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1. Smashed To Pieces

I am the butcher of mankind
I'm the horror of your dreams
In my mind the horror lives
Killing - hunting - pleasure

By sacrificial suicide put to death
But fletched back by lower creatures
Saw the lower world of might and immortality
Submissive to my only king

Daylight is same as torture
Only dark night is my time
Searching for people with their joy of life
Hate - rage - desire

Pregnant woman, beautiful face
In my mind, my work of art begins to prosper
Conversation - take her to my home
Getting to my home, I begin my art

By smashing her to pieces
I hope the portal to the infinite world gets opened
Feeling pain and getting satisfaction
I wish to leave my mortal frame

How can I complete my work
Help me to get out of here

I am the butcher of mankind
I'm the horror of your dreams
In my mind the horror lives
Killing - hunting - pleasure

In my mind the pieces of death begin
To flow together with my earlier works
In rage I try to release my thoughts
And I complete my perverse hall of death

My art: divided brains, mangled bowels
It's unique, but something is missing
I know the missing element
My pain is the way to infinity
Climbing to the top of my work
Praying tribute to him - I complete my work
A flesh from hell into my heart

2. Paradox Reality

Bastard, I know you well
You are, what I create
Born by an evil spell
Forgotten pain, RISING IN ME

Galleries of untamed lust
Blinded by my blackened mind
No one, I could trust
I feel nothing, EXCEPT HATRED

Nightmares almost every day
I lost control of my soul
Trying to forget my lie

I remind my past and see
The dying face killed by myself
The people I murdered appear
In my dreams and fantasies

Visions from an inexact time
Showing the revenge of my mysterious shape
Madness surround my thoughts every day
The resurrection of my avenger has begun

Der Tod ist kein furchbares Geheimnis
Er ist dir und mir wohlbekannt
Er birgt keine undergrьndlichen Geheimnisse
Die den Schlaf eines guten Menschen stören könnten
Wende dein Antlitz nicht von im ab
Füchrte ihn night, denn er ist nicht dein Herr
Auch wenn er immer schneller die entgegeneilt
Nicht dein Herr, sondern ein Diener deines Schöpfers
Der den Tod genauso erschaffen hat wie dich
Und Er, dein Gott, ist das einzige Geheimnis

Lying in my bed I hear a noise
After that a terrifying voice
Realising pain night in my heart
Darkness all around me, see his

Fresh blood runs over my shivering skin
I seize the knife with power from my heart
I try to reach him but how can that be
Nothing's there but I hold the real

Bastard, oh my god, you are so real
Your energy and power I can feel
Agony and pain you mean to me
Your hate is like my hate, you are

I slowly recover my consciousness
And the knife, it is the blade I used
I murdered him with this weapon years ago
Threatening red eyes, he is real again

Creators dark servant is coming nearer
His glittering eyes catch my soul
His burning hand embraces my heart
He's taking me to hell, I get what I deserve

3. Deliverance

In a world of pain and lies
I found no concept, no sense
My mind, always black and dark
Fear is what I feel

Voices - from the other side
Voices - freezing the blood in my veins

Uncounted years have passed by
I'm afraid of all my emotions
On grey walls, the eyes of death
Looking at me, showing only pain

Flying through the times of endless visions
But I won't die
Journey through my thoughts will never end
But I won't die
As I reach the end I see a light
But I won't die
Bleeding me, but it attracts my soul
I will never die

This is my last dream
The deliverance from the torments
Flying to the other side
Into a new doimension

Voices - from the other side
Voices - freezing the blood in my veins

The light begins to fade away
The light that gave me new hope
Crying, screaming, I long the light to return
But complete darkness fills my soul

I begin to understand the voices
And I must die
Whispering my fate into my ear
And I must die
I become one with the darkness
And I must die
I gain my end, I am free

4. Eternal Solar Eclipse

The kingdom of darkness are marked by mankind
Nature can be the mirror of all our evil thoughts
Insanity and murder expressed by thunderstorms
Ligghtnings in the dark accompanied by cold rain

Forests of fear in dark night
The black clouds in front of the moon
Stormy winds are blowing through the trees
Knots break like crushing bones
Howling wolves in the dark
Their glittering eyes like diamonds
Announcing the dark, dead laughter
Appearing at midnight

The kingdoms of darkness are marked by mankind
Nature can be the mirror of all our evil thoughts

I swear that I'm a good man
But dark visions sometimes haunt my mind
Darkness lives in the best of us
But in the worst the darkness already reigns

Mentally deranged by torments of hell
My insanity grows with every torture
Pain in my life until the death
Fuck you in your fucking cunt

