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1. Forsake What I Believed

Behind a velvet curtain, behind the sea of dreams
You hide me underneath your guiding wings
The dark will seep into my life, feels like a vision to the blind
So it will never be the same again
I lose my soul and waste my life to find the truth about
Why I must die, I reached the point of no return
Memories and choices I defend will follow me into the end
Forsake what I believed, deny what I have learned
And my soul will burn
Forsake what I believe, strain from another world
The weakness in me hurts
For this inner reason, for all the wealth I've sold
You'll remove all doubts from my soul
I'm not afflicted anymore, ask myself what I'm dying for
Do you dare to watch my dreams tonight
Life shined so bright once in my eyes, in agony I wish to rise
Until the end I'll stand my ground
Like a memory from a spark my hope's now glowing in the dark
Through all my painful years, on my journey to the end
I'll catch and kiss your tears, so I'll rise again

2. Shiver

This is my getaway from all the things you've done
'cause you let me fall astray
For all the sorrow that I see the purpose is all gone
And you think there's nothing left to say
We should have done things differently
But different worlds always collide in me
I'm running out of nowhere
There's nowhere left to hide
I'm on my way to nowhere, it's me against you all
I shiver down your spine
When you lose your mask tonight
You tried to pull the strings of my memory
And tried to break my walls in two
Keeping you from getting in, no word that I can say
...I can't explain all you put me enough
I'm drowning with you by my side
The pain of mine just tears me down inside

3. The Conjuction Of 7 Planets

At the fairly end of time the prophets have one thing in mind
The 'anti-Christ' will ensure their demise
Divination or prophecy through reading signs in history
The portents of the sky our last devise
He rules the earth like god or king, religious worldwide following
And brings down the birth of a new breed
It's the lack of our morality, the loss of love and sanity
The answer to all the fears we seed
At this time there's some belief
That the anti-Christ may has been born in '62 but far away
The perfect time on a perfect day we were torn
There'll be a time coming when we will lose our lives
There'll be no hope or sin
When redemption comes from god within
Each religion, in its own way, has foretold the coming of a great
saviour and pleasures for their souls
With not a single trace of sin, god disappeared
And enslaved the king that's what they have been told
The revelation of the world, prepare yourself for the worst
No need to flee from the lies
We've lost compassion for the poor
The reason what we're living for
A cultured way of suicide
Signs of extinction everywhere, in 2012 a new despair, a mortal fear
Behold and learn the truth about these prophecies
They're preached around the world

4. Cross The Line

My head is pounding my flesh's getting weak
I'm hiding my pleasures behind
Burnt out like a dead religion
My heart is aching as you crush my pride
I'm torn between love and hate
And victimized my soul
The sky turns grey as blood runs dry
So I did what I had to do
Refused to believe, only a precious lie
The will to survive, we embody the demise
There's no shelter for my sins
There's no way to leave behind
The fear to cross the line
There's no shadow as I pass
There's no mountain I must climb
Only the fear to cross the line
This is where my path leads me
I'm bonded and tied up like a slave
God may forgive or god may save
Devour the soul that's guilty
Sorrow turns to hate, you seal my fate
The thoughts of perfection enslaved
The truth remains to guide the way
These blessings won't take away
The presence of evil, the source of all fears
I swallow the pride that remains throughout the years

5. Nailed Down Dreams

Can you take me to heaven, I'm naked in my misery
It's only one last breath and one last dream away
And can you ever release me, can you ever free my soul
For all the tears my friends will cry, a single tear for every lie
You've locked our hopes away
Some lost their pride under your sway
But in this void of social care we're lost everywhere
Embrace your dreams, thrives on defeat
It's all we do cause all we can't see
Reveal your soul, they're running out of steam
These are your nailed down dreams
So many souls you have broken
You've taken all our dignity
Draining out my hopes and call it "terror" on the screen
All is left and unspoken, retribution from your hand
I won't be the only one who's lost
They'll bury me on this barren land
Unheard so they don't care, we're lost everywhere

6. Blood Still Stains

In a world not far away, the evil seems to be alive
See people rotting through the streets
You fight to save your life
You've been socialized for many years
Now you have to face the truth
For those who care, a reason to despair
If you can't see, there's nothing left in there
There's no need to fear life
As blood runs through your veins
Where killing is a suicide
And your soul remains
...The bloodstill stains
Like the idols show on our TV
That's something you don't care
Controlled by fear and tragedy
The wealth isn't really there
Life feels so strange, so much to be discovered
It never helps - you realized - to hurt another

