Dark Lyrics


1. Io

[Lyrics: Mendoza]
[Music: Mendoza]

What lies beyond the earth and nature?
And follows the rules of uncontrol

She becomes the animal
That hides in the lands of shadows
Exploit in violence
That engulfs her as a predator
Feel that extreme liberty
Find the pleasure of the prey's body left behind . . . by his soul

One step behind the line
No return and no decline
Eminent fall, who heard the call?

Like a violent planet
Where live does not exist
The earth awakes
How much we will persist?

The elements gathering for a last strike
Preparing for a war
Bestial fire that will consume the rest
Bites, burying the prodigal son
Necrosphere has she become
A black cocoon, a prison of death

Silent veil
Covers the wastelands over her
Scavenger feast our pride
The painted pain in gray clouds
A last cry, a rain that will see us march
Into the extinction

Through brutality
Peace reigns again
An Irony?
Evil was the seed
That brought a new live for the universe to see

[Solo Ndua]
[Solo Tono]


Like a violent planet...

2. Remorse

[Lyrics: Valdespino]
[Music: Valdespino]

I think I've been mistaken
On my phatetic way of being
since that I have
No where to run no where to hide

So now I have to defend myself
With a special guarantee
My future is expecting
I have to end it all right now

Searching and waiting
Though all these lost years
There's nothing but
some pictures-illusions

How can I wait for hope?
when it comes like a rope
to my neck, to my being

Nothing but shapless thoughts
Too much heat inside
Blinded moves, fear of wrath

So here I stand
Lika a ghost sculped in time
who can be my guide?

Someone in front of my
He knows about my silent destiny
I feel anguish
I'm riding the tomb of the gods

[Solo Ndua]

When the night fall
His shining eyes reinforce
The lip's warm smile

It was an image of that
Secure, peaceful and quitness
Like a beauty extension

The silence, the call have some gloom
Everything is so peacefull
That I feel buried in a sea of stone
The atmosphere is shrinking
But the sun falls
And the moon grows
It's getting cold


All I can hear are dark symphonies
All I can see is some white light
At the moment I hear a dirge for me
I'm Walking my last steps alive
It's seems I'm sick
Of a pain with no cure

Beyond the fear
Trough loneliness I walk
Holding the stone
With my shrapened teeth

[Solo Tono]

Searching and waiting....

[Solo Ndua]

That's death

Finally I've reached
The land of death surrounds me
By trying
Not Dying

Just about the time I leave
And after all I've said
There's nothing more I care about
but my last will

But at least I have
the strenght to face it
I give a hand to death
With brightness on my eyes

I feel there's nothing more
inside of me
But I will smile
When I die!!!

3. Andromeda Strain

[Lyrics: Mendoza]
[Music: Mendoza]

A predator Awaits
His time to be discovered
Just waiting for a prey
The index case
He will spread the death
Through all the race
The horseman of the plague
Now it' s useless
to pray . . .

Andromeda strain you will die soon
Loosing blood through every hole
Melena, myalgia and fever
Ebola-like disease

Now you have the touch of death
Deterioration by sweating blood
Repulsive body in
Agony . . .

The prophecy was true
Eradication of our kind
Alone we walk the path
Many of us will die
Only the chosen may survive this time . . .
Of chaos and death

Your face becomes a mask
Of expressionless white skin
From where the sunken eyeballs
Cry bloody tears that fall
Screams from all around
Everywhere the bloody eyes
That stare with the horror
Only death can paint
in the eyes . . .


The prophecy was true...

[Solo Tono]

Struggling to breath
Walking through streets
Where convulsing bodies
Just fall and die
Before your eyes
The vision of the slaughter
Of a heartless killer

You see a pregnant women
With a fetal loss
And genital bleeding
There's nothing you can do
But pray for her
She died in a state of shock
And the pain of her lost

[Solo Ndua]

Your time has come
nausea , vomiting, bleeding, myalgia, fever
anuria, melena, delirium, tachypnea, convulsions
coma, stertor, death

Has ended with our kind ?

There's no disease
That can kill us all
A few just may survive
There's hope, an other chance

[Lead Ndua]
But for now the silence reigns
Many corpses in the slaughter field
With their static bloody eyes
Just wondering why?
The smell of rotting flesh
Floats with the wind
That also caries the disease

4. The Shadow Murderer

[Lyrics: Olguin]
[Music: Mendoza]

In my dream's kingdom
Bleeds my desolated soul
Filling me with rage, hate and indifference

The torture starts for you
It's the non reality arcade
Indulging your bitter Farewell
And watching everything around you

There's no turning back
Your life is mine, it belongs to me
I want everything inside you
I'm your destiny, can't run away

Show me your pain, it feeds my hate
Cry blood tears cause I'm thirsty
I see the fear you can feel
Through your eyes and sense panic's smell
Don't want to hold this long agony
Feel through your skin my cold daggers steel
I'll deliver you to death with it
No one can hear screams getting lost in the vast sky

I live hidding in shadows
There's no ilusion no time
I don't take pity on entreties
I'll take the awake from you

I disguise all evil in me with a smile
There's no human spirit in me
No concious look the future in me
It's your being reflection

[Solo Tono]

This is the pain's night
The fires fury burns in me
Your skin blows up in thousand pieces
Your blood is what I want
Your flesh is my desire
Enjoying your agony in your dreams

A mortal silence falls, beyond reality
You are in reverie, hidding in your fears
Shining the souls in black dimensions

[Solo Ndua]

In your dreams kingdom
Can get through mercyless
I wait face to face
At the eternal Gates
Of a dawn being
Who believed in himself

5. Redemption

[Lyrics: De Yta]
[Music: De Yta, Valdespino, Mendoza]

Bright as the sun
Saved from the scum
Lying in motion
The path to redemption

Hear the whispering Silence
Skinning her off
With the sacred knife
Her soul is for the gods

Staring in silence
I wait this psycho coma
Speechless before her
I am lost in her blood


This Flesh is so sweet
It covers my worst sins
I feel so secure
And the gods will light our way

As the night falls down
She wears the crown
And we hope the gift
For a new day drift

She starts to shake
While the winds blow by
All the staring eyes
At the flesh that'll dry
But will give us... light!

