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1. Alba Bheadarrach'smire Ga'd Fhaguil Dubh (Intro)

2. Ultraigh Tri Codacht'ruin

[Lyrics by Yoltar / Aed Morban]

[The three battles of Ultraigh]

Slairgh !!!
From beyond the seas we’ll spring out, the Formors, mighty and proud
Slaying and killing the Keltains, to reign on Ultraigh we fight
The fortress TirhGoardch will fall by the flash of our bloody swords

I Caturix the Albiorix’ son am swearing on my Keltain blood
I will avenge the Formors’ betray by repulsing their troops away
We, the heroes of Ultraigh, the mightiest warriors of all lands
Tomorrow we’ll face our doom to fight in honour until the end

Ultraigh will rise,
Ultraigh will rise,
Ultraigh will rise !
Ultraigh will fall !

Woe to the vanquished ! infernal torment
Sealed by fire and steel, a painful destiny
Now it’s time to feast to the glory of our race
To drink in the skulls of the craven Keltains

The first battle was a disaster for the Keltains though it was only the beginning, more battles will follow, more bravehearted warriors will be slain, more women will cry their fallen heroes... the massacre only began

Ull khurnut uln dhomd dian, niur dar iarnaig, ull marbhrathard !
(Our honour we shall defend, avenge by the steel our killed brothers)

[Cairn:] Poor Keltain you’re doomed to death
[Caturix:]: Young virgin dread the battle, here the gais’strach defy you
[Cairn:] Fear my name I am torment, quicker than lightning I stab
[Caturix:]: Feel my hate, sustain my wrath, blood of wolf flows in my veins
[Cairn:] Taste of blood filling my mouth, my blade shreds your scarred bodies
[Caturix:]: Swords in fury are broken, anger embraces my soul
[Cairn:] I crush your skull, your end arrives
[Caturix:]: Wounded to death, I feel my soul escaping me

Prionnsachan Birtoarchg Chaisgriob diancum, fraghaîrna tar’righarduin’cabhal, taichgroach’ienalmaih ull borbaichg... Art’birtainar’parmhaig uln spùrmagaol tnallgaothùn !

[Highlander Leader]
Groachshios’na barrtein’en , ull Gaidhealach’entreun, a’marbh uln naihrm dar tar’iarnaig oir mail’bruin uln... Art’thoirtnar’parmhaig buannaichnra’lùth dar fuachdamsgorr !

[Prince of Bards]
Portêchnara tar nuad’findt ûn Prionnsachan Noirdiché trabhn breitlab, gearradh’nar feola ull sganiardn nu marbhnar’t intuian ull schachdtara... Art’tareign’parmhaig trabhn’Tir Na N’og dar seol’uthua !

[Bodararchand Wizard]
Uln Bodararchand’mhaisruigean’a. Firn’a uln eolas’mînbodarnuag nu tar boil, a’marbhta ull naihrmna dar ordleach’eagalr... Art’losgadhr’parmhaig stamargrùn dar iodh’dorcha !

The ground rumbles under the charge, Titanic clash of countless hordes
Battle frenzy embraces their souls, Feeding the need of massacre

[Bard and Formor]
During three days and three nights, the wrath of Keltains never failed
Dying for their land and freedom, (the) might of Lug filling their heart
Strength of Balor is so terrible, each attack, three hundred burned alive
Change this once fertile country into a swamp of blood

3. The Lamentable Tragedy Of Deirdra

[Lyrics by Yoltar / Aed Morban]

Absurd totems consecrated to the gods of iron and fire ruling our land
Carnage and bloodshed, looting your pleasures and I am your devoted myrmidon
Spreading the blood of my gallant brothers as I feel it flowing on my hands
Weary I am to cut the flesh and I drown our mother under those vermilion tears

I deny you grotesque deities, my broken blade testifies of my wrath
Never will I serve ye again, for thee precious Deirdra my life will be vowed

And thus Cairn chooses his path, betraying his race and gods
Riding the way of heart, renouncing the elder’s law

Gods of War
Omen didn’t lie, The young fool betrayed
His destiny’s traced, Renegades shall die

Will their love be stronger than demise ?
Only gods can decide, Thus they shall be on their guards
Eritrain Drun dichnath… impending armageddon !

Cairn betrayed the law of his ancestors
Cairn betrayed the law of Rylkia the wolf
Cairn betrayed the law of his ancestors
Cairn betrayed the law, his doom is so to cease

Infamous and despotic lords, I deny thee all and your ignominies
Prisoner of my destiny since the dawn of my glorious existence
Ignorant I killed my brothers, saw their boiling blood on my shameful blade
Rylkia, you barbaric deity, may you char in the flames of my wrath !

