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1. Nails In My Hands

You are a liar, you've let me down again
I don't believe you anymore
your friendship was a lie
I've never felt so low
Nails in my hands
You have betrayed me, you've crucified my soul
I'll never trust you anymore
I know what Jesus felt
seems like I feel the same
Nails in my hands

2. King Of Fools

What kind of thrill are you looking for
you say you've got a reason to uncover your soul
you better not tell me you don't feel your shame
too many people now know your name
you sacrifice your secrets to the masses
I guess you're not the only one
Another time, another place
Another fool, another face
Another rat race
Let the show begin, when the puppets dance
King of fools, King for a day
What kind of mind are you living in
moving like a train into a big black hole
I know you think you're born to be a star
but when it's over, you will be the same
still got the problems, still got the pain
don't you know it's a liar's game

3. Innocent Until Caught

I had everything
it never was enough for me
to be free
I ride the wings of destiny
breaking all the rules
I have to set my spirit free
I'm gonna show you what I need
Seems like it's just another game
escape from nowhere
I'm making other people bleed
just for the thrill
Innocent, innocent,
innocent until caught
I'm like a renegade
I broke the chains of innocence
on the run
I've sacrificed my blood for free
time to free my soul
you won't chain my will again
I'm gonna show you what I mean
Feels like an endless odyssey
out of the shadows
what they gave is what they got
I'm bound to lose
Breaking all the rules
I had to set my spirit free
now I'm free
now time is running out for me
my blood runs cold
I feel no shame for all my sins
and now I'm gone my soul is free
Seemed like it's just another game
I escaped from nowhere
I ride the wind across the sky
no more pain

4. The Other Side

I'm on the road to nowhere
don't know what is waiting there for me
somewhere I see a white light
I close my eyes, I'm sailing far away
I had enough to fight another day
I feel the urge to leave
No longer life in shadows
now I'm the chosen one
I close my eyes forever more
Take me to the other side
close the door beyond the light
Take me to the other side
where no sin grows
where no sin lives
where unholy power dies
I'm flying to the light now
into the hall where judgement awaits me
I here some distant voices
I know I hear the people pray for me
I'm on my way, my journey has begun
my candles have been burned

5. Tomorrow Never Comes

Drowning in your misery
you've reached the end of nothing
you all think you know the world
just leave it all behind
you say you just got a pain overload
your soul died a long time ago
Feels like tomorrow never comes
you ride on wings of broken dreams
Feels like tomorrow never comes
deprived of all your self esteem
Another day in misery
you take the road to ruin
all your sorrow pulls you under
time to draw the line
You say you ain't got a reason to be
there's no need for pain anymore

6. Liar's Edge

You say to me I'm guilty
for things I've never done
I'll try to show resistance
I'm out to prove you wrong
I hate your accusations
your cheap and nasty tricks
I'm not your private target
don't treat me bad again
I'm calling your name
what's your excuse
I'm saying to you...
You'll try to find a black sheep
you'll try to steal my show
you've tried to live in heaven
but all you got was hell
You've tried to find a stranger
just even by yourself
you're eaten up with envy
the answer of your lies
I'm calling your name
what's your excuse
I'm saying to you...
...don't blame me liar's edge

7. Tell-tale Heart

Nobody knows about your secret
nobody knows what you feel
Under cover of the night
pain and blood on innocent white
Slippin' into dark emotions
heaven turned to hell
your wounded soul won't give you shelter
only time will tell
Tell-tale heart
and you wonder why
you can see the rainbow dying
Tell-tale heart
and you wonder why
you can see the black rain falling
Nobody knows about the shadow
that you've seen on the floor
Under cover of the night
you find yourself forever in shame
Every night you say a prayer
and cry yourself to sleep
every night the same desire
to leave it all behind

8. Welcome To The Darkside

A trip beyond the real world
my soul is running scared
into the realm of shadows
I've seen the underworld
I feel the evil spirits watching me at night
I'm so afraid to close my eyes
Raging rivers runs red
I'm on the abandoned ship
I need to scream
Welcome to the darkside
welcome to my world
To my...nightmare
welcome to...
A trip over the red line
I shake the hand of doom
into the heart of darkness
I've seen the black rain fall
dark figures dancing madly underneath the moon
I'm still afraid to close my eyes

9. Behind

If only I could trace that light
To ignore the blind
But you don't know
so go ahead and find your sight
I'm out of my mind and now it's time,
to count the bodies dead
last thing you know
a place to go you better check your head
You can never justify, no more reasons to excuse,
And you never can deny (all the tricks you try)
I can't understand, what's between you and me
and I feel no shame what I used to be
so I try to hide and deny my thoughts
What I keep inside, I'll never look behind
Hold your head up, bite your tongue
So you dig your own grave
Speak your mind or sell your soul
stand before you fall
I've walked upon the water
without even getting wet
and there's really not a thing
that I regret
everything I used to be has spiraled into insanity
every night I sweat and bleed

10. Bring You Down

I hate the way you lie to me
you just ignore me
I hate the way you breed the rules
you dominate me
you say we have to give a social sacrifice
I know I'm victimized
you rape the nation
Down, bring you down, bring you down
bring you down
You tell me how to run my life
you crucify me
I've gotta pay for your mistakes
I feel the anger
You say we have to give another sacrifice
you need an alibi
to fool the nation
They are the masters, we are the slaves
we're just like human puppets, dancing on strings
I'll never trust you, I know for sure
I'm sick and tired of all your empty promises

11. Deep Down Into Passion

I am your one and only friend
I'm your saviour, take my hand
I'm your pleasure, I'm your pain
I'm the demon in your brain
I'm here to drag you far away
believe in me, believe what I say
I am the maker of the way you feel
you never leave the darkness
Deep down into passion
i'm in your blood
Knee deep and getting deeper
i'll numb your pain
Filled up to the limit
you know i'm real
Deep down, deep down
deep down into passion
I'm your shadow, I'm your light
I am the one you never fight
you know I'm all you'll ever need
in your head I'm the demon seed
I am the key into another world
I am your god, you know I'm here
I am more than meets the eye
I'm in your soul forever

12. Mr. Know-it-all

[duet with Ralph Scheepers]

I've got no chances to break the spell
feels like I'm standing next to hell
like a waterfall I hear you rumble
feels like a neverending rain
Everybody knows you know the world
Everybody worships you
Hey, hey, mr. know-it-all
I know i've got no point of view
Hey, hey, mr. know-it-all
tell me what you want
I've got no chance to break your will
I know I'm just here to pay the bill
like a ton of bricks you're on my feet
feels like a neverending pain
you think it is your divine right
you think you got it all

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