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1. Fear Of Wonders


2. Swordbearer

To earth I pray and sky
I rove through mountainsides
Blazing the torches fire
Shining and bright, it burns inside

The oak leaves whispered the truth
Lying god arrived
I summon the beast
Under the spell of the moon

Lying god
Murder sheperd from the land of lies
Whore of deserts
I deny

I hold my sword soaked in blood
I drive my hands to the golden halls

Burn fire, on the thrones of heaven
Oh, stakes of might
And you'll have to pay
For the cross of lie

3. Flaming Pride And Inexorable Defiance

Black become the suns beam in the days
That will come
It is harsh in the world
Whoredom rife

When my ancestors calling
To fight and die
I will paint with grimson gore
The caves of lies

With courage of the forefarthers
Flaming pride
Towards the golden halls of might
Be my guide

I greet the gods of heathen soul
The sons of day
I greet the night and her daugthers
Pagan's my pray

And when my soul flies higher
And I lay
Let thunder roar and lightning strikes
On that day

4. Walk On Pagan Ways

Like the moon I shine
Like the rain I fall
I sleep like dreaming mountains
I walk on pagan ways

A world of wonders I see
Endless realms of honor
Howling winds I ride
Above mighty cliffs

The shades of dark calling my name
Waiting me to die and fade away

May the light cover reality
May the night create the day

The storm brings the order again
The war brings the fall of realms
Rule your own world, destroy all others
Destroy and become god

I saw my death in my dreams
Rising a world beyond again
The mesmerizing smell of battlefields
Dreams of blood haunting me

I fly towards the halls
The gods waiting for mw
I hail all the idols
I'm rough. I'm pagan

I fight under the runes
The gods warding me
I rule my own kingdom
I walk on pagan ways

5. Archai Pale Visions


6. Throne Of Crows

Clean my eyes, oh eader of souls
Let me see the gods arise
All the secret beyond the walls
Lead me where the ravens fly

One vision led to another
I feel I travel far
I know the ways of the world
Let my spirit flying high

I see the one-eyed master
Thousand ravens circle his throne
The throne of crows

The future opens wide
Grim battles raging on
Slaugther on the island of woe
Where is the wheel of sun?

Under the forlorn sky
My spirit now returns
Ravens starting to cry
Midnight fire burns

7. Moonlight Wanderer

Under the spell of the moon
My eyes seek the truth
Tables of stones rise
Horns sounds among the woods

Thousand stars of opening nightsky
With flaming pride I walk the way
Thousand souls of gathering ravens
Waiting the god beyond the gates

Smell of rain comes from the hills
Black is the sky above the mount of graves

Thousand stars of opening nightsky
Lying to me about god and man
Thousand swords of awakening honor
Forcing my way, I shall remain

Abraham's god does not command me
I don't kneel before the cross
I'm shining bright on the cliffs of faith
Moonlight fills my night

Blazing monoliths of dying stars
As pagan emperors I rule
Sword of gold bearing my hand
I'm the wanderer of the moon

8. Equinox

Pagan nature wake up now
Grey spirits of highland
Stay here forever and more
Old kingdom's old guardians

Now I will blow the horn
To cover the world in fire
That will burn forever
Burn with the flames of glory

Rise the faith of elders
Die to be born again
Sun and moon are equals
Twilight be my guide

Ignite the shining fire
Hail to the sun of woe
You have to know that
We will never die

We're first in the rage of battles
War guides, blood follows
Reach the stars that shining above
Spill the blood of the gods!

Be the ruler of all empires
Ride the shore that borders the world
Hold your sword and shout as thunder
Equinox has come!

Thus has it ever been
Thus is it now and
Thus shall it always be

9. The Spiral Path

In the shades of unseen
Surfing on the waves of saturn
I breathe the air of tension
And all are concealed beyond

Isolated from far horizons
Awaiting in soundless flight
Light of heathen flames quells me
Buried and consumed by time

The source of hidden knowledge
We seek in dreadful sleep for
Now unlocked in the sphere
We wander far from deep below

Impressed by those who lead
Here we are now, awaken and thrive
A new kingdom is rising
Surrounded by the utter strife

I'm walking down
Down the spiral path

Haunting cries sound written
Beyond purity and torment
Waters of cold are dripping
Unveiling the path to nowhere

Mighty gates of inner kingdom
Built from the force of mind
Leading the spiral path
Where the valkyres fly

Driven into ourselves
We'll turn inward to march
With hunger and hail to
Riding father, wotan

10. Fiery Golden Dawn

Be strong like a mountain
Stay still like the sky and the earth
And retain control of power at all times
The sky, the earth and the mountains are unmoved
As unmoved is the world of living beings
And this king of men

There will come a golden dawn
When the fire covers the lands
Wrath will burn in the hearts
Swords will hold all the hands

A new era coming slowly of
Those who know and those who belive
The power of a new middle age is needed
A barbaric purity

Columns of a new era rising
The ancient walls stand again
The will of hierarchy
In the hearts of men

As stars above the mountains
As fires upon the hills we shine

Unleash the fire and the thunder
Release the eagle again
Rising the power of elders
The new dawning of men

Dawn of might and splendor
Ewoke the gods of war
By the fire of burning temples
Pagan way we pray
We pray for war

11. Towards The Golden Halls


12. Feast Of Fire

13. Valhalla

[originally by Bathory]

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Vozargh ‒ Guitars
D. ‒ Drums
Hjules ‒ Bass
Renfield ‒ Vocals

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