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1. Nightmare

[Lyrics by Shawn/Vulcano/Toiran]

This trail of cruel thoughts
Starts when I smashed all the laws
Forced to believe that wasn´t real
This mind gets blind and the horror begins

Beaten and tortured
I’m the prisoner of your rage
Misery is the only thing I know
Disillusionment runs through my veins

I´m trapped in this dream of horrifying lies
And I can´t wake up
I´m living in this real nightmare
And I can´t escape

Almost a life of calamity
Full of torment, a maze in my head
Unwanted existence
This mind gets blind and the horror always returns

Psychologically abused
I’ll only be free by killing their beliefs   
Emptiness is the only thing I have
The shadows and sorrow take my heart

I´m trapped in this dream
But seems to be real
This wounds in my skin
Remind me of the grief

Please take me away from this nightmare
I don´t want to live this way anymore
Please take me away from this nightmare
I leave this place and you will never know

Please take me away!

2. Thy Blessed Darkness

[Lyrics by Vulcano/Shawn]

Unholy powers, reborn from the flames of rage
The lack of wisdom are pulling the strings of all despairs
Now we shall burn in the bonfire of all the sins
Forsaken kingdom crawling to the edge
The abyss calls to punish this mediocrity
For thousand years, only ashes will remain
The gates of oblivion are open to receive
Thy blessed Darkness
In the horizon, it´s possible to see the past
Like herds of shadows, beating against us
Return for glory, sowing all misery
Upon the throne you see, images of ancient icons,
Dimensions of the minds which die in slavery
There´s a voice inside, there´s a thorn within
And there´s no sickness that has not been released
There´s a distant being,  pronouncing the entire race
And there´s a judgment, extracting the souls from the flesh
Their dead souls trapped in a glass
Among the rotten corpses of the fallen
Rebellions of shadows, show us the gate
Where the end of eternity is to come

3. Crowned By Pestilence

[Lyrics by Vulcano]
My time has come to stay for good
The shape of things is too hard to see
There’s nothing new in this box made of steel
My finger points where the dusk eats the sun

Between the past and the future left nothing
There’s only a bridge that leads to pain
Here all my regrets are worthless
Because this wreath on my head forever remains

The will of be and the eternity
It seems a warpath between the world and me
The will of be is reaching the infinity
Until the end of times with this crown I must live

Come to my side and follow me in this path
It’s full of children from ancient times
They whisper melodies that invoke the death
I beg for mercy in this endless trail

Between the past and the future left nothing
There’s only a being that in nothingness rests
Over my head hangs the crown of pestilence
I curse the day their king I became

There is no sanity, spectral fantasies
Schizophrenic own redemption
Despising morality

Contradictions lurking, destroying humanism
Still creeping in wicked grounds
Trying to reach the skies
The flock of haze now is back
Corrupting all inside
Peace is not a divine gift
It’s just a way of life

4. The Spiral Black Hole

[Lyrics by Shawn/Toiran/Furno/Vulcano]

See the drowning of your life as I become a stronger god.
You don’t belong to this secret paradise
Far beyond the fog.

Begin to gaze as the ground splits,
As the flames burn your will to live,
As your neck feels the devil’s breath.
No chance to run away from hell.

Chaos! This spiral black hole is draining souls through me
The nether path is narrow, dark and terrifying.
The crawling victims shed the guts and spill the brain.
The carcass of the corpses full of maggots will decay.

My land is surrounded by these abominations
Descend to this maze and you will find horrifying fate

Begin to gaze the chamber of your death
As the crows devour your meat
As your bones turn into coal
The final link between the fetter and your soul

Inmersed in the fog of my world desperated for a ray of light
Forgotten remnants of what once lived
Sentenced by their human condition my fury ate them all
Disciples of my wrath will be forever

I'm the void in the light, divine and ancient
Lurking in the dark universe, rejecting the sun

Redeem yourselves to this spiral black hole… and suffer!!!!!!

Ruins are all that remains in this wicked mortal world
No one lives after tasting my poisoned core
The life has expired in that useless rotten reign
The squeezed souls are now living through my veins.

More beings to sacrifice!
My hunger never ceases
I suffocate my victims till the last drop of their mind
More spiral black holes rising.
More power to consume
My greedy hunger nourishes
This circle never ends.

