Dark Lyrics


1. Highs Without Lows

[ the experience of life shows different ways...]
[sometimes up... sometimes down]

when you told me that i've been here before
can't remember, can't say much more
can't resist the call and hide my reality
our diefferent thoughts my blurred imagery
don't know why i and what i'm waiting for
i should belive and not ignore
a perfect foil to try and understand,
not to give up, not a helpless end

as long as i'm comin' through
you leave me confused
i've been hurt this way before
you can't bring me down no more

when evreything's out of my mind
out of what was left behind
i would have liked to say i know
cause no one has the hights without lows

now i'm leaving for and passing out the blame
i'm sick of being down, it's time to be the same
the cutting silence thats every thing i hear
all alone but my pain won't disappear
and my trust in all the words to say
will never make a difference anyway
and the time has now come to do me wrong,
may someone else ask you what you've done

here i am to save my soul
not to be just left behind
deranged not lose control
it will ease my mind

2. Doorway To Survive

[use your head and think before you speak!]
[discover the fear... alter you aggresseions!]

every word that you say, every lie i can hear
every moment of weakness you do
tell me why you are here and what's meant to be
will be discovered by your enemy

my time has almost come to rise
to open up your mind

turn into the fire, the truth will be heard
enlighten the black of your soul
to light up the spirit and keep you alive,
this is the doorway to survive

what ever happens, tell me who's to blame?
no hope but my questions will remain
ignored by the system, no truth comes about
i'm falling in fear again

up from the unknown, i'm here to rise
but there's not much time...

3. The Leading

[don't fall into error, beresy, and atheism]
[and don't allow anyone to abandon to commit]
[murderous wars and massacres]

betray your friends and regret your life
for all the words you said
you pull my string and cut the line
around my head
you fingertips will burn my soul
and reflect my life, i'll raise my hands against you
all my longing to survive

i'll go as far as you want me to now and forever
as the smoke pours down on you

leading on me, when emotions all have left my
.. leading voirces, and why are we here
as i'm leading a dream with all the memories in my mind
.. leading voices, so why are we here?

another faith i'll find me in
after facing all my fears
your pride turns into a deadly sin
as the dream appears

religions i used to know now and forever
things we shared so long ago
now here i am, i won't be found
cause i got no religion
don't turn your face down to the ground
whatever believe, as now we are free
somehow slow revovery
release yourself ... for immortality

4. Nunca Nos Rendimos

[ - racial divide... racial reconciliation - ]

Inside a dream where no one can see
shifting the shadwos from my own memories
same quilt behind an imitation
just take your troubles as they come
but can't escape why did we get it wrong
a twist of fate, same black situation

it causes me pain, same blodd in our veins
but they won't hide as parts of me have died

why do we ignore the words
the price to not be heard
a circle, more or less
nunca nos rendimos, aqui estamos otra vez!!

close to the flames, just seems like hell
faicing the truth not the answers they sell
don't let us fall back, you can't bring me down

apathy kills anger its disturbing the peace
try not to be quiet, destroy the disease
it's all in you plight, it's all you should know

get out of the way, the clouds in your mind
just make a change and banish the blind

5. Fading

[the invaluable pride ... swatted by the shine of their coins! Corruption! Handle the truth!]

the leading to where no one has nothing to say
whenever you'll be gone tommorrow but here today
you've never been the one i always wanted you to be
alive inside your dreams but haunted by a fantasy

wasting so much time with you
your breath it reeks of sin
saving everyone i once knew

you hear a sound of laughter is fading slow
fade in a world, all you see, more than what you know
when all your tears and laughter are coming through
beyond the truth, but still there's nothing left to do

start thinkin'for yourself with dignity and pride
you better try and learn the thoughts you can't hide
in search for what is known but still it feals lik the same
you better quest the answers before you place the blame

echoed dreams of all your fears
leave this world behind, where nothing real appears

like voices from the dead at home
my wolrd of dreams was never meant for anyone

6. The Trinity Of Lust: Shiva's Tears

[- Long ago... what has been said by honour, is exceedingly conducive to my welfare. Abandoning all pleasure, the lofty-minded dauther preformed the propitiation by means of profound meditation. On hearing these words, she pondered over me mentally... and so the story goes... (the skanda purana)]

One million miles i'm walking, one million miles away
and still you hear me talkin,
full of doubt on a painful way
i'm not a fortune teller nor support the monarchy
i'm setting up the situation to destroy my scenery
take all the trouble with me, more than i can afford,
anscrewed and full of laughter, as qirija speaks the word

oh well i don't know, whatever i'll see...

come slowly, won't you look at me instead
depressed and lonely, listen to what shiva said
taste the falvour of a hundred million tears
i stare into her eyes
crimes the hide since thousand years

as now my live is shifted, i crawl on holy ground
my blodd and soul are god gifted,
made me lokkin'in from the out
still i hear their voices singing,
gliding sounds from the left to right,
i try to close my eyes,
but can't get her out of my sight
i know this place is haunted
this temple of tears
this lust i always wanted
beautiful and lustful fears,...
and still i dont know where do i go