The ritual in the night
For the never ending light
As she reaches inmortality
I bleed for my insanity

As we aproach the holy ground
She drowns into this trance
She takes my blooded hand
And thanks me for this endless gift

[Solo Ndua]

Dancing in the ritual night
We are waiting for her to start the flight
What we only hear forever is...
I'm free of my skin!!!


6. Immortal Echoes

[Lyrics: Olguin]
[Music: Mendoza]

A new path begins
To the point of no return
I find confusion in my mind

There's a batlle inside my head
My soul is fighting to rise
Retarded my eyes

Starting to fall in another force
Different than mine
Scareing my spirit in an unknown world
In my strongest alied
It's so easy without it

There's images full of dregs
Before my eyes I am the terror climax
Everything is falling in suspense in silence
Without breathing


My power, inspires me to continue in this cosmos
I look around everything is so fucking strange
Even when... we fall
Upon my shoulders, there's no awakening
Time stands still

I can't touch the fire
Fly over the seas
I can't see what others can
I can feel like running inside of me
For eternity

This eternety
Reallity will no end
I will be here
Waiting for a new being
Able to sacrifice
Anybody can hide
For this is an inside reallity

7. Inside Reallity

[Lyrics: Mendoza]
[Music: Mendoza, Valdespino]

[Mikael Stanne]
Voices beyond the door of indreaming
Whispering in my ears the notes
Overture for the last ride
Ancient knowledge is passed to another generation

Through the feather
Their echoes become immortal in the paper
Read are their voices
In another sunset further in time . . .

In the sea of concious
Words will be their guide
Their fates brought them into these point
In this labyrinth of phrases
Their fates will show them the way
To the unknown

[Solo Tono]
[Solo Ndua]

Starting to dream . . .
I sleep and awake in the world of dreams
Awake in a common reality, but it is not the same for everyone
I have to dwell between a permanent and a changing world
That is driving me to the edge

To open the doors that cross in my way
Beyond each a quest to be fulfilled
To reach the control of that forgotten world
That is left behind, they all denied

The rays of light that gave birth to the world
Show me the body that hides beyond the cover of the skin

My hand is writing words that I don't even know
In a foreign language brought to me by a crow
Emissary of the lands far beyond our law
He is the one that possesses the virtue
for ruling the realms


Watch my hands to regain the form of the sleeping body
Watch the mist fade away and discover the realms of the infinite sea
Canvas of pictures of my live that changes in a violent motion

To open the doors....

[Lead Ndua]

8. Death Beneath

[Lyrics: Valdespino]
[Music: Valdespino]

"I want to confess
As honest as I can
But my heart es empty
Turned to my being "

My face causes me fear
I live in a disturbing world
Traped in my dreams and fantasies
I don't want to die

Because I want knowledge
No faith, No Hope, No lies
I don't want to name God
To some piece of my fear

[Lead Tono & Ndua]

A challenge against to no-name
For just another piece of time
Too short for a lifetime
Like a sea in a blackened cave

Death has been walking by my side
For so long, but I still can go
We all have to remember
That we all are going to die

There's a nightmare inside my head
Broken chains, misguided world
But I'm not scared anymore

The joy of death has come to me
I can feel my hunger
But I'm falling again

My ambition lead me
To a lonley life
The end of night is comming
And my time is running out

Knowledge to fullfill my path
Of graving all I can
Simply I don't care if I have to die

I'm disguted to life
To much games to win them all
There was silence in the sky
When the death open the door

There were angels falling
Upon the dusk of time
Whispering hidden voices
Surrounding the world behind

[Solo Ndua]

There were angels....


[Lead Tono & Ndua]

9. Blackwhole

10. Preemptive Solution

[Lyrics: De Yta]
[Music: Valdespino]

Rage and hate
Is what I felt just before it came
What it once was fear
Now it's the purest lust
On the search for eternity
We've forgotten all the sins
To foresee our destiny
And regain what we've lost

Betrayed by the light
Only one vision in hopeless times
Betrayed by the night
Corrupted minds closing their eyes
Now you're in front of the truth
But you can't really see on through
After all what you've done
There is no solution, it's all gone

For all you've seen
And tasted
Preemptive solution

Forgotten once, is all now comming back!

Don't hear what they say
Don't see what they are
Just look in your mind
And be the strongest you can
Dreams and thoughts
Are about to be real
Your path is unknown
Starvation will come

Faces turn around
And you can't remember where they're from
Chased in your mind
By the creatures ever dreamt
Twisted voices
Are starting to make you really mad
And forget what you are
Welcome to the last ride

[Solo Tono]

Tears in her eyes
As you watch her drown in her lies
You hear the screams
Of the suffering souls
Betrayed by their minds

Now you've seen what's all about to be real
But this time there's no comming out
So prepare for your final destination
And beg for your soul to resist all your fears!

[Solo Ndua]

Betrayed by the night...


For all you've seen
For all you've been Preemptive Solution

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