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1. Yeshua

Yeshua without you there is no life, father messiah into your hands I put my life, lion of the tribe of Judah.

Bloodstained bloodbought my life is yours use me now, father messiah into your hands I put my life, in the name of Yeshua the serpent crushed beneath your feet.

Worthy are you lord, all praise to your name
Yeshua Ya-masheakah, Jehovah I praise your name

2. Issue Of Blood

Marching going off to war, killing everything in sight.
Pestilence as far as the eye can see.
Bondage issue of blood burns.

Plague inherent human waste, bloodshed no one could be saved.
Vengeance upon unholy flesh.
All over an issue of blood

The lord is my helper I will not fear what man can do unto me

The blood of Christ it reigns, my soul will not burn
The blood of Christ it rains, my soul will not burn

3. Son Of Perdition

Flee for your life.
Twist the knife in his back.
What have you done?
Son of perdition!!

Heart filled by hate.
Spawn of the damned you will never see the light.
You sold your soul 30 pieces of rust.
Lies in the night, defiled, holy temple betrayed.
Now let the hunting, the killing begins.

One act of betrayal.
Prophecy unfolded now.
Guilt consumes you worthless soul.
To bite the hand that feeds you.

You will pay.
For your crime.
You sold your soul.


4. Unworthy

Face the pain, ignore this fear, as life fades away, mortality.

Left behind all worldly pride, stench of death exudes on all.
Scarred inside, unwanted by man, this world hates me now.
I no longer choose to run from my fate.

Unworthy ‒ let the blood flow

Unworthy ‒ to follow my lord in his path of death

Unholy ‒ my spirit before he chose me

Redeemed ‒ in spite of my denial of his name

Let the blood flow

Let the blood flow.
Flesh is ripped from bone.
Stare into my dying eyes.
Lord please take me away.

Unworthy ‒ let the blood flow

5. Forever In Flames

Numbered are the days of man.
Wars, rumors of, war.
Plagues, throughout, all lands.
All these precede, his return, the son of man.

Forever in, flames.
Unjust wicked.
Flaws found in all thought to be pure.
Screams, of pain.
I can see them now.
Burning in pain.
Forever in flames.

Last prophecy unfolds before your eyes.
One third of our population, dead, but no one cries.
Light from the sun, smitten, black.
All run and hide from the face of god.

Why do you run?
Why do you hide?

With one voice I am is denied.
The worms that consume your flesh shall never die…

6. Lucifer's Demise

You were perfect in all ways.
Full of knowledge and pride.
Once you walked the garden of god.
Anointed cherub to guard the gate.

Blameless from your day of creation.
Until you were found unclean.

Thrown down to the earth no more will you walk the fiery stones.
Now you deceive the hearts of man.
Lake of fire your eternal home!!!!

Your rebellion is useless.
Your destruction, governments of man.
Armageddon is coming.
Your destruction is at hand!!!

Declaration of war is accepted.
We will triumph by the blood of the lamb…

7. I Bleed

Locked away inside my pain.
One more time my flesh meets blade.
What is this lie?
Why this shame?
I cut, I bleed, but the pain remains.

I long to free your pain.
I long to give you life.
How long will you believe society's lies?
This demon longs to have control.
God has made a way for you to free your soul.

Medical prison, allowing total control.
Enemy inside while my flesh is locked alone.
To free myself I must cut flesh.
I must release this pain, before it takes me to my death.

My name is legion for we are many
In the name of Yeshua.
Father of lies, we rebuke you now.
Take your hands off this woman now, she’s been bought, by his sacrifice.

By his sacrifice…

8. Walls Of Lies

Masquerade, hidden behind lies.
Come and see, all are welcome.
Sit and stare, everything in place.
Trapped and snared.
Become the prey

No liberty, house of wax.
What is this?
Who do you want me to be?

Blinded, truth cannot be seen.
Isolated, desperate for blood.
Final curtain drawn, see the truth, see the light.
Open your eyes

Separated cannot stand, fire dies without breath of life.
Ignite me now let me burn.

Paralyzed from the throat through the lungs.
Gasping for breath, choking on the blood.
Come from behind these curtains of lies.
Breathe life more abundantly.

Tear down these walls of lies.
The heavens are your throne.
Reunite the bride of Christ.
Make in us our home.

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