7. The Trinity Of Lust: Fornever

as the white in my eyes turns black today,
whatever it makes me blind
what took me so far away,
there's no one by my side
help me, i'm searching for some qlistering worlds
as darkness rears my head
you think i'm a drifter but i'm chasing my dreams
as satin covers the head

i'm touched by the magic... as she's moving fast
can't miss her laughter behind satin mask

where gold made you learn to treat me like that
my heartbeat feels like a knife in the back
your fingernails are painted red
scratched by a demon from toe to head
now and forever...

as you seemed to care, you stab me in the back,
all i hope is to survive
so how do i feel as i make the worst mistake of my life
i'm touched by your lips, while you hold me down
as we're here for hours
inside the steam, it's not what it seems,
as i lay in between campaka flowers

how can i ever .. get up off the ground
feels like everything comes crashing down

8. The Trinity Of Lust: Soul Temptation

Slowly falling, slipping down, but i don't hit the ground
still my soul is a slave to to the cozen sound
the benefactor of the worlds, his daughter, just so frail
in a room of tragedy, illusions to unveil
the trident-hearing lord of lies, appears in diefferent ray
his sword of light reflects her delightful face
not to disregard myself, discharge my enemy
it manifests in different slaveries

and as the wind blows in cold inside the room
her angel wings now keenly hurt me too
blood on my hands, a painful legacy
a foresight might, a magic enemy

but i can't hide myself this way
she looked at me and slipped away

when you hear me with all the brightness you've been told
when you fear me sharp as a razor with a heard of gold
when you feel me, strange and beautiful and pain,
when you... fear my ...
soul temptation on and on again...

blood rains from heaven now, with every word she says
but she won't turn her angel eyes again my way
it's reeling in my bones, as darkness is released
as my tears will drift me out,
more than i can't believe

a fierce revenge on you, abanding all my shame
you'll never hurt me so, never do the same
i'll try to wahs away my pain, my spirit, flesh and bone
as teardrops are falling one by one

let me do it... alluring prophecies
my inner fear of this divine obscurity
all the whispers, my soul will ever harm
from a whisper... into the dawn

i'll never thought i'd rest my life
as skanda rules my health and pride

9. Dying Outside

[- Social isolation -]

i always have fantastic plans no matter what to do
i hide my fears and leave you here
as rain falls down on you
do you believe and don't you know
the way it's always been
i realize that you don't care
about the hate i've ever seen

so hard to bear with you not there
but really no one seems to care

something inside is dying outside
flicker on a screen, unsure of what it means
something inside is dying outside
make it to the end and never try to befriend

i wake up in a desert land, i hold my head down deep
with all my inner sufferings i'll never fall asleep
this heart of mine, tortured in dreams,
too much to stay awake
the scars of fate, i lost my faith
its more than i can take

you struggle just to stay alive
but only the strongest will survive
as really no one seems to care
your fate will meet you everywhere

10. To The Head

[- anonym faces behind technical walls... weak identities... too easy, too strange... too faceless! -]

i don't need to state of mind
don't need no provocation
something deep inside of me, i call it liberation
as i know the thing i've done, so scared to be afraid
silent baiting, will you be there when i awake

ashamed is how i feel,
never used some words to steal

my fingers to the head, like i'm nailed on my skin
fingers to the... shattered dreams, escaped within

pus me down and watch me bleed
for your sadistic need, in ervery second you don't care
i will destroy your violent seed

behind the key pad there you hide your weak identity
with every single word you type your strange philosophy

have faith in me, my failures will never be...
not innocent no more, listen now to what i'm fighting for

11. Rising

[- to antagonize violence in the neighbourhood active -]

Where no one hears your whisper
and no one knows your name
my eyes to hear, my tongue to see to feel again the same
the cause of life don't trust another outstretched hand
challenged dreams, fear of hope you try to understand

when you're dreaming you're not sleeping,
but never had a choice
pay the price, the fear within, the absence of voice

The sun is rising, estranged but i can crawl
the sun is rising, with my back against the wall
release my soul and mystify to fight my violent lies
betray you to your enemies because of your immoral life
i know you thought i'd turn away,
have nothing left to say
my blessings and the things you hide, it happens anyway

do you regret and think about the point of no return
words not to be ignored
from history we should have learned

12. Amarillo

[limited edition bous track]

[originally performed by Tony Chrisie as "Is this the way to amarillo"]
[written by Howard Greenfield & Neil Sedaka (EMI Songs Musikverlag & Sony/ATV Music)]

Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala

When the day is dawningon a Texas Sunday morning
how I long to be there
with Marie who's waiting for me there
every lonely city where I hang my hat
ain't as half as pretty as where my baby's at

Is this the way to Amarillo
every night I've been hugging my pillow
dreaming dreams of Amarillo and sweet Marie who waits for me
show me the way to Amarillo
I've been weeping like a willow
crying over Amarillo
and sweet Marie who waits for me

Sha la la lala lalala Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala and Marie who waits for me

There's a church bell ringing
hear the song of joy that it's singing
for the sweet Maria and the guy who's coming to see her
just beyond the highway, there's an open plain
and it keeps me going through the wind and rain

Is this the way to Amarillo
every night I've been hugging my pillow
dreaming dreams of Amarillo and sweet Marie who waits for me
show me the way to Amarillo
I've been weeping like a willow
crying over Amarillo
and sweet Marie who waits for me

Sha la la lala lalala Sha la la lala lalala
Sha la la lala lalala and Marie who waits for me

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