7. Ahimsa

Many souls around the world
Live the ideals of compassion
It's gentleness and non-injuring
A life of fate and passion
On sacred ground, their souls revealed
Protected by a father, taught by a philosophy
Of non difference of self and other
What they have done to others will be done to them
It's their great desire not to suffer again
Ahimsa, for good and evil, friends not enemies
Ahimsa, one god one devil, my belief is a sacrilege
Ahimsa, I wonder why and how to realize
Ahimsa, share the dream, souls will survive
They bring the freedom to their homes
They rule their own domain
They try to live a harmless life
So we are still the same
Released and lost in a previous life
Resolved just in their minds
On a trip through time and space
They try to change our lives
What we should learn and what we're supposed to do
Is to free our minds to let the dream come true
Belief in karma and reincarnate your soul
And teach the world there's peace at all

8. The Final Stages Of Decay

One step and all comes down
Each breath feels like the last
Wrap my mind, you steal my soul
My complete relief, life takes its toll
Don't ever let it get me down
When my feelings slowly burn
So quietly I walked away
My breakin' down reality
I never thought this would be how I die
I'm torn apart but in you, I confide
If this is where I'm supposed to be
My eyes will perceive...
...the final stages of decay
Cause everything that gets in my way
Will be lost and gone
My strength provides relief
Without fear I'll turn around
Strange faces that do surround me
Want me to be what I want them to see
Days disappear all at once
I'm breathing on my own
Wake me up from my undead dread
I'm glad that I haven't lost my head
I'm just a stranger to the scene
Give me the faith and I'll believe
This is not where I'm supposed to be
There's no last embrace, no sanctuary...
I never thought I would laugh again
My smile has decayed as I embraced the dead
My helpless soul is drowning in pain
The more I loathe, the more love I shed

9. Victim

You can't see the scars I had
Resurrect but not undead
Blessed by an immortal love
I can breathe the air above
You fall asleep but need no rest
just stay awake to take a test
You say it right but speak no word
The loudest silence I've ever heard
You share the grace to be my god
And justify every single shot
Scared me to death by night and day
But no regrets in many ways
Your face is blank, no need to speak
It hurts me blind, but no one seeks
My body's drenched in cold sweat
Fear surrounds my soul, fear surrounds my head
Now walk the line, and keep it true
Nothing here and no one there will face the truth
It's not what you say, it's what you do
There's more in life than we can say it's what the people hear...
I know the answer but no one sees
Will you ever know just what I mean
I need to feel that I'm alive, can't take my breath
Don't be a victim to a world that divides
You enslave a lonely soul
Unleash the greatest gift of all
Is this your blessing or a mistake
No regrets and nothing to take
You figure out my confidence
To take the arm and cut off the hands
Smile to me in my mortal fright
A sinner's harm, the saint's delight
This loss of life, you're not to blame
Nothing here and there will ever be the same
It's not when you cry or when you sleep
There's life to live, a world to save, there's life to keep

10. When No One Cares

I'm out trippin' the system
I'm lookin' down where you dwell
How many times I count you out and
How many times your world comes crashing down?
Accepting, denying the fear you were lying
Unaware of the plans I had made
Threads are broken, the promises taken
You're losin' your pride and I'll keep you alive
But no one knows or seems to care
I grow strong and breathe the same air
The answers there for all to see
But you're suffering within your false belief
You're in, now you have to face
Now we're together by a fall from grace
Enchanting words, dreams denied
Whatever I find, you appear on my mind
Accepting, denying the fear you were lying
Without words you accept my life
Threads are broken, the promises taken
Times we shared, time to survive

11. Would You

It's when I hear the prophets call
It's my decision to be free
I know it doesn't go away
Still can't believe what you say
I drag myself through all my dreams
While I'm reflecting on the past
Struggling to reach the end of line
To cross the blackside of mankind
What do you expect me to be
A stranger who learns to hate
Beyond the mist of my memories
I'm blind and without fate
Would you see me, would you care
Would you take away my fears
Would you leave me, would you lie
Would you stand by me side by side
You seek confusion everywhere
The living proof of what can be
Finding it harder now to breathe
Onto a place where thoughts are free
So there is nowhere else to go
And there's no reason to resist
No god or master has built your brain
Drowning my soul and ease my pain
Can you tell what's inside of me
I'm too weak to fight my own
When faith and fear has closed on me
My existence depends on

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