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1. Watching You Die

Too many times I've sat back and watched you destroy.
Your self destructive ways. Lost in your haze.
It buries you alive as you breathe your death in.
Too many times I've watched you slowly die.
I let you bleed as you breath your death in.
Melting. Melt away.
I've watched you die.

2. Kiss Of Death

Infected by our callous acts.
Our blood flows the kiss of death.
Relentless disease as death tolls rise.
This virus breeds on human desire.
Whether you lust the needle of the flesh, you've sealed your fate, a fate of death.
Kiss of death.
Our blood flows the kiss of death.
The eliminator, taker of life.
An epidemic we feed and supply.
Kiss of death.
Now frail bodies are no longer immune.
No retribution, no cure to save you.
Consequence for our acts.
Kiss of death.

3. Worthless

You're worthless as you burn.
Everything about you makes me sick.
Your self satisfying ridicule makes me sick.
Condescending, contradictive.
I wait for you to burn.
Choke on your tongue of lies.
You burn.
You're worthless as you burn.
How does it feel?
For so long you've torn away.
How does it feel back in your face?

4. Nothing At All

Ease your mind with you simple life.
Don't tell me that you could never do this.
It's plain to see the truth is you don't care.
Your words fade, your actions speak for themselves.
In the end we both know you've done nothing at all.
All your excuses, excuses I defy.
Do you think that you're part of this?
Do you think that you've saved at all?
Actions speak for themselves.
You've done nothing at all.
Sacrifice yourself.

5. Kill Their Past

I see the same face but so much else has changed.
I remember what you once meant to me.
You compromised, astray.
Now I'm left with nothing but regret.
You died.
So look at yourself.
Are you better off now or then with your wealth and fame?
All your followers believe your words.
Words you can't explain.
To do, to say those things that meant so much to me.
You turned away.
Now you're gone.
There's nothing to believe.
I can't believe I ever believed in you.
Let them die.
So I let them die.
Kill their past.

6. Poisoned Seeds

How much more can we take?
With all this weight we'll break.
Your so called god gave us life to grow and breathe.
All we do is destroy to satisfy needs.
We've polluted ourselves, our land, and our skies.
Greed kills our lives.
How much more can we take?
Mother Earth is beaten and she's raped.
An animal's life is sacrificed just because we like the taste.
Anything for human gain.
Modern man, lost in lust.
Poisoned seeds, in disgust.
How much more can we take?

7. The Death Of Your Perfect World

Your perfect world is dead, and I'm the one who set it ablaze.
The ones you trusted, you breathed for, they took your life.
Dead in your world.
Victim of innocence.
Now you die.
The ones you trusted, you breathed for, took your life.
Everything you lived for burns before your eyes.
Every single ounce of lies dies.
Bound and gagged, forever scarred.
Those that gave you life took your life.
The death of your perfect world.
Your perfect world is dead.
Dead in your world.
Victim of innocence.
Now you die a thousand deaths.

8. Empty Sky

This empty sky fills your empty mind.
And it's you, the fool, who thinks that I'll rot away.
When there's nothing to save you from this hell.
Fuck your faith. I'll rot away.
This empty sky can't save.
This empty sky has deaf ears to your cries.
There's no salvation.
Fuck your faith.
Rot away.

9. Curse Of The Womb

Drain this blood from me.
Your curse runs through my veins.
Take this name you gave.
I don't want you branded on me.
Bloodline of guilt.
Your hate.
My solitude is my fate.
Everything I hated in you is now inside of me.
I want to tear you out and this is all you gave to me.
So how can I live with myself cursed in the womb?
I know this was beaten in you.
Your voice of hate runs through my head.
Now all I want is to see you dead.
Drain this blood from me.
Your curse runs through my veins.
Curse of the womb.
I want to see you dead.

10. Drenched In Disease

Human waste, fallen prey, surrounding me.
A plague on life, corroded minds, a dying breed.
Morals decay, whores parade, it sickens me.
This human race, the living dead, drenched in disease.
Burn away, see this dead.
This world burns.
Everday I search for hope.
My hopes drenched in disease
Burn away, end this plague.
Drenched in disease.
This world burns.

11. Six Month Face

You spoke so loud.
Another know it all.
Another six month face.
Inside you're dead.
Slowly shed your skin.
Convictions fade.
Another six month face.
Inside you're dead.
So many times, I've heard this all before.
Another six month face washes away.

12. To Live And Die With

I'd kill to keep this alive, and I'd destroy anything that threatened it's life.
Everday I fight to make sure this breathes.
Strike me down, but you'll never take this from me.
You'll never know all that this has done for me.
Or see the beauty that I see.
This is my everything.
The one thing that puts life into me.
We push towards extinction as we kill our own.
The backlash is self inflicted as we cut our own throats.
We are our own disease, and we will never be what we could be.

all lyrics were copied directly from the booklet of this album.

Buried Alive
"The Death Of Your Perfect World"
1999 Victory Records

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