Gorgon's eyes

Fate has spoken
Damaged your brain
You're good forsaken
Just getting insane

Don't look in the mirror
Perversion hits you twice
Satisfaction's an error
But deliverance's the price

Sell your ground body
Just for silly luck
Loathing's what you feel
Incites your boiling blood

One beast dies, another is born
The eyes of the Gorgon they lived on
As a gift of monstrosity
Transmitted from father to son

One thought in the predators mind
Revenge for all he had to suffer
All subhuman shall sigh
He was tough, but the world was tougher

The victim can't see
The snakes on his head
His eyes start to bleed
While he's feeding the mad

No place in hell, less on earth
Buried alive is more than forlorn
Crying one tear, it is not worth
So take this farewell, Robert John!

They have a mouth, but cannot speak
Eyes, but they don't see
They have ears, but they don't hear
A nose and they cannot smell
Unable to touch with their hands
Cannot walk with their feet
No tone leaves their throat

7. Hunger

8. Ruins Of Pantheon

The Pantheon lays waste
All gods accused of blasphemy
No defence for the ancient lords
"Oh, mankind, now worship me!"

Vicious, unholy, righteous and strong
The Nordic, the Roman, the Celtic in ban
A reign, so rich, brutal, forlorn
Confess bastard and feel my hand

Don't speak his name, your soul shall burn
Pay for your sins, the servants shall earn
Don't call for the sun, never see it again
No love for the next, worship him
Without a name

Erase the knowledge of ages
Forget the home of the lords
Servants, admire he who rages
Touch my spirit and behold

The horizon turns red
Twilight has broken
Pandemonium survived
The free ghost's turning back

From the darkest place
Four horsemen riding back
Ghosts open seven gates
Armed for the final attack

A cross of rotten flesh
Is all remained of this God
His head was impaled
With the bones of his lying son

The carnage as a throne
A council for Lucifer
The sign of a coming time

The Pantheon's replaced
All rulers practice blasphemy
No borders for the ancient lord
Oh mankind, worship me!

Unholy, righteous and strong
The Nordic, the Celtic, the Roman
A reign, so rich, brutal, forlorn
Confess bastard and feel my hand

9. My Dark Revelation

And a bird of prey's flying above
Protects the spirits of the dead
Crimson wings cut the bloodred sky
Gaia swallows their souls of black

On Acheron they shall sail
Longing for the clatches
Enjoy the nasty pleasure of pain
Agony in gory cages

No money for the ferryman
Wisdom shall be the wage
Cruisin' on waves of boiling stone
Expect the dark and enter Hades

Deicide is no crime to recognize the truth
The killin' hawk I see is the angel of death
Genocide's no crime to reach eternal youth

The heaven is orphaned now
No holy town was built
Thy horned lord enters the throne
And crawling life he kills

A new race creation in tyrant's reign
Denies the deceivers cross
Even rejects the wicked Lord
Evil apparition, unstoppable curse

A source of blood in the garden of Satan
Easing the thirst of the damned
Feed the demon's serpent
Let the procreation end

Enslave deceiving beings
Suffer extermination
See, thy world dying
Listen to my dark revelation

Enslave the holy men
Brought you extermination
See, thy world is burning
Read the book of dark revelation

10. Rape Of Harmony

(Elegy for a bitch)

Now you're gone
But forever with me
Finally you lie at my feet
And beg to serve
Oh sweet silence, empty screams
Eternal sigh, constant mocking
It's all over
Do you feel my smooth hand
Too long you raped the harmony
But now your voice sounds sweet
Oh, tasty your body, so spicy your kiss
Let me eat your tongue
Don't weir, no woeful cries
I'm your master
No one will rape the harmony again
Death becomes you!

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