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1. Flower Sun Rain

[Pyg Cover]

2. Buzz-In

Ah, how I adore this hair-do, it's blown up!
The gloves are high up, how I shiver and quiver!
Now, I am here to show my love and allegiance,
hurry up, go and dance to the ear-splitting sound!
Lesson two!
BUZZ-IN, the guitarist has his pocket turned out and shown
BUZZ-IN, he wears a purple bikini, and he has two sticks sticking out
of it, on his right and left
Here comes a big mosh!
"OMG, the music hasn't started yet!"
Can't resist this vibration
Can't resist this vibration
Can't resist this vibration
Can't resist this vibration
Yeah it rocks my ribs
Yeah it crashes my ribs
Yeah it rocks my ribs
Yeah it crashes my ribs
"You know, Joe was wearing a witch hat!"

3. Laser Beam

You want some pain, you get it tonight
It eats up your mind, the trap of darkness
Shout it out! No way! You are chained
and you are tame, until you overcome the pain
You've got to crush the darkness named control
You've got to destroy the darkness named system
You're chained and manipulated
You're driveling, being kissed by the pain
For it, you've got the rock 'n' roll
The roll of thunder, thirst for pain,
it evokes the dizzy sensation
You've got to kill the darkness named isolation
Hear the roam, get yourself free
The pain, it's always stalking you
The pain, it's got to be overcome
Let it go, the fang of volume, here! Let it go, the fang of volume, now!
Let it go, the fang of volume, here! Let it go, the fang of volume, now!

4. Statement

Responses with no substance, the meter indicates "ignore"
Find out someone who shares your forename and last name
Stimulate the same spot deliberately
I'll lure it out, the wet system of yours
Oh, I'm a wanderer, I'll just keep singing this annoying song
Laughing, laughing, laughing, la-li-lu-li-la-lu-la
Laughing, laughing, laughing, la-li-lu-li-la-lu-la
Just laughing
This is our STATEMENT
Quick responses, you're on high alert,
illuminated in an unfamiliar colour
Don't stop, you're begging, holding your breath
Usual handling, here's the message I'm pouring into you
I see some surface condensation, the fluorescent yellow is now wet
Oh, I'm a wanderer, I'll just keep singing this annoying song

5. My Neighbor Satan

The ideal, he seems quite uneasy,
is almost crying, and he just sits there.
He's got a pair of dark, innocent eyes.
"So tell me." The lies quivers together. "Tell me, don't shy away." Scared.
"Tell me." The lies squeeze each other, very tightly.
This is like a prayer, I thought, till the night came.
Bring it down, you've got the blade in your left hand. Don't hesitate.
Trying to or not trying to terminate, he has some tears in his eyes.
Caught off-guard, his eyes give somewhat dismayed look,
with the innocence deep inside.
Look, it's so wistful. Why, why do you blame me?
The melody penetrates his chest, and stops him crying.
The melody penetrates his chest, and makes him pray.
It drives him insane, oh he still has those innocent eyes.
It makes him pray.
"How does it feel to be driven insane?"
He still has it in the chest, it seems.
Somehow he feels it's inside of himself.
The Satan might have given him nowhere to go.
It's sticking into his chest, and it's the Satan.

6. Ka Re Ha Te Ta Sa Ki - No One's Grive

Totally dried out, even tears are no more.
They were singing a song, they were sand-coloured, they were left behind.
Where did they go? Where's the sorrow that bloomed over me?
He's singing for more than ten decades, is this right? He knows or he knows not,
nobody knows for sure. But it suddenly turned out true. It is now officially true. They plan
it, and he's besieged by countless nights, and it sucks him dry. Yeah it's as if the world
has sucked him dry. The wind feels heavy. They say now he looks like the night. His face,
well, the worlds have become stars, being blamed for all of this, is this right?
Totally dried out, nothing comes out of me. Nothing it can do for me, I've got to bury the
darkness. Even when I'm doing it. I get thirstier and thirstier. But there is no darkness left to
be painted over. Well, you know what I mean.
Morning light. How I wish for it.
You know what I mean.
Where does the sound come from, they wonder and look out.
They strain their ears to catch it.
DRIED OUT. What can be seen?
DRIED OUT. What are you watching?
HE'S OUT THERE, and shows a smile.
When the morning comes, they will...

7. You Were Holding An Umbrella

I saw beads of rain running down on your umbrella, wondering when I could tell you
that I was hoping you would see everything in your dream. In a dream I am waiting,
and when I open my eyes to find out you aren't there. In a rain I am still waiting with my
eyes wide open so as not to be waken from this dream. I am dreaming of your wet hair
sticking onto your face, or drenched shoulder and fixed eyes that are gazing
When I catch your fingers reaching me, I can superimpose my dream in my dream.
I had a dream of you, blaming me. You were pointing your fingers at my eyes.
You blamed me in my dream. Always you laughed at my eyes.
The leaden sky conceals colors, making someone look down who isn't afraid of rain
The rain of betrayal sinks the dream. The whirl is taller than me, at which I make a
scream. I get swallowed, and carried away. I can't see anymore. Where's the umbrella
gone? I can't see. I hear a voice, deep inside. I'm going to search for you.
I hear a voice, and when I finally find it, my dream would come true.

8. ...

She is destined to fall and fester while whispering,
a sweaty woman.
The usual tactics, her second nature,
She is inviting me on the game board.
No use doubting any more,
just can't resist and get abducted,
Let me be inside, tight-closed,
with the square grids filled up, this will never be completed
Forbidden beings, the game begins, tumble of the dice
She spurs me. She makes me get some more speed.
Have just buried all the distress in the scnet of the skin
Have just realized everything has been assimilated
Ah, never know what happened, Am so Complicated.

Additional Musicians:
Michio Kurihara - Guitar on "Flower Sun Rain" and "My Neighbor Satan"
Stephen O'Malley - Guitar on "..."

All music and lyrics by Boris except "Flower, Sun, and Rain".

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