Dark Lyrics


1. Dead Flowers & Faded Portraits

The sky turned black as I screamed out your name.
The clouds turned to smoke, blotting out the sun.
The trees began to wither and choke.
It’s all come crashing down, to the ground.

Once beloved
Now my heart cringes, contorted by your hands.
Once embraced
Now thrown into the shadows, and buried in black.

These dead flowers resemble the touch
Of your wilted skin.
These faded portraits haunt me in my sleep.

I'll dream while I'm awake.
I'll sleep when I, when I am dead.
You took my breath away.
And now I want it back.

You speak in cursive, weaving your lies into the truth.
A slip of the tongue, a quick persuasion.
To corrupt me to watch me crawl.
Drive these rusted nails through my hands
and kiss me one last time.
So you can taste, taste my misery.

These dead flowers and faded portraits
will come back to haunt you.
These dead flowers and faded portraits
are all that's left of you.

2. Sweet Anathema

Remove the veil from her face to reveal an ugly truth.
Expose the horrid creature that lurks beneath,
for her divinity breeds contempt.
Feeding on my adornment a glutton for the taste of agony.
Bathing in her own sin and blasphemy.
A small price to pay for a simple caress.

Cloaked in robes of false pretenses.
A witch writhes beneath the hood.
Casting spells of wicked promise.
Staring into the eyes of damnation.

So tarnish this heart I wear on my sleeve.
For it seems to please you, my sweet anathema.

Just like smoke and mirrors.
My hands can't grasp an illusion.
A fiendish figment of my imagination
Is all she ever wanted to be.
Slithering between my fingers.

So fragile in her presence.
Even the most tender of touches, will destroy the senses.
Her radiance has been drained to a cold pale essence,
And replaced with a darkening resplendence.
Addicted to her aura, a sickening dependence.

Constricting my chest, I struggle to breathe.
Stagnant is the passion that once was.
In the wake of the destruction she weaves.

Cold hands creeping up and down my spine.
Molested by her touch.
A feeling that once was welcomed.
Enchanted by this lustful facade.
Scarlet eyes now shine.
From her sunken pale face.
The taste of blood has found its home upon,
Her soft cursed lips.
Endlessly feasting, yet her thirst is far from quenched.
Not a drop left.

So tarnish this heart I wear on my sleeve.
For it seems to please you, my sweet anathema.

3. Guilty

Here I am this is where I stand.
I won't become the unappealing ideal of man.

This is your creation. you are blind.
The power of your followers corrupts the ideal image to control your mind.
Life has no answers, only questions that you can't see.

Death holds the solution to rid this monstrosity.
Is there life in your eyes? Who the fuck do you think you are?
Creating these wounds and leaving these scars.

I am the fallen one. Melting minds of the young.
Breaking down the weak. Make the innocent feel defeat.
Never change a thing. Let the madness repeat.

We search for everything and find it all.
What are we looking for? What is it we desire?
Set and destroy the body and mind.

Swinging away into a memory,
can we take it apart leaving the body in two?
Together we breathe, together we fall.
Leave it all to me, it's all my fault.

I'm growing tired and my patience is thin.
Lie there, wallow in your dreams.
Are you listening?
Have you lost sight in your eyes?
Is insanity safe from my mind?
Your past has left you traumatized.
You're weak and helpless.

This is how I feel, it's almost like it’s not fucking real.
Completely separated, altered and recreated.
Into your mind your thoughts will have dissipated.
And now you will do as I say.
Taking care of these demons I lay.
You'll never question me or my authority.
I'll chose who I want to be;
Who I become.

Ingest my words and try to see.
You're in denial of your own disease.

4. Murder: The Only Solution

Fate cannot be changed.
The natural order has been debauched.
Rules of Mother Nature do not apply.
With every day that passes we will drain the society.

No remorse.
Memories stripped from the mind of the innocent.
No remorse.

Raping everything in existence.
Watching this torn race reduce to nothing.
Feeding off of everything.

This will all come to an end.
Where life begins, life will end.
This whole world will begin to descend.
This will all come to an end.

Religious parasites.
Fermented life in the scripture.
I am your deicide.

No remorse.
Memories stripped from the mind of the innocent.