5. The Birth

[Lyrics by Shawn/Vulcano]

Growing in the womb of his dying mother
He will come for the second time
Preparing the annihilation
Our king will be born

With our sins he cleans his hands
And our body tortures without mercy
This time it won't bring light, only destruction
This is the end

The north star is shining again
The four horsemen have came from the abyss
She screams and dies in the night
The king of hypocrisy is born

From the skies a war begins
Domination is incomplete
He faces his father for all control
And kills him to inherit the throne
A black fate for mankind forever

All of them put their lives in his hands, now are all damned

The cross and crown are waiting for the human race
He has the power of god and brings Divine Punishment
There’s no pray or hope of salvation 
Until the end he betrays all humanity

Years of lies come to the end
Now the real evil and truth have been released...

6. Gemonias

[Lyrics by Vulcano/Shawn/Toiran]

Chambers of repulsion and bodies on the walls
Hanging heads in darkest halls and columns made of bones
Welcome to the kingdom where the air smother lungs
Of bloody fates of horror and piles of corpses without essence

Diabolic nature the unholy art of sin
The flies eat the disposal flesh without any kind of blame
An ancient smell of death dwells in the tortures stairs
Years of scorn in this place have been carried out

And from the Mount Palatine the cult of anger rise
The Tiber River drains the blood of the ones who died
This bloodbath is a punishment for those who broke the rules
A trail of tombs absorbs their hostages to the holes
Organic sculptures and monoliths of flesh
Decorate the macabre agony of this place

The Gemonias overflowed by the masses
Of disfigured human structures and disgusting wrath
The impaled ones and the laments of the crucified
Constitute the core of this hell

And in the shadows a disgraceful fury arises
The beast destroys their flesh and feed of the unjustice
This bloodbath is a punishment for those who broke the rules
A trail of tombs absorbs their hostages to the holes
Organic sculptures and monoliths of flesh
Decorate the macabre agony of this place

7. Walk Over The Crushed Skulls

[Lyrics by Vulcano/Shawn]

I follow the path of the purification
To preserve my soul
Forge my sword with innocent blood
I'm the knight of all this carnage
Guardians of time and protectors of the divine
Please don´t throw me to the pit where the fallen lie

And now my victims, ageless spirits of this land
Beholders of my failure, witnesses unscrupulous
Trying to find my loophole, leaving this void behind
Return to my broken utopia and laugh in the face of God

Now take my hand to walk
Over the crushed skulls
It seems to be the only way to redeem our soul
Now come with me to roll
Over these endless flames
This is my scapegoat in this unknown world named death

I was deprived of my mortality
Trapped in this sinister hole with all my sins
Breathing all this death who’s coming back to me
Wandering into nothingness, never to be released

8. Enough

[Lyrics by Furno/Shawn]

The Figures and their voices don't let me choose
They run and scream the prices that i've to pay
Sometimes (I've) mutilated people, sometimes I've burnt
This is when I will stop it and draw the line

Hollow of voices, how could I stop?

I'll drink a lot in the chosen date, never be enough
No letters on the table, neither named names
I'll slowly climb to the chair up and hang the rope
I'll put my head just through it, and let it go.

All the things I did, no one can forgive
Everytime I scream the past comes to me

I came to this dead end
This twisted mind (has) corrupted me
Step towards this sought end
My legs don't fell the floor
The rope dazed me
Collapses all my senses
Everything turns so black
My bastard guilt is not enough

I saw the fear sorrounding me and I've shared the pain
The lonely darkness fills my corroded brain
There's no light, no silence at the end of the way
No matter how you feel, I'm already dead...

Let my body decay

9. The Rising

[Lyrics by Shawn/Toiran]

The lamb is awake now
You must open your eyes and see the rising
Of that who breathes fire 

The seventh seal’s been broken
You must prepare now for the destruction
And raping of your thoughts

The dungeons are ready for hosting death
The plagues overrunning minds
There’s sulfur in your veins
An abscess in your face
It’s too late for regrets

The wicked master will arise
You have been warned
Now get ready for total devastation

The greatest son of calamity
Begins to conquer this world, and you'll suffer
Until the end of days

The release of disease
The advent of this throne of perdition
For all eternity

“Do you think I am your saviour?
Nothing was ever further from the truth
I will destroy this whole existence
Avenge my torture with your total disappearance
Do you think that kneeling is the answer
Begging for deliverance, mercy and forgiveness?
Let me tell you, all your principles are a lie
Look around and see the weeping of the damned souls”

The wicked master has arisen
You have been burned
Now get ready for total desolation

Gonzalo "Shawn" - Vocals
Pablo Toiran - Guitar/Backing vocals
Jorge Furno - Bass
Matias Barrionuevo - Guitar/Backing vocals
Eduardo Turco - Drums

Thanks to dehumanizedband for sending these lyrics.

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