The lake of no escape
With its dark, infinite depth
The mist around the lake
It is all over the near swamp
Imprisoned in the infinite depth
You cannot get away from it
Darkness all around you then
You're lost but still alive

In our darkest dreams the past of nature
Is to create pictures of the black, dead visions
Most people give a home to the darkness
But some already give to it a kingdom

5. A Duet Of Thoughts

Reflections of dark shadows
The wintermoon is shining nebulous
Through the grey clouds upon the high mountains
Their shadows lie dark over the lake
New dreams begin to rise in me
I think I'm the only one under the deep sky
Calm winds stroke my hair
Suddenly outlines of black shapes appear of the horizon

They move slowly towards the old dark ruins
Up on one of the high mountains
They march to the rhythm of the night
Along deep caverns

Deep in my mind I wish to return and be grateful
To feel the infinity of the deep sky
I sense the forces that burn deep within me
I am now forever one with myself

The light of the moon of decayed ruins
The shapes begin to build a circle
Around the gloomy ruins
And stillness surrounds the sky around me
My heart begins to pound faster and faster
They look to the bright sky
And blazes appear as the old man
Rises his arms towards the sky

A duet of thoughts in my mind
I feel the presence of God
And natures truthful solitude comes over me
I close my eyes...and dream

6. Prowler

[Originally performed by Iron Maiden]

Walking through the city, looking oh so pretty,
I've just got to find my way.
See the ladies flashing. All there legs and lashes.
I've just got to find my way.

Well you see me crawling through the bushes with it open wide.
What you seeing girl?
Can't you believe that feeling, can't you believe it,
Can't you believe your eyes?
It's the real thing girl.

Got me feeling myself and reeling around,
Got me talking but feel like walking around.
Got me feeling myself and reeling a...
Got me talking but nothing's with me...
Got me feeling myself and reeling around.

7. My Beauty's Embrace

My guest for the gods
Began while my beauty
Was taken away from the earth
And my heart is fulfilled with grave poetry
Screams haunt my sleep
Every night the same nightmares appear
Although the wine of Bacchus
Drugs my brain at night

The moon is shining over the grave
When the mistress of the dead appears in my mind
While it seems that the devil, the dark lord
Is getting me tonight

Always I see (feel) my beauty's face
With tears in her eyes and I feel the icy kiss
On my lips, at the last breath
Comes out of her mouth
The poisoned wine on her breasts
Her dead lips on mine

Before the grave I fall on my knees
And the stormy sky embraces my body
Rain fevours my face
While I see the glittering blade in my hand
Dark angels whisper haunting requiems
As I feel the cold blade strinking my body
I think my nightmares wouldn't end
I'm beaten, I'm close to death

Pain - punish me if you can
Where is the god I searched for
For seconds I scream in pain
But together we will clung in bloody heaven

8. In The Name Of My Blood

I can see the light behind the shadow walls
See the faces of another unknown world
I can feel that my heart is pounding slow
Feel the fear reinforcing my agony

Lost in a sea of nothingness
The force is around and the force is inside
I reach the light and the light reaches me
As the heart in me stops pounding

In the name of my blood I curse my life
Darkness, wild and unturned colours burst within
I spread my twilight wings and fly away
And I feel the infinity of my sense

I see a long cave, the light is far away
I am everywhere, around and inside
I am the one who never wanted to be
I will reborn before I die

The gate - your portal to life
It seems like I can't reach it
I'm eternal, I'm delightful, I'm supreme
Illusions which speak of endless nights come true

In the name of my blood I curse my life
Darkness, wild and unturned colours burst within
I spread my twilight wings and fly away
And I feel the infinity of my sense

9. Days Of Anguish

Never thought I would be the one
Who dreams of you night and day
You chained me against my will
And I can no longer resist

You know you are the only one
Whom I love, you ignore me
There is silence in my heart
When I stay without you

But you left me in my room
Days of anguish begin for me
And I, I got no reason
To live without you
I can't live without you

You're walking alone
Without noticing me
But I hope the day will come
When you will stay by my side

When I leave you without hope
When you turn your face away
Your laughter still burns in me
And I feel frustration

10. Immense Infinity

The life is inscrutable
No one knows the sense of this existence
I, I hate my own life
Of much obscurity and immense infinity
I search for sense in my life
But the search will never end
Beautiful death takes my life
Come to me and set me free

Life what is life, time what is time
Death what is death, to live is to die

For a part of the human race
Is death the only chance
To reach deliverance
What does it really mean?
Paradise of what men tell
Or is it really hell
Time after time I think about
What is life and what is death

11. Gedankenwelt


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