Dark Lyrics


1. On Darker Trails (Intro)


2. Cold Fire

Cold fire, it burns in me
Desire, in my heart
For fire, in deep anger
It burns higher, in my head
Cold fire, for me you are
A liar, damned in black
Cold fire in the real world, like in a dream
We realise not all we see

My anger - frozen in my brain
But not for all the time, for all the time
My soul - in the middle of the war
Among the honest and the evil

Cold fire, from my lungs
I expire icy breath
Cold fire, life in distress
Minor as the time before
Fire, it burns so hot
Dire straits feel burning
Fire, nobody can quench it
Before the detonation will crush you too

My body out of control
My nerves are at the end
I can't fight on against
The sorrow in my brain it makes me insane

3. Demonized

When the night comes over me
I see the lights of the atmosphere
The arrival of the dark lord
Kneeling down he speaks to me

I am god the only preacher
I am the devil in your mind
Rising to the depths of your hell
I am your god the chosen one

Sinking down on my knees
Bowing my head to his feet
Falling down into the deep
In my nightmares I will scream
When the night comes...

I am you god forever
I will bring you down in my hell
I breathe your breath in my lungs
I can give you peace in your life

Demons around me, calling my name
They make me insane, won't go away
Taking my mind, taking my soul
Please let me out, I can't run away

In the dark night I can see
A flash from hell deep inside of me
See the dark lord over me
This is what he speaks to me

I am god the only...

I can't move I can't speak
my body is like paralysed
I'm a slave in the dark
Damned in hell to serve them all
In the dark night...

I am you god forever...

4. Reborn

Found peace in infinity
Learned to accept my hate
Proud of my perverse art
Spells have taken me to hell
Spells will now do the same
Death was handed out of me
I am reborn!

Heaven taken away from me
Same shit begins again
Dark night pleasures me
Hate coming over me
Rage growing on in me
Desire for blood now again
I'm back again

Dark light fills my body: Dark night surrounds my soul

I am back here again
To still my bloodthirst
Reborn to destroy
Human life to gain endless life
This is the butchers return
The messenger who brings pain and endless grief

Corpses is what I want
Brutal death for everyone
Like a nightmare I will come
Killing in your serious dreams
This is what it really means
Total death and endless grief

Destroy those who brought me up
Opposing me with all my strength
Against this betrayal of the laws

Only a few murders till I'm back
In my kingdom of the damned
I deserve this place in hell
I'm back again

5. Another Sphere Of Life

Disillusioned of this world
Running to the end
Seeing what happened
The future, the past fill in a mirror
Time runs fast, death's coming slowly
Walking down the stairs

Into the depths of my soul
Seeing what happened
With the rest of my life
Till its dawn, the moon shines
Bright on the sky
Whispering winds calling my name

Who am I, and where am I from
Do you know the answer
Is there a place, was I made
In heaven or in hell
Starring eyes surrounding me
Glittering in the dark
Showing me the endless path
Another sphere of life

Frozen seas or endless green
The fields of joy have gone away
Time runs fast, death's coming slowly
Walking down the stairs
Into the depths of my soul

6. Frozen Pain

Nights dark face of spoil shines bright
Over the fields of our hateful war
I feel weary and sick
Fear nothing but death

I want to break out to quit and surrender
Master's rotten voice
Commands and guides me

My thoughts drift away
Certain warmth touches my mind
Last summers souvenirs
Memories of faded days

I feel the chilly winds of death
Creeping up my back
and taking control of me

When the night falls down on me
I hear the screams of death
When the cold wind touches my face
I smell the scents of death
I can smell it, I can hear it
I can see it, I can feel

Now its our time to fight
Shells and balls of fire
Leading us to our grave
Maybe just some yards ahead

I stumble my way through the mixture
Of barbed wire and blood
I forget to think, to react or to fight
Waves of soldiers rise and fall

The last thing I feel
Is the frozen pain of death
Opening me the gates
Of Satan's glowing hell

7. Under Burning Skies

Dance with devil tonight
Dance withe devil by your side
Dance under the moonlight skies
Dance with the devil tonight
March with the demons at night
The legions of victory and pride
Fight in the dawn of the night
Fight till all enemies die

We are the children of the night
We are damned in hell to fight
Against the human kind of life
With might and main
Destroying the enemies of light
We kill to ensure our life
Enslave the angels into the night
And drink their blood like wine

Drink with the devil tonight
Drink with the devil blood red wine
Drink under burning skies
Drink with the devil tonight

I take a look around
look at the bloody ground
bloody wounds, arms, flesh and skulls
with dirt and mud

After all these fights I can see
The shade of death walking over me
I can feel the might in my mind
The mind of the devil is by my side
I'm drinking the blood
And I am dancing tonight
Dance with the devil by my side

Dance with the devil...

We are the legions of the night
On mighty horses we will ride
We oppress all and everyone
For our victory
Headed by the devil's one
We march fearlessly through the land
The celebration never end's
We drink the blood red wine

Drink with the devil...

We dance with the devil tonight
We dance under moonlight skies
We drink with the devil at night
We drink under burning skies

8. Master Of Puppets

[Metallica cover]

End of passion play, crumbling away
I'm your source of self-destruction
Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear
Leading on your death's construction

Taste me you will see
more is all you need
you're dedicated to
how I'm killing you

Come crawling faster
obey your Master
your life burns faster
obey your Master

Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
twisting your mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me, you can't see a thing
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream
Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream
[End Chorus]

Needlework the way, never you betray
life of death becoming clearer
Pain monopoly, ritual misery
chop your breakfast on a mirror


Master, Master, Where's the dreams that I've been after?
Master, Master, You promised only lies
Laughter, Laughter, All I hear and see is laughter
Laughter, Laughter, laughing at my cries

Hell is worth all that, natural habitat
just a rhyme without a reason
Neverending maze, drift on numbered days
now your life is out of season

[Fade out with evil laughter].

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