Dark Lyrics


1. Erased By The Dark

Erased by the dark
A confession and place to be
I'm hunting myself
I'm not willing to see

Illusions concealed
Illusions of memories to come
Uplift my emotions
As I come undone

So, so far away of life
The call of the mistress alive
But you, you keep away from life
You see all the memories inside

Eraser or saviour
Erased by the dark
Eraser and saviour
Erase these dreadful dreams in me

No secrets inside
There's nothing in to hide
The more that you take
The frames you break

Now trapped in the dark
When all your walls close in
A sequel in life
Where only you're caught in

And so here it comes to pain
Afraid to pass by
And tears fall like pouring rain
We crossed the line

Eraser or saviour
Erased by the dark
Eraser and saviour
Erase these dreadful dreams in me

Eraser or saviour
Erased by the dark
Eraser and saviour
Erase these dreams

Eraser or saviour
Erased by the dark
Eraser and saviour
Erase these dreams in me

2. Firesoul

Breathe in, breathe out,
every rule i break every soul I take,
sweet caress but dead surprise,
the fire sleeps but burns inside,
from the cold, to the flame,
you dare to tell me lies and bury me alive,
what's deep in my soul,
keep you forever mine, until the end of time!

You watch me die another day,
an endless price I had to pay,
I feel the heat on my face,
but it's all right, yes it's all right,
what you see beyond my mind,
the flames fade to the other side,
my scars are burning bright,
it's all right, now it's all right.

Firesoul, I'm coming over it, I'm about to forget,
all those who cheat and lie, will now be crucified,

you fooled my soul's desire,
now a frozen heart and soul on fire,
I feed your flesh but my hands are cold,
while bearing down my firesoul.

My chance to be reborn,
the devil in disguise turned my dreams into lies,
my sudden faith is all in vain
as I taste reality again,
there's no wisdom without end,
the lights seems to shine but all the pain is mine,
I'm down on my knees,
with open arms begging please.

The fire kept my soul awake,
I'm lost but found another way,
all the words that kept me blind,
that's all right, yes it's all right,
Now your sins will prevail
but now you're open to the pain,
for all the secrets that you keep,
that's all right, yes it's all right.

3. Descendants Of The Fire

I don't know where I'm meant to be
Screech streams are following me
Memories of flesh are calling my name
I'm breaking the walls with everything I can

I'm standing on the edge
I'm becoming a ghost
Withholding the final step
But I'll take back the thrust

Voices inside you
Nowhere to escape
We're walking the wire
We are descendants of the fire
Voices behind you
But you've come too late
We never taught fire
We are descendants of the fire

I can't afford the price to pay
For being alone, you stripped my soul away
We're already facing, I can't get a grip
The fear is chasing me on a painful trip

Painful trip, and the way it goes down
Bleeding life from me
Know I'm wielding fire
This is my advice

Voices inside you
Nowhere to escape
We're walking the wire
We are descendants of the fire
Voices behind you
But you've come too late
We never taught fire
We are descendants of the fire

4. Entering Solitude

Is there something you can do
Do you see the seasons pass you by
Can you feel the emptiness
You're left alone but still you wonder why
Walk on blind, you may find the truth
That lies within your own deceit
Now forgiveness has been gone
But leaves you incomplete...

Knowing things will never be the same
A light that shines will guide you through that day

Holding on to me, going everywhere
I'm going nowhere fast
Holding on to me, never comprehend
Any hope for me at last
Holding on to me, when the time is up and I rest for good
Holding on to me, when the mind is getting crude, I'm entering solitude!

Was it worth to sacrifice
When your life is now growing cold
Please despite your beliefs for now
It's not only yours to hold
Is this the answer to all of your sins
So you've been told the end is near
Without warning it came inside
But you're way too strong and will not disappear

A change from within brings a smile to your face
Get back from the start as there is no time to waste

5. Recall The Real

In the silence of the night, I'm losing faith for selfish pride
Where all my dreams and hopes have gone
Moving out of sight for everyone.
I'm falling deeper and I can't believe
In everything that's meant to deceive
I'm casting off memories that darken my mind
But there will be nothing more to find

I'm feeling like I'm all alone
I dread to think I'm on my own
The pain I chose, the sacrifice
The love we had now trapped under ice

I can't believe this moment in my life
I can't recall the real behind the lie
I refused to feel the wounds in my heart
When it all fades away I'm falling apart!

