Dark Lyrics


1. Final Nail

Murdered under blackened skies
Bleeding from a thousand wounds
Crushing through the edge of me
Sworn vengeance ripping through
As my heart pounds my chest like fists
Branded in my soul to burn
Biting the hand that feeds
The price of lessons learned

I have emerged
I will regain
There's darker days
Coming your way

... Get hammered down

Final nail in your coffin - no more regret
Final nail in your coffin - embrace oblivion
Final nail in your coffin - no more regret
Final nail in your coffin - reborn to conquer

2. Reclaiming The Crown

Breathing to come alive
Ressurection under the knife

Feel the wind
Feel the rain
It comes down hard
But I'll fight again

Seeking for a way out
Smothered, gasping for air
Slashing, fighting demons
True strength will get me there

Pick me back up
Down on the ground
Reclaim my crown
As this dark age is crumbling down

3. Marked For Death

Bleeding, black blood 'till the end
Thrown down, tattered, beaten,
In the dirt, left for dead
Watching, the demise of all that's been
No forgiveness, no remorse
Created the very hell you're in

No remorse...
Marked for death
Vengeance burns
Feeding flames
Of no return
... To this life.

Tearing up this farce
Rusted life of sin
Nothing you proclaim
Can save you from your end

My means to an end
No saviour
... I will stay true.

Burned down bridges, ashes of my life
Left to burn, a beacon in the night
Slit my throat, will never bleed again
Cut it down to size, initialize the end.

4. Recall To Inferno

Ever raging, the quest for silence
A merciless war on the rise
Dismissed to hold back the pain
Glistening daggers I thrust
Bite the bullet, the silver curse

Inferno - The burning of my soul
As I glimpse at glory
Burning - Lifetimes put to halt
My heart grows cold

Eaten alive by hatred
My heart turns to black
Hunted down
Staying ahead of the pack
The ultimate release
Comprehension has failed
Code of honor, fistfull of courage
Turning hard as nails

Hard as nails

Downfall of a demigod
The new-found order breeds fear
Indulging in the fate
Of harvesting the years

5. Trigger The Tempest

Anguish burns in my veins
Bitterness remains
Anger turns to hatred
Hatred turns to strength
Lost will to stay docile
Only the tempest fed

Turmoil prevails
Adrenaline dictates
Too late to
Appeal to reason

Rejected - serenity
Evoked - hostility
... In me

6. Dead Of Night

Cut loose in the dead of night
Broken silence ends
Found long lost salvation
In a last act of despair
Salvation - freed from false delight
Salvation - at the end embraced by light

Long lost freedom
Prisoner of self
Forsaken existance
On the long road through this hell
Holes dug deeper
Can't crawl up these walls
Bliss overruled by chaos
Forever all is gone

Passing on to better days
Passing... on to salvation

Finding yourself
At the edge of your life
Burning slowly
Destined to pain you hide
A final journey
Touched by death itself
Redemption for all sins
Of a never forgotten man

7. Deeper Shadows

Plunging into length of days
Nothing can... erase the shadows ever deeper into me

Can't be redeemed, roots undenied
Never release, continuing the bloodline

Apathy a lonely master
Tempting given fate
One foot in the grave
But I'm not new to this trade

Drench me in the blood
Of what I call my own
Cleansed in purgatory
Defying all, I roam
All but regret

Can't be redeemed
Never release

Ever deeper...
Plunging into length of days
Nothing can... erase the shadows ever deeper into me
Plunging... Deeper... Plunging...
Deeper into me...

8. Immortality

Darkside of innocence dragging me down
Thrown into this pit, I never reached the ground
Veiled ghosts of tomorrow, echoes of the past
Coming back to haunt me, this feeling ever lasts
No sense of relief, I'm bound to burn
Respect is taken, finding no solace in your words

Only words...
From tongues so forked they fall apart

The serpent in the grass
Slithers stealthly
Only reconfirms
This immortality


Alone within these walls I face my fear
Tempted throughout time to cut it clear
Venom in my veins, am I still sane
Scarred and bleeding but still master of the game

Scarred and bleeding

9. Poisoned Blood

Swing of the blade comes so fast
No time to rest, betrayal moves silent
As all heavens come crashing down
Stand witness to the demise of what's left

Palaces in ruins
Unbolt the doors
Staring down the hole
To await another blow
Battered and wrecked
Inside torn apart
The harshness of reality
Tears away the past

Anxiety builds... up inside of me

Swept away by the undertow
Crops up, overwhelming, ready to explode
Walking in the shadow of myself
The darkside of the soul, try to regain, what's left

As my weapon against blades that bring the pain
Armour as my shield
Against ego's that have gone insane

Blades that bring the pain...

10. When We Were Kings

Darkened is the mirror
As life shows signs of decline
Buried beneath, six feet and breathing
Suffocated, still doing time
Image in the mirror
Staring back with empty eyes
Deep down the chaos ever bleeding
Can't turn back the hands of time

In a time of suffering
Will you take the offer
Sell one's soul to eternity
Betray the love of a brother

Cannot erase all sin
Deserve to burn within
The image fades...

Twist and turn
Twist and turn the thorn in my side
Never asked anyone the price of what's to be
Inside out, left hand path, now check reality
As the image darkens, swallowed up in time
Eyes sewn shut, crown of thorns, worn throughout this life

Life is getting darker
The chaos ever bleeds
Life is getting harder
That man in the mirror is me

That man is me...

Thanks to demmik for sending these lyrics.

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