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1. Bloodsucker Part 2

The price of greed is the world you swallow, engulfed by war famine and sorrow
Its still a bloodstained path you follow sucking the world dry and eating it

Can you hear the echo
Hells still calling your name

Hell has not forgotten
The lives that you've claimed

Pain is calling
Hate is calling
Death is calling you

The greed and the fake
Take no time to hesitate
The destruction and corruption
Of innocents through world wars

2. Nothing To Lose

Work work and nothing seems gained mouths to feed bills to pay
Yet our lives hunted like game
Break I break my fucking back
To make the opportunities they want us to lack

BUN DEM I'll make mine
BUN DEM we will survive

This is the land of my birth
London born and straight bred
But Peruvian red flows in me
Flows in my vein my heart and my head
Este sangre latino no me deja perdir

Quando piensan que saben donde terminare
Ya les pase
Tenemos que estar pajinas adelante

Seen my family worked to death
Not even lowed to grab a hard earned breath
And yoots end up well bereaved
To slow us down so we wont succeed

Lagrimas me escapan quandio pienso en mis soldados que no se salvan

No veo la hora que vivimos
Unidos sin la mattansia mas inutil

Este mundo se desase
Y soldados tenemos que estar listo
Que mas podemos perdir
Si no temos nada

3. What? No Blaze?

Perucho soy
End londres vivo oi
Nunca denemos este problema
Quando la hierba no crese mas

Over here happens once a year
Round carnival time its all the same
No ones got nothing to shot
There's no smell of blaze

Po droughts come and mans get vex
Streets are heated too much stress
Police are busy closing shops
While kids still getting stabbed or shot

Yo te amo peru (viva peru!)
Cos you keep the blaze true
If my ends get too dry
Its too you I will fly!

4. Roadworthy

Too much steep roads all forged in deceit
Dirty blood stained history fool only want to repeat
Deceived by those who claim to answer all prayers
When we need and call for them no one ever hears

No way no answer just lies
Clarity clouds deceit I see its me you despise

For all the years and souls lost and wasted
For every falls victory you claim to have tasted
We vowed to stand apart
A strike from my soul and deep from my heart
I want leave you so cold with lacerated marks
The same way you treat us from back in the start

FIRE 'pon the demons
FIRE 'pon all frienemy

Your hollowed feelings and borrowed meanings
Underhanded tactics and sly deceiving
Don't reign round here anymore
New blood souljah's ready for war!

Distract and leave disillusion
Offer connection but never true union
Living lies for far too long
Same played out sad old song
About reaching for a touch of dreams end up crushing them all or so it seems

You cant see through my eyes demon
I can see through your lies frienemy

May not be right it may not be wrong
But these are the words I set too song
Your twisted, and lie to hide the fact
Look everything you despise in the mirror reflects back!

5. Dias Oscuras

Las dias oscuras han regresado
Jente con mente contaminado
Lo veo defrente atraz y allow
Corruptado por gobierno desgraciado

There's no smoke without fire
And your the one who incite the fear
Distractions a plenty to conceal how dirty they live

Puede ser que tanto nos odian
Puede ser que nos quieren matar
Que nos quieren exploitar
A todos sin falta

Strength and passion inspire me
But it hurts to see how love die here on our streets
Child raised by children cos times moved to fast
And some parents were just not built to last

The youth still run wild by what do you expect
When its stone you give when they beg for bread
All lives are at stake from the deceases and weapons man made
They try their ways to manipulate and continue
To take and take

6. Fight It Or Fuck Off

To all the poser's looky-lou's and the fake arse wannabe's
Take your fake smiles tales and sympathy ploys
Lace them taste them fuck it swallow them
Along with the feet in your fat pie hole

What gives you the right to be so thick
True souljahs nah get that privilege
So easy to pretend but in the end
You've gotta learn to be true
Cause we see through you like the bottle that's gonna shatter for true!

Grow up, see reality figure out what your missing
Respect is a two way street truth comes from within

What is your new self proclaimed excuse ?
Nah fuck it who gives a shit
About the childish slurs there's no excuse
For the abuse that you spit
LBU don't give a shit!

If you fight it
If you breathe it
If you live it
It is yours

7. Beg Friend

One day you diss next day you kiss ass
And the lies you spit now roll so fast
Even you yourself start to believe them
So when alone you feel you try to begfriend

Don't want to hear another excuse
You really are blind to the truth
You cant blame your parents or your youth
And you should have really learnt when they broke your tooth

From stage to sound booth you toy with the truth
Like we care about what you try hard to prove
We still in this struggle see the pain and the plight
As outcasts we learned true mental fight
Cause from youth things never turned out right
Enough things go on round here wickeder than before
Don't let things get to your head

Misdirecting cold calculating
Just to cause more futile suffering
Soldados stay fuerte
And we'll live another day con suerte

8. Peruchos Tale

Fears fuelled by media more lies to hide
Who's the most greediest
Killing us for cash like there competing
So there accounts increase while we're depleting

Seems all we can do now is sing another youth buried this week senseless
Are we all so weak to add to the confusion want carve a solution but out future
Looks bleak!

We not involved in no form of two faced reason
No gun, Guinness and weed is our ammunition
We stay smart and avoid go to prison
Never ignorant getting goals accomplished
Don't let it stop you when bridges get demolished
They try dim your shine, we keep it polished!

I have no love to share with frienemy or two faced fake
Cant dilute my thinking with falls figured of how my peoples sinking
But I overstand
I'm in this fight
And for my LBU family I do whats right

System turn cistern stench of rot thickening
To serve as a reminder to never let go
To never allow them to make you run slow
While you put us down I see our goal

Yeah fuck them I only have trust for my brothers and sisters, enough respect!

Neasden to Beckton stockwell to CRO
These are some ends where true souljah's grow
Essex to PA Tounai to Glasgow, Europe to Peru and Puerto Rico


9. 99 Years

I tried to warn you one day this way of life would see you fall
And this world would leave you for dead

And no amount of begging or bleeding come kicking or screaming will find you a
Place in my heard

Death is creeping in the shadows waiting
Weigh me down no more
I'm tearing out all of my pain
To put it back where it belongs

In you.

Your tears could flood this earth and I would drown in them laughing
From this day forward a slave to the curse
Cos my hatred is forever

I'm taking it back no you cant have it
This world is mine
You fucking try to stop me!

10. The Few The Deep

This blood runs deep it numbers few, mi familia is my krutch bless on all BFLBU
I like the pain I like the misery I like this world!!!!!

Cant forget the struggle cos we in it too deep
Wont forget the streets where many souljahs rest in peace
Stand bold with true passion we wont sellout
Music is our weapon for our people we must shout

Bad minds want turn it into battlefield
But we strive to keep the music real
Still fools running there mouth! and end up getting run in the ground!

When will they realise allow corruption and those fucking lies focus on
Building real bonds and ties

To reduce many mums screams and cries more sons and innocents die
Look deep there's more to life

Step back and ask the question
With confusion inside of your mind do you really want die this way?!



Este mundo is getting smaller
Los demonios are getting stronger
And there's nowhere left to hide
Bun dem all for dirty bad minds

We burn them.

Thanks to Sixfeetdeep for sending these lyrics.

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