Dark Lyrics


1. Crush Depth

Free your mind and the rest will follow!
Say what you think and think the way you feel.
It takes today's inner strength to make it through tomorrow.

How much time will it take
Till I know I'm stronger now,
how much brightness can I stand
before I see the light and how

Do I have to say the words
or do I have to face the fact
When I'm looking through the glass,
shows me memories to forget

Security success, shines on a pedestal
Swallowed in by your peers
Destructive atmosphere

So you're lost in the mind
and deeper you'll find
Crush depth to the end of light
forever you're here
I shed no tear
Crush depth to the endless might

screams in agony,
I lick my wounds and still
it's hide and seek
secret's found in therapy

I hear you coming faster
I can hear you down the hall
I'm out the door, I'm breaking through
I'm comin' after you

Security success, shines on a pedestal
Swallowed in by your peers
Destructive atmosphere

2. Tear Down The Walls

The truth hurts. By destroying the world we destroy ourselves.
We have been silent far too long, hiding in anonymity.

In a world, polluted inside,
corruption and chaos around,
the meaning of life, the principle right,
nothing in the depth of the light

You hear the screamings of the one
who soars upon the wind
He'll take you in his arms into a place of sin

Tear down the walls forever,
come down to break your chains,
it's time to break the silence
never run, you'll never run away

Watch out for, a torturing lust,
in mirrors you're facing the truth,
the hunter is back, the soul of a life,
wings of sadness blazing for you

a speeding slab of concrete hits me in the eye
no time to rest, no time to loose,
it's time to die

Tear down the walls forever,
come down to break your chains,
it's time to break the silence
never run, you'll never run away

Broken memories, salvation denied
Burning ashed they choke,
rip off the skin, from deep down inside,
molten fire flies through the sky

3. Beyond My Destiny

Between love and hate!
Borders slowly dissolve and somewhere down the line you forget about love and hate.

The doors are locked,
try to get in,
the inner evil always will win,
my tools with me,
a simple plan,
can't understand you'd used the man

no suffering with my tongue inside,
a torture with a slow decay in the night,
electrified, just fade away,
nobody ever get's in my way

when will we be together, side by side...
time to start the feeding
it still bites, bites you and me

Beyond my destiny,
beyond, now suffering,
beyond my destiny
too far, but my love is real

I'm trying not to get out of bed,
depression, someone tell me wether I'm dead
I dare you to cross this line,
I always dared you, but now you're mine

no one can see you , no one will know,
sinking to an all-time..., all time low
I'm crucified, and years gone by
when damage has been done, another life

and still we are together, side by side
can even taste the bleeding,
it still shines, shines on you and me

you will never give up
you will never give in
give back my ticket
another ride begins

4. Arena

Step into the light and join the everlasting battle between good and evil.
A battle of the minds being fought each and every day.

Coming out of the black, taking over,
it's my way down, when I'm here alone.
Am I supposed to pretend I don't feel the pain,
like it happens again

Destroyed, we watch you bleed
coming through, what you need
My faith makes you cry,
handfull of lies

Out of my sight,
and out of my mind
but the vision is still the same
You'll never know why,
the skull of the blind
welcome into my arena

And we die, and we breed,
waisted hands that need to feed,
got to fill my empty stare
You're broken by words,
you're whipped by the lies
but they won't bring me down.

Shadows fall from the sky
Summon all to, heed their cry,
tempted in sin, it's no fate,
gather the souls, they hold within

so for the world, who's to blame,
woke up wet from a dream
tempted in sin, it's no fate,
gather the souls, they hold within

5. Comming Closer

They ask for your trust, but if you do trust them they leave you stranded
with your disillusions. They, who are they?

In a room so dark and painful,
when fingers rule your eyes,
just trapped inside a cage

no fear, no trust nowhere to run to
but reaching for the skies,
and falling onto your knees.

It's hard to trace,
an empty face
has faded with each passing year

Coming Closer
I swear I know how it feels,
from land to shining sea
Coming Closer
We deserve what we see,
in the land of the free

Wish that my thoughts were so simple
meaning of life, a reason to believe

Swallowed in by your peers,
destructive atmosphere
or just an excuse

No use in pretending
Ain't no pride in it at all,
is when you're standing out in the cold

6. Darkest Silence

[Enter the palace]
[Instrumental introduction for Maharaja Palace]

7. Marahaja Palace

Prisoners are guided through the golden halls of the palace of the souls.
Fairytales that have lost their gruesome origin by being handed down from
generation to generation.

Down in the darkest silence
just hear a lonely laughter
Except the sound of violence
Where the dagger rules the king
One hundred million people wrong
Don't be afraid to bare your soul
They clean the streets of scum
with darkness in their eyes
Afraid, that I don't know where,
of memories gone forever
The reason why I still care
blinded by the light
On golden gates you read the words
Reminding you of your memories
forever lost in the dungeon's might

Your screaming's my laughter,
a golden disaster
I'll take you forever
down where hell is
Now callin' my keeper,
my pleasure, soul reaver
A bitter taste of my deep, dark palace

Of female voices singin',
Where diamond glasses are shining,
When eagle-wings are bringing
you to my paradise
In a thousand stories a golden history
one left, tells you the true story,
of eastern religious slaves
Under a half-moon
blood and wine so colored red,
Last drink for your lifetime
two different stories,
one hero's dead

Together on your way
no pleasure but you'll stay,
but never will decay
Now you know where hell is
now you are my keeper,
my pleasure, soul reaver
a bitter taste of my deep, dark palace
ruler of the palace

8. Far Away

To miss someone can be the worst experience you ever made.
Hold on to your dreams, you will remember the good times, they're waiting for you.