As Cairn has met his fate, Albiorix treated with the mighty Kran
Betrayer daughter shall perish, captured by her king… father
Controlled by the Kronians, Albiorix goes insane
Requiring Balor's head… against his daughter's life
Will Cairn have the courage to slay Balor the great
To repudiate his race and be forever damned

In fury Cairn decapitates, and rides towards MinAstarach
Three times the head curses his betray and soon Cairn arrives in Ultraigh
But so is doom for Deirdra is slain in front of the Formor in a daze
Kronians' dark designs have succeeded, as Cairn is lost alone with his madness

4. La Complainte De Cairn

[Lyrics by Aed Morban]

Ecoute, écoute la complainte de Cairn le trois fois maudit…
Attendant que le jour se lève, je scrute les ombres de cette nuit éternelle…
Car plus jamais le jour ne se lèvera pour moi
Perdu dans cet océan d’ombres, même la lune se dérobe à mon regard
Pour toi j’ai trahi, par ma faute tu as péri

Banni je suis pour l’éternité, même la mort m’est refusée
Dans cette nuit sans fin j’erre, chaque minute mon supplice grandit
Non, le soleil ne se lèvera plus pour moi, moi qui ai défié les Dieux
Une pâle lumière spectrale éclaire mes pas sur le chemin morbide de ma peine infinie
Les échos sordides de cette voix tant aimée résonnent à mes oreilles meurtries

Alors que les contours flous de ton visage s’estompent dans ma mémoire tourmentée
Ultime supplice d’une malédiction par déjà trop cruelle…
Seul dans ce néant grisâtre je me morfonds
Ame en peine à qui trépas est refusé, éternellement

5. Pride And Malevolence

[Lyrics by Yoltar]

We, Kronians have won the first step of our quest
We are now the masters of the weak keltain land
Albiorix is enslaved, the formors weakened
Therefore it's written Naerg shall be ours

[Bard and Kronian]
Albiorix commited sin - Your people belong to us
The sin of disgrace - Weak race you'll decease

I Hornd, chosen warlord of the formor kingdom
Swear on my blood to avenge the fallen
Gods have spoken, and our blades shall havoc
We will struggle and defend our honour

[Bard and Formor]
Against a mighty coalition - Thousands of Formors died
Remember the Goddess Mother - A war fratricide

Keltain rebels, supporters of peace, longing for the end of the shame
And then an encounter was settled to convince Hornd and set up a break
At night, a formor, brave and tall, arrived to the glade, the hand on the sword
Time has come to bury centuries of carnage.
Formors and Keltains are bounded by… blood !!

Chaos ! We the Kronians are proud to rape and raid them all
Beware ! And forget any morrow 'cose we raised the sword !

Suddenly, a score of Kronians emerged from the darkest woods
They rushed on the Formor, a shadow bodiless, vanish in the fog
Amazed, the ambushed sprang on the betrayer who fought 'til death
Alone in front of an army resolved to ruin the hope of alliance between Keltains and

6. Galeach'tran

7. Bàas In The Underworld

[Lyrics by Yoltar]

This is the story of Bàas and how she descended into the other world
To inquire about the destiny of the Clan

The hillock was covered with dead herbs, burnt by the frost
Beneath this desolate soil, Bàas lay on the altar
Priestess of Badararchand, condemned to sacrifice
Alabaster skin torn apart, gate to the underworld

Oh Mar Macha preserve her soul !
Ancient Ceremonial

Long time had passed and Bàas finally opened her eyes
With her blade engraved with oghams she went out of the hillock
Now the landscape was a sinister moor, beaten by the winds
Courageous Bàas advanced randomly in this dull desolation

Time seemed suspended but after a while Bàas heard a sound
The song of a merry bard

Aggravated by this behavior Bàas mutilated the bard
And continued to wander in this glaucous landscape
She saw a decayed village where one sang and feasted in honor of Mar Macha

But their bowls were full of gravels and they drank earthy dirty water
Were they all insane to banquet in misery ? Ultimate offence to the mighty goddess
Bàas could no longer support this sacrilege, exterminated them without resistance
Roaming the timeless and sinister land she ended at the doors of an ebony castle

Exhausted, she entered the dungeon
There was standing a woman in a white shroud, so cold
An eerie light shined from this spectral being in the hall
That could not be Mar, so deprived of might
Bàas held up her weapon and bored the incarnation
Then Mar Macha appeared and fell in tears and sobbing
Once Kran’s spell broken, time has come to have the revenge

8. Righ'beern

[Lyrics by Yoltar]

When the Fights have been hard, when ennemies are vanquished
When the Land have been won, then the time has come to feast

May this elixir give us the strength and the courage
To fight and destroy betrayers under the sign of the Mighty Bran
We will raise the mug and we will feast until the dawn
And the glory of fathers, to the honour of our Land !

Come on warbrothers, let's gather and be proud
For we get massive power through brotherhood and pride
From beyond the darkest woods come in and slake your thirst
The Beern will flow in torrents for tonight we triumph !

Aed Morban ‒ Drums, Bodhran, Percussion
Yoltar ‒ Vocals
Brennus ‒ Guitars (electric & acoustic)
Fir Doirtche ‒ Guitars (electric & acoustic), Choirs
Taliesin ‒ Bass, Choirs
Erwan ‒ Bagpipes
Vincent ‒ Bombarde

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