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1. Life In Fear

Do you think I'm man
Do you think I'm dog

I want to fell kind
Gait unreal

love is blind
It's a Quiz,
senseless diary of life

Old age

Save your soul
I'll feed it dope
I feel the devils around me
Save your soul
I know he comes
I hear the howling...

2. Do You Know My Name?

Password , you talking now
in the damage
and in the shock
In hell will be the same
I've been there

There's nothing special about it
Do you know my name god
Do you know my name god
Do you know something about my fear
Do you, do you
Do you know my name?

Somebody wants to use you
I am here and I'm so alone
My beautiful friend...he is almost gone
In hell will be the same
we live in hell

And there's nothing special about it
Somebody wants to use you

It isn't depends on you

Always I tried and I've tried so hard
Somebody has destroyed my stubbornness
Let me out
Fuck you bastard!
Why world depends on you
That's fact

Somebody said that the world depends on you
I will tell you something
I know him, he is a liar
He's wrong !

3. Holocaust

What you wanted, now you have
Spit it out
It's boiling time
What you wanted
Where's your grave
I supposed I'm SS man
Knocked down

I'm little mouse coursed by pills naive medicine
And I'm absolutely brave
Burning stove
It's start to heal
Say yeah

I'm the man different kind of knife
Say yeah
This poison makes your stench

Shame on you
Shame on you
I'm running again
Dance in light with me

4. War Is A Blind Falcon

You are the temple of my sun
Your heart is riding over sleepy mountains
I'm trying to live with myself
I woke up , nowhere

Stay away
Touch and bite
Lust is a prison
But war is coming closer

5. Ordinary People

Time is moving around
I'm afraid of emptiness in my eyes
Time is moving around
I can't hear beat of your heart
Ordinary people
Ordinary people
we have to say goodbye

Wind will lash your tears
We have no way to run
I'm standing on the line of life
I don't care where's the flat of your god

Ordinary people
Ordinary people
we have to say goodbye

How I can try to understand you
I am the man, I am the crowd for you
Die by my hand
Destroy another world
What should 1 do to find my soul

6. What Have You Done To Me?

Look out !

Don't talk with stranger
I know you are in the danger
Don't talk to me
I got the plan
But 1 want more
I got the message
I don't care for adore
What happened with my life
And what is for

Hey, what have you done to me
I thought I've altogether known your dreams
I will tell you one thing....

Don't talk to the others
I don't care for the silly brothers
Don't wander with me
I got the plan
Blood craves blood
I got the fixture
I don't care for adore
What happened with my world
And what is for

I know I'm lost my mind
But peace we'll find in grave
And I'm sure all the pain is game

7. Great Escape

Can I
Pray more than you
We are brothers
I've been digging all night long
We have our home on run-down highway
We are the barricade
United in fear
Blackest piece of mind
I'm guilty that's all right
Blackest piece of day
You got the soul
Got the soul
I'm Pissing
And I'm looking at you

But Who cares about that
Except you
Time is the digger
inside your soul

who sometimes barking like your dog
Out of sight
I got my mask

Be my companion on our escape
You got the soul
Hold your soul
I'm the painter
I have a number
Rely on you
You are my predator

I'm a trinket, ticket
That's why you blind
Show me something that I can't find
inside myself
I'm looking for
can't deny
And I won't pay for you anymore

8. Time Is Suffering

Time is suffering I told you
I've found a doom in my daddy's eyes
Feed the world, gun in my hand
Refrigerator without the heart
I want to stop that
Don't stop me
I live in mirror I've filled blood
Several tongues wriggle in my mouth
Overwhelming dreams I can't live without
Time is suffering I said again
You can touch me
But you not accept
I can hide
I can't die
Kill me if you can brother
Fuck me hard if you want doll
I like when you torturing me
You can do everything you desire
You can do it

You're not different to me
But I'm different to you
Love is expensive
Is some kind of passion
That's why you blind after bitter lesson
I can hide
I Can't die

It's pleasant time for death
Happiness is an episode in a lifetime
I'm not sensitive
It's fucking bullshit
Get out of my way!

9. My Dance Said Nothing

I know that I'm lost inside
I've lost my faith


Stay and watch underground
Set me free
In the end

suffering I've prayed
and thousands nightmares
want to capture me alive
this is illusive time
over hills I've painted my face
the enemy equals your mind
where's my mother blessing

walk with me this way

10. You'll Never Need To Lie

You'll never need to lie
Destroy my stupid world
You'll never need to cry
Let me out
I want to pay
To be your whore

Listen, my body is out of control
Freeze me I'm not the chosen one

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