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1. Relentless

2. Behind Enemy Lines

Forced to fight, behind the lines
Trying to find my way
In a warzone called society
Can we really be free?
Force to fight grab and claw
Against the enemy
There's no help or time for dreams
And it hardens me
Pushing down, destroy my will
Kept at bay, in for the kill

We're all behind enemy lines
We're all under siege
Under Pressure, under attack
It's getting harder to breath
We're all behind enemy lines
We're all behind

Forced to fight behind the lines
Locked in a living cell
Pushing down a slippery road
Sliding down to hell
Forced to fight struggle and rise
In the trenches of life
Those supposed to represent us
On the other side

3. Stop At Nothing

In a world that's old, in a world that's cold
In a life where emptiness is king
In instable times of broken hearts and minds
Where my resurrection begins
In a time of war in the head and more
I will find a way to crush the lies
I must break and live, so I can forgive
Myself when I look into my eyes

This is my call to arms and I will stop at nothing. Stop at nothing

What we won't do tomorrow we bury today
Life is hard but there's only one way
Stop at nothing - crush defeat
Stop at nothing - live your dreams

Stop at nothing - crush defeat
Stop at nothing - live your dreams
Stop at nothing - time won't wait
Stop at nothing - shape your fate

4. Bury Me Fighting

Life is wearing down. I feel distress, feeling too cold
Brought down, left to suffer. Fighting back to turn it around
Pushed down in the dirt. Feel too lost, feeling no worth
The enemies surround. Under siege but victory bound

Bury me fighting, against your "western" wisdom.
These are the signs of times to come
Bury me fighting, against your "western" kingdom.
These are the signs of times to come

All I know is that we're stripped.
Stripped from dignity on this deathtrip
All I know is I will fight.
Find my way back and turn the tide

5. Crusader

Seeds are sown in the minds of men
Blood is spilt in name of the godsend
A fire is lit to burn the earth
Blazing so high to increase the hurt

Fight fire with fire with fire with fire
Holding on to my common sense.
Fight fire with fire, the whole world burns

Out for blood in the age of death
Under the veil of your gods push the bloodshed
War to control, to protect, to invest
Lies to control, put the masses to rest

With hate in their hearts, hate in their souls,
the lie of treat, the lie of common goals
Conditioned through words from poisoned tongues,
force to believe, forced along in war

Harvest the thoughts in the minds of men
To justify bloodshed again and again
Of hating each other to push your crimes
Crusades veil the ending of time

The whole world burns

6. Grey Life

There is no more rest in me.
Today I question society.
Tried to take all the dead-end paths.
Tried to see my possibilities.
Every door slammed in my face.
The words they spoke added to the weight,
I carry on this back of mine.
I feel it will break any time.

Nothing that I do can help me.
Everything in this world seems against me.
Where is the chance I need?
Torn to pieces by this reality.
Nothing that I do can help me.
Everything in this world seems against me.
I used to drown in dreams.
Now close to accepting defeat

Grey Life

What am I to do? Where am I to go?
This life is cold and grey. Losing hope so soon

7. The War Is On

8. Scorched Earth

Love is war.
Feel this broken heart. Left me nearly dead.
Left to scorch in the aftermath

In my search for better ways. I'll stand my ground.
On the trodden path, the earth is burning

Feel the pain.
Creeping up so vile. I will be just fine.
Bleeding hearts must test the times

The earth is burning

9. Eyes Of The World

Pounding harshness, with will to kill, seeds are sown
Looking back, looking forward, we're too far gone
Feeding frenzy, fueled by profit, ever take
Consequences now revealing slowly lead into the flames

Ticking timebomb. Perish in the heat
Ticking timebomb. Programmed for defeat
Ticking timebomb. Dying in the floods
Ticking timebomb. Revenge for what's been done...

Eyes of the world, eyes of the world
Look into the eyes of the world
Eyes of the world. Eyes of the world
Will there be time to save this?
Decayed and old she's bleeding
See only death in the eyes of the world

World collapsing, infected life lead to it's fall
Earth's in seizure, bleeding empty, killing all

Heartbeats away from dying decay

10. Doomsday Clock

Fear this hate. Fear this doomsday

Terror rise defines the times
All that is sacred is now declined
A loss of feeling, a sense of threat
Push to an end into the darkness ahead
Closing in, the hands of time
7 minutes before the end of our lives
The die is cast, the scene is set
7 minutes to breathe our last breath

Live on borrowed time, feel the fear in me
Future, past, all is fading, warped reality
Nation against nation, corporation versus corporation
How much more for power? Hands tick towards devastation

As minutes pass we keep on dancing on our graves
As nation die we slowly move towards our doom

11. Iron Will

Feeling my life has been tainted
Accept this when life's so much more?
They've always been on the taking
My end left to settle the score

Bleeding heart out to search my truth
On the edge, staring down
But I'll never reach the ground

Moving on to better days
Iron willed I pave my way
A world of pain. I'm not born to lose

Thanks to screammarc for sending track #2 lyrics.
Thanks to piatek.david for sending tracks ## 3-6, 8-11 lyrics.

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