Dark Lyrics


1. The World To See

this is the moment that takes the pain away
your faith remains unbroken, no matter what they say
bring light into the darkness, see the world through different eyes
like night and day your life will change when our worlds collide

they always knew just what to say
don't let the truth now be the one that you have to pay
open your eyes and take a look around
you better pick yourself up off the ground

these casting shadows are hunting you and me
we close our eyes but want the world to see
inside the shadow and every night and dream
we close our eyes but want the world to see

you've realised they speak in tongues, whom are they talking to?
play dead, never speak, that's what you like to do
meanwhile you hold me close - I can't explain just why
somewhere along this life we both have died inside

I don't expect them to apologize
you better stand with me or stand aside
are you free enough to never breathe again
pick up ourselves and throw away our soulless skin

2. How Much Can You Take

oh I know you're not so easy to find
I never thought that life could be so unkind
I tried to reach you, pick you up again
but you're far beyond the reach of my helping hands

one step closer to the promised land
one step ahead, your false religion is a liar again
rule the game and life becomes a lullaby
while you choose your time... you choose your time to die

why I can't see the future, can't remember your name
how much more of this... how much can you take

even if you walked across the line
even if you told yourself another million lies
insides are wracked like a broken dream
you always find the words they will quiet me

lost within your mind it haunts you for so long
can't rewrite the past, integrity has gone
say it's your will to live forever
it's all the time you have it's now or never

3. We Are...

Will we ever get this dose again?
Will we really ever understand?

The flames are rising from the past
The night will leave my friend

Now wash away the thoughts inside
And say the words you never said
Release no anger,
You're cleansing my soul, my body and head

Oh, it's way too hard to see
What you hide inside
I had to burn your soul complete
To make you stay straight up the line

We are the ones to save your tears
We are
We are
We are the ones to hold your fears
We are
We are

Oh, yes, we are

Look now what we've become
I'm making you know that I'm no master
Life ain't really what it seems
When dreams are turning into a disaster

Everything's changing, everything's lost
On the path you take
The picture's clear, we both got to change
As there's no meaning in these words of hate

We'll keep our own integrity
Their smile's nothing but teeth
We don't have to burn our souls
To stay straight up the line

We are the ones to save your tears
We are
We are
We are the ones to hold your fears
We are
We are

Oh, it's way too hard to see
What you hide inside
I had to burn your soul complete
To make you stay straight up the line

We are the ones to save your tears
We are
We are
We are the ones to hold your fears
We are
We are

Oh, yes, we are

4. Where Angels Dream

you can carve your name on the edge of time, but noone can see
in a world that never sleeps you hide like you wanted it to be;
with all the memories from the past, you can forgive but cant forget
silhouettes full of tragedy, like an fire burns your head

oh, no you can't let go, you'd like to be alone
fighting memories on your own...

as I used to believe in holding onto my dreams
as the shadows are closing in, you seek the truth within
where angels fear to dream, you seek the truth within

I follow you now to the darker side, you walk the line
as long as blood runs through your veins, can't wait until you're mine
all you've lost and all you've won, here you stand alone
as I kneel beside you here, your face turns into stone...

oh, now I'm crying all your tears while you cry mine
we'll fly to the other side...

5. Scary Creatures

Drowned dead and deep
occult splendour revealed
darkly curtained halls
where we retain a custom old
shadows appear and fall
only darkness can filter through
we're staring into the creatures eyes
this feeling can't avoid you

it's the same old story again, a poetry of fear
the host is calling my name, brings me from laughter to tears...

voices appear inside my brain
I hear they try to reach us
voices approve I can't relate
the presence of scary creatures
it's calling me my misery
fading trust evermore
the curtain falls but this time
hell had come to your door
they lied and cheated
and took me for a fool beyond compare
play god, an act full of lies
now bathed in the dark as the embers flare

6. Twisted Ways

what is the reason why I'm losing sleep
what is the reason why I cant find my peace
got lost adrift in the dark for far too long
now my mind plays tricks but I go along

drift into another space and time
I'll back it up and make it real but darkness is divine
all what comes back is the result of my truth
violence is all around, hurting me and you

these voices and echoes in my head
still screaming out my name, but I try to seal my fate...

I woke up but I'm feeling fine
surrounded by the rays of light
these twisted ways you cannot see
I know I will succeed
... in a twisted way

it feels like minutes turning into hours
when it comes to me it takes me by surprise
some pass away but my journey goes on
this is what and where I'm coming from

all the years I spent to break out of this
so hold my hands to give me all I missed
pull my strings or I will fall
now I know that I'm surrounded by walls

these quests for answers in my head
feels like standing in the pouring rain
the awareness I was never born too late...

7. Caressed By The Blackness

you promised me to show me the way
while selling my dreams for better days
burn my thoughts as they can change my mind
it always seems that I've been so blind

what is left for the times that I have
what is forward for looking to
and so I wander into the black
but I'm never coming back

caressed by the edge of time
but my fate has been revealed
in the blackness of my mind
there's no need to heed my appeals

how could I ever be so wrong
my life is gone but I am none
all those times they turned away
but now I know I should have stayed

what is left for the times that I have
is it worth with no regrets
how do I think I will survive
with no angel by my side

8. Scars In Your Eyes

your mind is racing to no end
leaving no traces, your intuition to defend
your time on earth is barely a blink
now you're breathing faster as the walls are closing in

endure the pain I'm giving you slow
in desperation we make moves but never know
the cold wind blows out the flame
now darkness surrounds us again

I can see the scars in your eyes
around the earth I can hear you cry
I can see the scars in your eyes
your fortune and fear has come alive

you try to understand why I spread the fear
I'm flowing through your veins, watch me disappear
all I know is I wish this could end
rips me apart, can't stand these voices in my head

endure the pain I'm giving you slow
keep the flame alive, my strength still grows
there's no escape, no compromise
now you know who am I

9. Take Me To The Never

somewhere in the darkness when your mind begins to fall
there only is silence in your memory, your destiny revealed
the line of life, pushed away, you're not heaven sent
your body freezes, your lips are cold
while you're looking towards the end

I say... if you could live forever
be the fool who never lies
this is tearing up your soul
you dare to see through my eyes ... you say

take me to this life, take me to the never
in my dreams, you belong to me
and I know, it's you and me forever
all your tears will never lie, hey

something in the back of your mind haunts you 'til you brake the chain
the passion of life and loneliness will free you of all your pain
but in your mirror there is a reflection, there's a secret that you keep
no way to tell if it's deception, no guarantee for your believes.

I say... now you got this far
it took enough to make you mine
all my lessons were no help at all
passed me by so many times

10. Sky Among The Clouds

no more will you wake up feeling low
no more reasons why you can't let go
do you lose your own serenity
as now everyone hates you because of me...

all the weight that you felt before
it's nothing new comin' through you door
now you know I'll use it for my gain
no resurrection but I'll stay the same...

but as the time seems right
I will guide you out of the light

among the clouds, I turn around
the sky above is what I found
where clouds cover the land
soon the sun will shine again
open your mind and realize
until it's right before your eyes

you'll leave behind all the hurt
but still the silence always burns
I will despise you because of me
burn your eyes and watch you bleed

puppets and demons, you in between
singing praise to those never been seen
behind the curtain, we'll meet someday
one more betrayal, life slips away

inside your mind and skin
there is this nightmare deep within

11. Lift Your Eyes To See

Andy B. Franck: Vocals (lead)
Dieter Bernert: Drums
Milan Loncaric: Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Torsten Ihlenfeld: Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Antonio Ieva: Bass

Thanks to jbmcnaughton15 for sending track #10 lyrics.

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