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1. Brother (Mechanical)

My brother was my machine
I made his heart beat
All the engines, hards and softs
Without them he'd be not
Attract eyes, attract minds
I'm amused and I dance
I feel the god's might inside

Yes. My brother turned me on...
I never shoud let him free
Rebel mind he turned out to be
Wreck! I'll kill it, destroy it, smash it!

I never knew who built me
But I'm o.k., my engines run well
This little bastard -
the brother of mine
He stoped to obey. Is this o.k?
Crashing kicking killing
I should be
Melting bleeding dying
He should be...

You say I'm evil, crazy... maybe
But never dare to argue
My brother needs me
And I know how to fix him
Let me! Don't stop me!
I need this drug again
We both together - forever
I want this world back!

2. Another Level

Get the pain deserved
Always lurking to be seen
Cheap joint is only fun
Never the kind,
never the polite way

The joint gives all the fun
Enjoying to be disliked
Is there another level
to be thrown off?

Another shit to dive in
Another pleasant dive in

A deeper pit
Another level
to be thrown off...

Rising to the madness
Life told to be fine
I'm hiding my real pleasure
You are hiding yours

3. Olympiad

Faster, faster you lazy shit
Inefficient, completely incompetent
A huge swimming star
Is what you become
Not what you are
That's how it works
See the scheme underlined by the master
Move faster flabby bastard

A whip hits that bare ass
Said nothing? Nothing..?
Our plans, our dreams...
How could I've been so blind?
Well, from now on
We are going further
Training, fighting even harder
Nothing matters as much...

Your plans - not mine
Your dreams - not mine

The hundred meters butterfly race
Far from winning again
The only interest in life
Doesn't make sense

At the time you've no defense
Drowning... as the scheme is broken
You - shame of your own master

4. D.C.M.

[Dead Cows Milk]

Shit falls down, down
The time is now...
We should beware the dead cow

She brought us disease
Brought pain, collapse
But the kick we are getting
Comes from the dead cows milk

In a perfect suit
Ties tied, shoes shine
Making war each day
We march with a stoner smile

"Bring the poison!"
our soundless roar
We made it we use it
Let the shit go down!

Perfectly sickened world
And we are fed with its juice
Blindly stomped through
Made the cow more dead.

5. Hair Scoff

Why did you do hara-kiri?
Where you treated bad?
You 0 crook of a scum
Don't you understand?
What kind of a doctor are you?

I'm very well when
I'm very bad
Are you feeling better now?
You psychical shrink.

No, no. When I'm well
I'm vvery bad.

They didn't mind me in police.
They did beat me! What for?
I said to bite his hand of
and that I was introduced to

My father bid me to eat hair
of a cat
But I don't blame him.
That's the fault of 'em all.
You right ones don't know
what's the taste of a cat's hair.
There's no mate
to be found on my body.
All is eaten away.

Why does my stomach ache?
Oh, Lord! How can I serve me
my most beloved food
if the stomach screams?

6. Seminal Salute

Hot increased
Makes legs spread
Oh, touch this barbed baobab
Eager to shoot in sight

My friend you've been waiting for
Oh, soon to be exploding
Awakened for all day long
Highborn, solid meat rig

The bitch stays dry
I'm sky-high
Sick and gone
Off own head

Soon she lies dead
I'm king in her bed
Going for a ride
Runnig deep to hide

A fixed smile on her lips
Awaiting a cold stream of me
Oh, soon to be exploding
Dangerous, non-stop growing

Darling, be ready
For the adhesive shower
Falling down on you
...down on you

7. Pink Noise

Sour light became my pride
...and left with anger
men kissed unfinished bore
Always funny - money cumy!

Sink to nowhere
Act of the dementia
The destroyer is the print
...as the noise is pink!

...Shout -
let me hear your edge
breaking down the voice...
...Loud -
in fact that's not the word
to be allowed

Once I knew how to
pick up the fallen by
brakedown scattered
note of the...

Lullaby for the newborn punk
I'll kiss "the goat" for he's kind
...and leave with anger...
Drop down a dead!

8. Unface

Mortal and actual
Human handwork
Urban landscape
Sphere of killing
Already buried man
Yet preaching dogmas
Loving raping
On hunt for taste pleasure

Like pain that never ends
Sick fighting to defeat
Tomorrow worthless to recall

Set a dream to life
Sick enough to blame some lives
Not knowing a smile
Shame cry undone

Lover, bower
No face to lose
No eyes to close

9. Carnal

It was so dark around that
I couldn't see a thing
Try to switch the light on
Illuminate the mark inside
Doubts' wall close to each other
Inner voices speak to one another
Counter-attack and turning back
Illuminate the chaos inside

A tired staff of a body
Disabled to serve
Brakes further development
The pay-back for false knowledge
Inside the carnal labyrinth
The sweetest dead end
Awaits cold moveless senses
A law court of wrong feeling

As a disharmonic temple
Every exchange to accept
Until unpunished I go
Towards all doomed failures

There isn't any unnecessary matter
Everything seems good and worthy
The more you get the better you feel
Even some voice says - no
Respecting, slaving completely
In disability to refuse
For I need more - much more
The temple is almost fallen.

10. Betons

Domu betons veido sienu
Nespēj domāt patstāvīgi
Nespēj sajust, saprast
Tevi piespiež būt
kas uznāk un pāriet
Nemoki to, kura nav
Nogalini laimīgo,
Pakļaujot viņa nedomu

Sasper, velns,
to, kas ir bez vainas
Ielikts rāmī, atdots tautai
Domu siena - NĒ!
Pašam domāt - JĀ!

Sienā iešņāpts vārds -
Domu siena - NĒ!
Pašam domāt - JĀ!

11. [hidden track]

[screams recorded backwards]

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