Dark Lyrics


1. Collapse

[Brutal Truth]

2. Black Door Mine

[Brutal Truth]

[extra throat noise by Bill Yurkiewicz (EXIT-13) courtesy of Relapse Records]

Idle and silent
Idle and silent
Idle and silent
Burn alone

From time to time one can find
Reason enought to draw the line
Complacency charmes our world's decline
Progress is treason defined
Will you see beyond your black door mine

3. Turn Face

[Brutal Truth]

Act it up all you want
Play your bullshit front
Crawl back to nothing
Turn face, lose your case
No reason, you lose control
No reason, your lies unfold
Burn me
Burn me
Burn me
And I'll fucking burn you

4. Godplayer

[Brutal Truth]

[digerdoo handled by Andy Haas]

Dilution of pain
Bleed incompetent reign
Life throught purity
Humanity maintained
It brings in hope of precious life
Answers agony divine

Push ill-thoughts
Of humanities decline
Finally, system feeds, travesties
Chokes life's inner sancity
Skeptically, you'll see,
Their lives ain't worth a dime

In the end, you and I will never see
Look as one one, upon this blasphemy
If I was you, I'd adjust my sensitivity
Blame or fault, question rationality
In the end, you and I will never see
Pain is small defy your own mortality
Run again, answers will be the same
Open your eyes and see it for what it is

Corporate science destroying lives in the benefit of none
Liberation from the foolish
Cash in cost, rhyme or reason ... no!

5. I See Red

[Brutal Truth]

Slack wish for fancy free
Pluked fromthe money tree
Cash crop for all to see
Shotgun your fantasy
Preordained by destiny
Overwhelmed monopoly
Class act
You'll kiss the bat
Your fault
At last, meets its crack
Bite the roll
Chew your fat
Curse your fowl
Waste of cash...

6. Ironlung

[Brutal Truth]

7. Bite The Hand

[Brutal Truth]

Point down on me
As if you seek
Look to yourself
Think for yourself
For what's to be
Will always be
Why can't you see
Life creates its own decision

Why point at me?
Just say what you got to say
Judging your actions
Conditioned fools will always... pay

8. Ordinary Madness

[Brutal Truth]

9. Media Blitz

[The Germs]

[extra throat noise by Mike Willians (EYEHATEGOD)]
[courtesy of Century Media Records]

10. Judgement

[Brutal Truth]

Hated... time and time again
Force fed, supress senseless fear of difference
True self suppression, hollow dreams of misery

Blind wish to see
Indifference to be

Freedom, expressionless bouts of legislation
True self repression, take a stance of fall to your needs

Corrupt in the system
Laws bent to other needs
God fearing idiocy
Ignore just pleas

Blind wish to see
Indifference to be
Concrete hypocrisy
Weigh heavily

Ruling powers be
Never really free

11. Brain Trust

[Brutal Truth]

Slop earfuls of the moneymaker
Grazed idiocy, words and paper
If only you could understand

Pushed to ofar
Count the days
Broken trust
Count the days
Idle fist break your way

Brain trust trickles down stupidity
Juggling heads of responsibility
If only you could understand

12. Choice Of A New Generation

[Brutal Truth]

Reformation at hand
Our time to stand
Misconceptions are a thing of the past
Enslaved minds give birth to a new generation
Your generation

The myth, a fiction of what you will believe
Lies, corruption, fininaial catastrophe

Legality, the only way

Progressive hemp-minded, call for legality
Ignorant and fearful, rejecting on 13
Their foolish lies will break our backs beyond humanity

Legality the only way

13. Mainliner

[Brutal Truth]

Slit the bein to lost and found
Tie the sickness ingested down
Rush of heat, sippress the pain
Eyes roll, days away
Grasping thoughts connect the does
Crease the gap and fold the mark
Cattle grazed to pass their trick
Boot your brick and bless your next fix

It is all...
Sick desire
Kicks for liars
Fuel for fire
Your head shoved firmly in your ass

Nod out
Right now

14. Displacement

[Brutal Truth]

No more...
Blind falsity
Tears left to see
Fear left in me
Pain inside me head
No more...
Corporate casualities
Progress, myths and lies

Would you, call upon a book of lies
Blame aside, watch you try and rationalize

Push walls to the threshold of pain

Genetics unmatched in the inhuman acts of capitalist fucks
Cashing grants, the majority obvious to pain and suffering,

Would you, fall from grace, desensitize
Crawl inside socially fed mass genocide

Would you, face the truth or capitalize
Falsify, bloodshot cracks in visions eye

15. Crawlspace

[Brutal Truth]

Kevin Sharp - Vocals
Dan Lilker - Basses
Brent 'Gurn' McCarty - Guitars
Rich - Drums

need to control was recorded march 1994 in new york city at baby monster
studios and platinum island studios by steve mcallister and brutal truth
was mixed july 1994 in liverpool at parr street studios by colin richardson
and brutal truth was engineered by zmago smon assisted by dave buchanan
was mastered at precision mastering in hollywood by stephen marcussen

art direction: patrick aquienty
cover art: louis gozik
photography: eddie bartolemei

write to: brutal truth 70a greenwich avenue, #413 new york, ny 10011 usa
send self addressed stamped envelope or international reply coupon for reply

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