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1. Mazzetello

Led By a cleargyman to your
place of final occupate
turned facing the crowd the
executioner approaches dressed in black
bloodthirsty audience awaits the mazzatello
to act,coffin,positioned,nearby close to
where the body should land forlorn
family members stand beside on hand
foced to pay the executions expence
the executioner grips the massive mallet
and steps behind out of sight aiming
striking one tremendous blow on top of the
head blood sprays the front rows crashing to
the floor with a shattered skull the audience
expels a malicious roar unconscious in a pool
of blood the executionerslits the throat
answering the crowds screams for more
victim dying,placed in the coffin
removed from the scaffold,blood still draining

2. Judas Cradle

Hanging high above the Inquisitors gathered
below ropes and shackles twitch in anicipation
placed upon the throne designed not for rules
but the sinful wretch
a belt fastened around the waist hoisted over the
cradle and lowered spike fixed under the spine
ropes attached to the feet rocked back and forth
questioned on faith weights shackled to the limbs
intense interrogation,spike set deep within the
flesh reducing the spine to pulp immense pain
fills the body with every tremor of the ropes
raised once again...

3. Trial by Ordeal

Carried from whence you came drawn upon
a hurdle to the place of execution led upon
the blood-soaked platform lying amongst
scattered limbs while beaten mercilessly
children hung by their ankles with throats cut
heads later removed and placed in a cauldron
parboiled for preservation tar sparking and
glowing entrails blazing blood and limbs boiling
bound and gagged awaiting further mutilation
ears removed and nailed to a post butchering
in gods name stomach cut open bowels pulled
out tied with a string heart fastened so the last
breath shall not escape to the trial

4. Tourches of Nero

Sewn into the skin of wolves to be mangled by
savage dogs awakened by the scent of fear
frenzied by the taste of blood disfigured survivours
attemt escape quickly seized to amputate both
feet bound tightly by a rope attached to a post
daubed with pitch and set alight to act as tourches
in the night choking clouds of smoldering flesh serve
as reminder for those who would be next.fire...
bursts into the bones skin drops like melted wax
bowels fall out from the torso combs tear away at
the ribs christians enflamed in Nero?s name tasting
their fires of sin blood flies across the fire filled sky

5. Vivum Excoriari

Set on display for the public to see so they will
know the fate of those who would do wrong relieved
from the torture the wretched body encaged and hung
alive in chains lack of food and water enhancing the
weakened state forced to stand by a neck shackle or
suffocate blistered and burnt from the sun infected
weeping wound insects have found and feed upon
the unprotected body disease has filled to weak to stand
slowly suffocates,body remains displayed while birds
begin removing the flesh bones become brittle from the
hrash elements tar soaked clothing remains on the body
still swaying encaged for one thousand days then removed
and given to the family,the cage prepared for the next guest
hoisted up awaiting a slow death crowds gather to witness
the severely beaten and unwilling participant

6. Lake of the Dead

Searched for the devils mark cord wrenched around the
head chained to the wall of the cell witches bridle forced
inside, prevented from rest a bodkin inserted
hung up by the thumbs burned between the toes
asked of conspirators judgement passed down
taken to the waters edge priests prepare a lost soul
on a quest to cleanse the land
left foot fastened to the right hand strung between
the shore and boat swung and pelted with stones
introduced to the lake
a guilty witch to float retrieved and quickly hanged
an innocent is sure to sink and cleared of past
mistakes,church officials watch for an sign of
pain to prove guilt,murdering allowed by their lord

7. Blood of the Martyr

Wires drawn tightly around the fingers until they become
one solid mass separated again by wedges others sawn
in half bound to the framework with thin cords wrapped
three times around the limbs poles inserted between the
boards gradually turned lines enter the skin
slowly drawing the arms together while coughing up
blood both shoulders dislocated removed while the bones
are reset ribs and sternum fractured losing consciousness
bleeding profusely from the amputation of limbs

8. Gilles De Rais

Luring the unsuspecting young to his private chambers
quickly seized stripped then hung a man of the church
and political power reassuring no harm to silence the cries
of those being sodomized throat slowly cut braguemard
severs the head wallowing in the warmth of the intestines
masturbating upon entrails of the dead removing pieces
adding features previous pleasures litter the floor
disposing of others in public latrines
sex with a headless corpse the violet convulsions
enhancing the experience creating the need for more
bodies hidden under floor boards blood slowly flows from
underneath of secret hidden doors
Gilles De Rais before the courts
families of the victims pray for the release of the
condemned believing him innocent discovery of more
bodies prompt the execution of Gilles De Rais

9. Flow of Maggots

Struck in the back of the head driven by an unquenchable
urge to kill blood flows over the shoulders multiple blows
inflicting mortal wounds left lifeless on the floor placed on
display others set aside filled with immense decay
sacrifices made to a lustful desire bones crushed
blood spilled feverishly oppening the skin unidentified
remains butchered and defiled fermenting flesh
hastens the strench of decay inserting allowing to
multiply the worms break out of skin

10. Bronze Bowl

Denying the crimes of which you?vebeen found
guilty bound hand and foot to the table a mouse
filled bowl overturned on the stomach trapping the
rodents insidea fire placed on top of the container
heating the vermin held within,attempting escape
from the flame burrowing though the skin
every bite intended to remind of the crimes and
false pretense a frenzied feast deep within
executioners witness movement under the skin
abdomen appears to be boiling as the panic filled
creatures enter the intestines spilling out the sides
of the body wracked with pain moving into the chest
cavity a slow devouring of the heart and lungs
Inquisitors smile sadistically listening to the screams
of the guilty

11. Auto De Fa

Burning for blasphemy cries of the dying silenced by
applause in the name of christianity church officials
parading limbless victims through the streets branded
and maimed stripped to the waist wearing only their
garments of shame laughter from the audience grows as
the hanged defecate innards removed slowly to increase
the pain heads beaten with hammers knee cape
pulverized the lungs choked with burning excrement a
celebration of death by witness others hung by
the wrists amputating both legs cauterizing the wounds
with torches

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