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1. Survival or Defeat

2. The Thin Line Between Death and Immortality

This is my last breathe,
Make or break.
There is no other way
I chose the hardest way
I'll give you all I've got
'Cause this is all I've got

This is what you came for

For the first time
I feel that I can do my best
I will fight for what is right,
And I don't want to waste my time

I am afraid of what I'll see,
And I don't know what will happen now
I keep my feet on the ground,
And my hands full of wounds

Give me the strength to carry on,
I think I've lost my way back home.

This is the thin line
Between death
And immortality

No one will break my spirit
Full of hopes, so fear it

But what is life?
I keep asking
Nothing but taking risks
And so much sacrifice

I will carry the weight
No matter what,
And I will demonstrate
That only death
Can stop me now.

3. Hand to Hand

Self-made, self-taught!

Coming from the bottom with hard work!
Fighting together after all!

Coming from the bottom with hard work,
Standing together after all!

Brothers and sisters
Till We Die,
Hand to hand
Walking the line

From the B to the D
I swear I mean these words
And I can't explain
How grateful I'm with you

You gave me all

All I am today
All the progresses we've made
My voice won't shake
To thank you everything
You made for us.

I sleep with one eye open
'Cause treason never sleeps.
This is about commitment,
This is survival or defeat.

Friends are the family that we choose
And our family means everything to us.

You already know who you are,
So let me go straight to the point:

Back to back,
As I told you, like a pack.

This is the family that we chose.

4. Agony Loves Me

I take a look to the past,
All I see is a life of mistakes
It's all I see, a life of regrets.

I turn to salt everyone who loved me,
And I destroyed every heart I met.
You're like ice, I'm like fire,
It's not your fault, it is just mine.

How could I find redemption?
How could I find the way?
Was this just a dream?
Or only sad memories?

Lesson learned,
Never look back again.
I am the one to be blamed,
I've learned to live by myself.

Trapped, I wake up
See through glazed eyes the void
Inside my cold heart,
Shattered voices left in my mind.
I'll keep this strife with my own hands
And face you, until death longs me.

I don't know what will happen when I'll be gone,
When everything comes to an end.
'Cause in the end nobody will remember you.

'Cause in the end
Nobody will remember you.
'Cause in the end
Nobody cares about you.

I still feel you by my side
You're the poison that destroys my mind
There's no cure for the coldest heart
I'd gave my eyes to see what is right.

You know what they say,
That broken hearts never mend

Agony loves me

5. Facta Non Verba

No one gave us nothing, we fight our own
This is the difference between us
You think that is luck, but it's called hard work,
Something that you don't know.

I already know what you think of me,
But I couldn't care less
What is going through your mind,
If this is wrong or this is right.

And I don't mind if you say that I'm true or not,
How long I've been doing this;
If I keep it real, or if what I say is what I feel.

Try to get me down
That's the way I get stronger
Try to get me down
You only make me stronger

So try, to spit,
Your fucking fire against me,
All the shit, on my name,
All talk, cheap talk.

But I don't give a single fuck,
Keep that clear.
I don't give a single fucking fuck
About you.

6. Back in the Game

Keep, keep talking!

I grabbed the snake by his neck,
You have failed us.

These are not illusions,
This is made by facts.

Of all people around me
You've never made a sound.
All you did was wait your time
To put your knife in my back.

You're a waste of life,
You fucking coward.
You may see the throne,
But you will never take it.

What you say,
What you feel,
If you pray,
Won't change your will.

Show me what you try to hide,
I couldn't stop even if I tried.

No pride for you,
Fucking rat.

You can talk, you can talk, we will never stop.
I can't hear you from the bottom we are on the top.
Ask me for permission before you can talk,
Surrounded by snakes, I know I'm on my own.

7. Body.Mind.Soul

8. 武士道 [Bushidō]

In a world of stones and snakes
There are fears to forsake.

I left behind the ropes
That made me weak
I set my spirit free
From all I've known before
My innocence is gone
Who will take care of me?

I'm not afraid to carry the weight of this life
I won't get on my knees anymore,
I will come back and rise from the dark,
'Cause after all there is
No hope for the weak.

'Cause I was born to fight
I am the dog that bites
This war is mine.

Body, mind and soul
I swear I'll never loose control

Honour, courage, respect.

9. Deconstruction

Breathing fire

This world feels like breathing fire
No justice, no fraternity.
This world feels like breathing fire
Inhale, expire.

We will pay for the sins of our fathers,
There's no excuse for being just watchers.

And I wonder what will they think about us
That we knew it all and did nothing about.

So if it's in my hand to create and destroy a new reality

I have to smash all I've known before
And rebuild it from the ashes.

We will wake up and we will stand as one
And we'll scream out: No, I disagree

We will wake up, and we will stand as one
And we will scream out: We don't like you.

There's no hope to survive in a world where chaos reigns


I feel that we are not alone in this fight, it's not just us.

So this is the trial, you'll have to pay, no one can save you.

Watch me stab you

10. Delusional Parasitosis

In a dark room,
I broke all my mirrors
Seven years of bad luck.

How fragile, how innocent,
I am flesh and bones.
A shadow of what I used to be,
If only you could see.

Your toxin goes through my vessels,
And I can smell the pain around me.
I wonder when will everything stop,
I just wanna go home.

I try to remember
When I let you in,
My body is rotting out
I should have fought.

I am my own slave,
This is like a disease.
I made this cage for me,
This cage, 'til hell will freeze

I'd love to resist but I'm just weak.
I pray for forgiveness, I can't see the peak

But if you were enough to fight face to face,
No tricks no mercy, just you and me,
I'll show you what I used to be.

Blinded with fury
I wrote down your name,
This is my death wish,
I'm digging your grave.

"Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer"
[The Godfather II]

I was pure wrath,
I was pure nerve,
One against one,
Just you and me.

11. Echoes

I know that we were born
To die alone,
All the promises are simply gone.

I cried your loss
I swear I cried your loss
Once again I'm on my own

You turn my heart into stone

And now I know
If I'll see you again
My legs will tremble

My mouth will shut
All the words I should've told you

Sometimes I see you
In my dreams and my mind cheats on me

And make me think
About what we lived together

It feels like hell
What we used to call home
You stole my soul
And left flesh and bones
Nothing is the same
Since you've been gone

No one knows the sins I have committed
(Only God can judge me now)
That doesn't matter anymore.

Love is an illusion
And I am dead inside.

12. October Lullaby

It's funny to see how things have changed
I almost have forgot your name
My memory haunt you in the night
And you can't get me off your mind

And you can't get me off your mind

You are nothing but a joke

Things could've gone another way
I gave my heart to please you
But nothing changed

I love to know that you keep talking
That you keep talking on my back
I love to see you suffering
'Cause nothing came as you wanted

But that's just fine, cause I don't care
But that's just fine, cause I don't mind


I should've been a better human being

All my heart, I gave you all my heart
What is mine, I will take
What is mine.

Sometimes I ask to myself
If you were just a waste of time
And maybe that's all, maybe that's all
You were just a waste of time.

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