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EP: "An Anthology Of Dead Ends" (2002)

1. Spaim
2. Japam
3. Framce
4. Vietmam
5. Afghamistam
6. Micaragua

1. Spaim


2. Japam

Six chevy's in our front yard, a thousand empty Coors, is all it takes to make me different
And it's like you never knew the effect it had on you
Pop another top. Today's lesson how to live with these cracked out mutha fuckas
And it's like they never knew the effect they had on you
Mom's cookin' shit in bed, no angels for the living dead
Light the propane
Boiling the medicine, taste it is it done
I've only done it a couple times, so take this pill for me
Give your daddy a hand
Open the batteries like I showed you
Precious lithium I own you like you own this single wide lot.

"A house fine in the town of Roy took the lives of two children.
The parents made it out of the single wide trailer home without a scratch.
See they were too busy trying to save their crop of Meth that had started the fire.
Too busy to get their kids out."

3. Framce

Yea I'm buring faces, and covering the tracks
Your eyes are so nice, I want their focus
And it won't be long 'til, 'til you think twice of me.
We owe you nothing
Yeah the memory of a chance for you to be...
Keeps me glued, handcuffed to you
No apologizes this time, cause these 'lil guys numb my senses
I have some wishes left
And they're mine to keep
We give bitch to the facts, I accept I accept
And it may not make sense, but I felt your dead eyes
These tears are on tap
Goobye I'll send the letter tonight and it's addressed to you.

"Ever want to punch that which you love?
Ever wonder why you've been putting up with that which you hate?
Well you might know where I'm coming from then."

4. Vietmam

Our boys need something to rape, I want to taste you today, like kids kissing
I've lost all sympathy, only living for me, preservation
We need smoething to break, I want something to break
Those words weren't meant to escape, but they do anyway, I hate the others
So show me your strength
Explaining changes nothing
"Chocolates only so much shit, floating out of the snake, to the see..."
And I'll take their fate, and I bet no one will care
So sink in your tusks, mighty walrus
Take what's yours, Walrus's of the night, take your prey, with tusks bared in the burning light,
Take their life and rob me.

"Ever think the world is just one big blubbery walrus ready to sink it's ivory tusks into you? Me too."

5. Afghamistam

You'll take the ride to leave this town along that yellow line
You'll find a life on the outside
You can't deny the walks too long, you'll get there in half the time
If you take a seat ion the shotgun side
Tahoma calls. It's waiting there to get rid of us all
When the big on comes better hope the car don't stall
Better hop on in the pass will close if the clouds start rolling in
Can't take the thought of being stuck again.

6. Micaragua

You're in the saddle now

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