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1. To Our Friends In The Great White North

Set apart, great divides/ You are not what you seem,
always different, always changing |It brings the worst
out of me, and it's here to stay |
That's the way it's always been for
men | Always on your attire silences what you think
and now you're wearing eyeliner | so lie | Now see
how you look in the light not so different and it's hard
for you to swallow | Gone | Don't change a single
thing atleast not for me just keep on acting | It's
maddening it's flashbulb thoughts it's contrasting I
can't decide who you are no feelings plagues my
head we'll all be specimens | It's your fault, fucking
up the kids | Complaints have all been heard we're
tired we're bringing out the dead | Where's the first
you that I knew

2. Mondrian Was A Liar

White eyes in coal mines, concrete industry, bare
backs, baseball caps | The sweat is part of life we're
still thriving | We've got alot of
mouths to feed and we're trying |
You think I do this for me to join the caste | Flip through
old photographs of our family's past | Building your
home, giving you life, our livelyhood | Creators | It's
always been like this | People you never see the
ones you'll never be | Working with their hands
We've downsized again | All through history building
piece by piece | It's not for you to erase with your
algebra and your science | Simple labor

3. Transistions From Persona To Object

Wide eyes help you stand out and the fact that you
bare all skin | Silhouettes keep me thinking about the
habits you are in |Watch us blanket
all things and solidify all claims |
Hopes dreams we're here to make ourselves better
| Time to build our colony | There's no stopping it now
conquest is at hand | And the thirst for more and the
need for more go on | Never satisfied never dormant
we go one | See us conquer all the humans that are
left | This is our new home and we're still building

4. Swimming the Channel Vs. Driving The Chunnel

All eyes on me, it's why we never speak | For now
we'll just sit, locked and dilated | I feel buried for
maybe I'm just alone | So cover me
in black | It's for history | So retire
the ships, the final voyage was his

5. C. Thomas Howell As The "Soul Man"

Stop the show listen up cause we've got something
to say and it's important | Can't hear the notes you
play or the words you say and
you're not changing the world |
Just a few more moments of your time just a few
more moments while I speak | So we can change
your mind | We're all breaking ground, bringing the
revolution around | Support this support that once
again it's all an act | Wasting our time on you stop |
The worst music I've ever heard, honesty that touches
a nerve | The words fall onto the floor, drive home
with no lessons learned | Soon the content outweighs
the form with time the sound gets boring | For you
and for me this posture is self serving

6. Saint Matthew Returns To The Womb

On the porch two words changed life for me | And
I'm not the same | He said son soon your life will
change | And I believed in him |
And your soul will be free of the
pain | In time you'll know that it's true | The hand of
god will pick me up | Just pledge your loyalty | So I
fall to you | False eyes, forked words, I'm ten | Now
that I see you're just a man | Recruiting your
followers | And this world is not one by your hand |
Questions and contradictions | Feels like I'm
following the rabbit 'round the track again | Around
around | And you're so sure | Two words | The
changes I've endured | I know that it is all shit

7. Frequency Ass Bandit

Anchored awake | Wringing my hands| Weighing
my time | Running down dreams | Buying your life |
Patience is a girl I've been trying
to forget about | Always rearing
her ugly head when I am choosing she's losing |
She's the one who still sits alone | Comforting smile
saves me from making the same mistake drag it out
of me | Take what you've got make it better | I feel
the loss I bear my own cross | Enjoying the last
seconds we have | My unseen dictator grasps throats
with both hands | It brings about euthanasia | Who
holds my fate in their hands | Not you| Endless

8. I Wanna Be A Sex Symbol On My Own Terms

It comes (grow) in truckloads (young) and torrents
| We spread like the flies that eat the sweet tears
from your eyes | She comes (shot)
in armies (down) fear them | We're
western medicine freshly flown | They lose (no) in
the (sale) millions | But we can help you up here's
our beliefs here's your new beliefs | Your home our
womb | We'll be crowned the new kings | All i know
I've seen through a lens | All I've learned through
pages | She's a perfect ten | Here's the supermodel
for you to follow | She's bringing something new |
Worked her for so long and we've lost

9. Man The Ramparts

We'll man the ramparts | With arrows ready | With
our flags up | We are the romans | Nero | We'll man
the ramparts | With arrows ready
| With our flags up | We are the
Romans | Nero | We'll man the ramparts |With arrows
ready | With our flags up | We are the romans

10. We Are The Romans

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