After you believed me you see the real behind the lie
After you decieved me, I can see the evil in your eyes

Now as I feel down and low
I'm victim of your damaged, so leave me alone
There goes my reason with no sense of doubt
Take all the grief, let the poison out

Despite what you think, despite what you say
It makes my heart bleed, don't throw it away
I became what you mostly hate
But I'm fighting my way through before it's too late

A lovely embrace we once shared
Replaced by a cold and hateful stare
I took it for granted but you brought me down
Can't you see what you've done, take a look around

I can't believe this moment in my life
I can't recall the real behind the law
I refuse to feel the wounds in my heart
And all the fades away
I'm falling, falling apart!

6. Shadowseeker

Nothing lasts forever I see
Another lie feeds my sanity
It feels like bugs are crawling up my spine
They will destroy and ease my pain
Now as I stare into the hourglass
There's nothing there, illusions gone
No matter what the eyes can't see
I even think the hopes are wrong

I try to escape from the source of my desire
The truth may be there, but I'm playing with fire

Since you've been there, since you're lost I'm alone
The shadowseeker keeps in what's gone
Since you've been there, since you're gone I'm alone
The shadowseeker knows the damage is done

I found a way from what I've lost
But this hole in my heart will stay
The pain will subside as I pay the cost
Accept the blame, don't let it slip away
Please cross my way when I'm down
And lift me up on higher ground
Whatever I do I'm lost in a minute
One life, one soul there's no more in it

Don't tear your life apart, don't trust a thing
It's counting down my life, as the night is closing in

7. Feed Me Lies

The sun is black, the day is night, the future seems so real
A human life, a fragile heart all made of silk and steel
Where did you disappear and why did you fall in fear
You tried to speak your mind but left us all behind...
Without the wreckage from the past there's no need to leave this place
As my spirit falls and seems to last, I'll leave this empty space
This fear keeps me awake at night, I need you by my side
It seems so endless now, I wonder why I'm still alive

When I look in your eyes, screams rent the air
Give me some place to find, give me back this heart of mine

My life's on the edge, am I wasting time
What do I expect to find
You forced me down, it's haunting inside
When you feed me lies

There is no right to judge me for what I have done or lost
It's been a long time since I have seen you from above
No god will save you when you're lost or left behind
Neither will you ever find your dark but hidden side
But some things never seem to change, again you've come undone
I'll take it to the ground to see who's going up or down
It's coming over you, changing you from the inside
You're strange points of view keep the influence alive

Time after time, now I have to wonder
The fear I might hide has put us under

8. What Grows Inside

Come on in, step inside
Embrace yourself when there's nothing to gain
And you will realize
Why my life's on the line and I can't take any more
A circle of demons around my soul
Taken down and looking cold

Can you turn back to me in your darker days
Crush into my soul and leave me alone in your mysterious ways

I know it's much too late, too late I can't escape
It takes my breath away
It's growing deep inside, but now I will rise!
Misfortune stays the same but I will abstain

I've been seeking my fortune for so long
I've been living on the edge, until the time has come
But someday you'll see, I'm surrounded by the pain
Can't find the words no more, it's so hard to explain

See the scars on my face, can't you see what I mean
Don't blame yourself for breaking me as these words were made of deceit

9. The Chosen

Now I'm about to cross the line
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind
Am I losing my faith, while I'm telling you lies
Is this the end of my disguise?
The fear of life swallows me
I'm counting my blessings, you're haunting me
My heart's full of dread, in my sleep
All hopes and dreams are yours to keep

The cold feel of my skin, look into my soul
Under the weight of sin, I'm getting cold

Soon I'll let you go cause my heart will know
When all is said and done you could be the chosen one
Now allis said and done, now you are the chosen one

I was drowning in a sea of doubt
I've been blind but you pulled me out
Ain't no safe way anymore
Far off I see what I was living for
This pain inside I can't release
I'll try again but won't succeed
The fear eats me away inside
Please show me why I've been so blind

My heart grows weak and my heart grows tired
Sinking in my own fear when you step aside

10. … And I Wonder

You never meant to stay alive
But this flame within your heart hasn't died
You tried to run away from all the things you've done
Now I hope that you will understand
Remember the times when you held my hands
You thought you're strong but not until we'll meet one by one

You're so strong, don't say goodbye
It seems to be so long until you'll lose your sense of time

And I wonder if you're out there
Hear you calling my name from somewhere
And I wonder what's inside
Like a memory you chose to hide

The time has come to meet your mystery
With all your thoughts you're too blind to see
With all these changes, who's to blame, you know my name
You knew this day would come to end
You're crashing through the walls of time
But there is no one to set you free, not what it used to be

But now you're gone and said goodbye
It seems to be so wrong until your time has come to shine

11. Disappeared

[Limited Edition Bonus Track]

12. Strangled

[Limited Edition Bonus Track]

Dieter Bernert – Drums
Torsten Ihlenfeld – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Milan Loncaric – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Andy B. Franck – Vocals (lead)
Antonio Ieva – Bass

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