It's been a long time coming
I'm tired of failing you, face the truth
when you're by my side
Choose to be blind
Change your mind

I loose my way but still you understand
Just hold my hand,
and always be so sure
Can't you ignore
drowning in...in a heartache

Aimlessly rushing leaves you with nothing
you need me,
I know where I'm going to,
Gonna take me there to you
nothing more to do

So far away from me
Something's comin' over me
So far away from me
Be forever the man I should be

Another dawn is yet to come
Carry on
The night has just begun
Troubled days have come and gone

How can I prove,
that I've done nothing wrong
all that I want
And it's plain to see
Don't blame me
When the moon gives it's light,

what takes me down to hell
I'll fly into a church of dreams,
they ring the bell

Hopeless souls, let you down
blame on myself,
Throw my heart in the wishing well

9. Demonsion

A satanic dimension.
Religious groups promise redemption in a new and different world.
They tear you away from your family and friends and destroy your soul.
There's no reason not to believe in yourself.

So long ago, I think it's so far way,
so many dreams gone by, but still on my way
in different worlds I've been,
searched through different times
another perfect day I know, again I'll try,

this time, I'll have no mercy,
don't care who you are,
I'll praise the lord
I hold my head up to a burning star
in fantasies my life makes it hard to complain
the demon and the holy ghost
teach me how to learn.

If I see you next to never
Day after day
How can we stay together?
If you turn me away

Demons walk over glass from a thousand mirrors
I saw my reflection stare me down
Underground, there you'll find
that your faith is your fear
Dream to fly, reason why
now we know it's why we're here

Welcome to the third demonsion, now here I am,
the innocent are trapped inside
others far away in a land
so litte hope remains alive
I only pray the dreams I leave you will survive

I see you now or never
Day after day
the tears are gone forever,
If you turn me away

10. Lost Unseen

You disappear, a nameless face in the crowd.
It seems as if you were dispensable.
But without you it wouldn't be the same crowd.
You are the crowd. You are the face.

Denying all that's left behind
Through blindness in the mind
Engrossed in a distorted haze
Struggle through the awaited days

Lonely star without a face
no one will be safe
Here to hold on to memories, keep the faith
No one is safe

ancient gaze, into the sun
the time is on a secret place
your game is on the run

You wept in grief while I was gone
But now I'm back where I belong

desperate changes it goes through your world
into a cosmic sea
magic moments endlessly.
Sun shines on me

Close your eyes
Now you better run and hide
Close your eyes
It's the spirit of a life
Lost unseen
My mind is deeper than life
Close your eyes
Cause your soul is alive

Armed and ready I'm on the run
Food and shelter, I'm a loaded gun

I look at justice in a different light
Been to jail, it didn't make me right

It hardens me, the things I see
Now you will be safe
Our suffering won't always be
Forever safe

11. Perception Of Life

Where do you draw the line?
What else has to happen?
Stay away from our women and children.
Don't keep quiet. You have to shout out loud to be heard.

On the edge of forever you'll fall
I'm here when you're watching the sky
The oceans of life, the lord of it all
Hopes and dreams on which will you rely

When you're closer I'm down in my dreams,
nothing better, again you fall
flashes on my T.V. screen
stories never told

Fly, fly, some of us will fly
Some others know the reasons why
Fly, fly , over to the sky
Perception of your life

Don't be afraid, what's there in the dark
Be afraid of what it hides
Life is a dream, not what it seems,
up from the ashes for the obscene

For a moment, words in my mouth
someone told me to stay,
they go unspoken, I hold my tongue
my mind gets in the way
Perception of my life

12. Revenant

[Bonus Track]

He's back! Painful memories and a restless soul cause him to come back,
back to save the souls which he lives off. But... he wants to save us.

The decimation of all that is pure,
a system that feeds their machine
with the souls of the lost,
destroying all from the known to the arcane

Reminding voices you fear since a long time
Darkness falls upon souls
Be blind to yourself, the evil inside,
manipulation of all your dreams

Crawling memories ment forever
The angels will sing the song for you

Someone save me.........Revenant
Send me a witness
You'll stand or burn

Looking down upon a world
desperate changes it goes through
in the arms of the lost, created by souls
the inner flesh, a deeper control

When you parted the sea
Will you save us from mysteries
The tears of remorse
Too late for regrets
Another world to forget

You watch'em comin' one by one
You're on the prowl and they're on the run

Someone save me.........Revenant
Send me a witness
You'll stand or burn

Now you parted the sea
And you saved us from mysteries
emotions are gone, the suffering inside
Is this the truth , that you feel

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