The final eon has begun.
Life will evolve to omission.
As fate sees you withering, you will know you all have been a waste.
Stripping faith from the heart of everything.
Try and fucking stop me.

Murder is the only solution.

5. The Wretched One

Restless and fatigued,
the words fall From this heavy tongue
To break this curse.
Another moment,
sixty seconds of sheer frailty.
This sentiment is all too familiar.

And I have you to thank for my jaded perceptions.
‘Cause you are the reason I live in the darkest chambers
Chambers of my heart.

I saw the evil that was inside.
I smelled the stench of your deception.
I endured each burning embrace.
I tasted the venom upon your lips.

The desolation is all that remains.

I'll tear out your heart as a bitter memory.
As a sign of the disgust that I feel.
As it grows cold, I'll shed a tear.
But the angels will never speak your name.

It's all for you
For you, the wretched one.
And while I watch the light fade from you eyes.
The angels will never speak your name again.

6. Dark Prophet

A life force so vile, we cannot begin to comprehend its power,
its means to an end.
Soon we will all know his name.
His gnarled fingers reaching from beyond the void.
Outstretched to consume us.
This prophet of death has foreseen our demise.
His malice untethered.

The dead will all be exhumed;
His soldiers, his puppets.
All life on this planet will be consumed.

There will be no escaping the obscure power of this being.
Draped in shadows.
All hail this great pariah, cast out by his own.
He is on a conquest to conquer all.
Fear his arrival.

Untold horrors await all humankind.
The world has flourished since the dawn of time,
blind leading the blind.
He will open our eyes to true terror,
when he parts the skies.

This is the end, we will descend,
into the truest form of chaos.
His gnarled fingers reaching from beyond the void.
Outstretched to consume us.
This prophet of death has foreseen our demise.

Any shred of hope will be swiftly stomped out.
There will be no solace to be found here.

Fear his fucking arrival.

There will be no final stand.
Wherever life blooms I seek to destroy it.
Many have suffered by my hand.
And I find bliss knowing humanity will as well.
This is the Eleventh hour.
It has begun.

7. Thelema

Bred into darkness, molded by the absence of light.
Tumbling through the nil like a sphere of black matter,
with a putrid face and with a hellish grin.
Into the farthest depths; A place where no life can live, and only one resides. Through a black hole at the edge of existence,
Only one resides.

Dismembering thoughts from consciousness.
Billions will die burning alive, genocide.
Blacken the sky.
Biding the time until death has arrived.

A grotesque being with malice in its eyes.
Its evil unrivaled, no one will survive.

Raised to defile all those in need, proving old morals are obsolete.

My darkness to be shed upon this world.
Fall to your knees and beg for it will not stop me.
You will suffer by my hands unceasingly.
Fall to your knees and plead for an end.
But it will not, for this is what I do.

Do what thou wilt.
Devour all light from this planet
Do what thou wilt.
Not a glimmer left, the blackness will remain.

Thy hath no compassion.
Only desires, to snuff out life
This insatiable rage.
A thirst for blood that cannot be quelled.
My divine right to crush thee beneath me.
My true strength shall be expelled.

Desolation awaits you all.
From the farthest depths I have come
To revel in the pain of many
To show you the true meaning of power.

Now, tremble before me, for I am here.
There is no stopping me.
I was molded by the absence of light.

Your world will become a mirror image of a darker place.
Absolute hell unleashed.
My hell unleashed.

Screams! I relish the song of your screams.
Bleed! You will all bleed for me.

8. Eater of Worlds

Because I can. And I'll do it again and again.
Until there's nothing left to kill.
Until they all rot underneath my feet.
Because I can. And I'll do it again and again.
Until there's nothing left.

I am here upon this world I shall clear.
To bring new life, and breed it by fear.

Eyes blinded by the light that gives false hope.
The ground below you, will all turn to grave.

Malevolent by creation to do my daily bidding.
You don't seem to realize your lives are temporary.

But I am infinite, I am everlasting.
I will remain until thy deed is done.
Until all have been vanquished.
I will reign forevermore.

This isn't over until I say it's over.
Pray to your maker.
You will crumble to your knees.
Bone ripped through flesh, until your last breath.
Blood spilled on this world canvas.
Building monuments of decapitation.

Because I can.
Until there's nothing left.

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