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1. Ingesting Houdini's Belt

dont let the
dont let the buckle break
your unrelenting climb suit case lies what’s inside
projected words from misshaped stories
build a mask to match your own
watch the sheep flock together
strive to be the shepard
tighten the notches of impurity
the top is near don’t pity the truth
kept it in like a jack in
the box
watch the cog on your soul
big smile shake hands with the parasites
watch the cog on your soul
climb the chain don’t slip on the
lucky for that grip you have worked on
will you reach the dream or in the end will it be just a dream wake up

2. Backstroke Through Bermuda

lapping through the shallow
touch and turn on ends
happiness this brings
decline of spine
where to stay tonight
float to feel alright
I just don’t feel right
make a call to fight
fine allude
coach me to my fall
tell me control me teach me
let’s do this together
form a bond to end all bonds one strong hold to lose all grasps
swim away
why I’m still floating
im still floating
now I’ve found the way that pulls me down

3. Sporting A Nevada Tan

I wonder why I did it If I thought and acted properly it wouldn't have happened.
I would like to apologise I saw that drama. I thought I'd do it that way
in class still quiet washed upon a red ocean
now where has she been at lunch time
the bell is in i return to learn
she paid I’m fine I’m right they noticed
now find life
sit down sit down
cut the box open
this way
this to me
how could you write this to me
how could you write
we used to play basketball

4. Iddqd

start kill die continue repeatable
type the code then see
over and over never cease alive deceased
immortality unleash fury
always be
come on surround me
time to win
god mode to be
wipe out
save the world and your self
now that your eternal
chance of risk is none
you have taken away the element
of death now just living on

5. An Incident With A Ball Point Pen

lying here on the couch viewing the blankness
I’m trying to watch TV
but I don’t know what I’m watching
It’s so lonely here
me myself & I reside in the night
I want to sleep but it just won’t come it won’t come
I’m so tired of hurting and being alone
I keep thinking about the pills in the cabinet but I’m scared
My head hurts so much from crying but if I take anything for it I’m scared
I won’t stop and I would want to stop
want to stop
I don’t have any choice in the matter
to make everything
I can’t make it right by living
I’m so scared I want out but oh I don’t know
I’m so cold
please do something
I can’t stand this
empty feeling that I’m having
my head is horrible
stop the pounding hurts so much
I have no control over
anything in my life. I’m breaking into pieces. Somebody do something

6. Billy And The Clonosaurus

this misanthropy grows inside, now it consumes me
lemmings sway and shuffle to the cliffs edge
each one identical, each a unique and beautiful snowflake
contradicting myself now
is this a sign of my acceptance?
as the transparent, carbon copies of life pass by
I question my own existence
conform, conform
life ends one minute at a time, yet it becomes so fulfilling
when your potential comes crashing down
should I join?
is it now time to care?
observing the mass production, of this modern, template for happiness
was there ever such thing as freedom?
did we ever have a choice?
they continue to pull the strings
simply puppets in pantomime
distracted, deceived, and lied to
they transform us all from Billy
into just another, insignificant clonosaurus

7. Alexis Went On A Cruise Around The World And Married A Sultan


8. Dusted Red Lungs

here i lye
dry inside i fight life
myself struggling suffering
exhausted deprived
losing sight
burning up
cant give up now
my soul the pain this canes try
savagely slowly scurrying to exist
hope fades in each harsh sunset
sleep, rise, is this the way that i die
time ticks on will I survive
each breath i choke on the dust in my lung
every step is a mission over and beyond beyond
strain feeling the burn
there is nothing left
pain unrelenting fatigue
i push through the plains with a crooked crawl
scratching at the barren earth
scraping up survival
just another distorted image
a fake hope a unwanted pleasantry
set back the push
becomes the pull
horizons with no end
a platoed view
sparse environment
gripping at the will to live

Adam Taylor ‒ Bass
Simon Goudkamp ‒ Drums, Samples
Craig Taylor ‒ Guitars
Weldon MacDonald ‒ Vocals

Thanks to dyslexicpanda9 for sending these lyrics.

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