Dark Lyrics


1. Black Path

As I explore the sewers,
I discover her taken to a chamber
where a man awaits
"bring him to me, I will decide
everyone chosen, everyone dies
he will be our perfect sacrifice
to our god who demands it"
he wears a serpent mask to cover his lies
he spews his venom unto his loyal congregation
as i prepare to die alone
i see those familiar faces
a man and boy, father and son
my head is bowed on the sacrificial stone
his blade risen to execute
as it falls it shreds flesh
a boy drenched, covered in the blood of this father
he waivers not
you deceived the few, you betrayed us all

2. Xenophagia

This planet is cold and dead
We need a new
For years, we've fed on this decrepit land
The hive has grown weary
Erect, we look to our god to provide our next meal
We have lived for Aeons
We will never be extinguished
We will devour all worlds
And turn life into death
Mercy is shown to no one
We will ravage the weak
To replenish the colony
We are of one mind
We are of one hive
We are all of one mind
We cower in his wake as he rises
To conjure a portal
His magnitude covers our sky
As he casts his shadow
Let us flow through these gates
To a new world that's full of life
Only to destroy it
Let our compass be precise
As the swarm begins to crush
Into it!
Into it!
As we navigate through the stars
This new earth will soon be ours

3. Hive Conduit

Madness, surging through my fucking brain
Relentless, showing things I cannot change
Why do my dreams haunt me
Why cannot I not rest
No, This night seems without end
and it leaves me with the sanctity of nothing
My skin begins to crawl
as those who call out to me in my sleep
as i awake, screaming and shaking
my eyes bloodshot red from hours of crying
will this pain secede or will this be my end
I've lost my grip on reality
sanity escapes me, delusions ensue
my walls are caving in
I fall to the ground
I have become a slave to their dark will
overwhelming voices that now bring me to my knees
take these lives to feed the hive
when death rains down who can survive
I have become one with them

4. Clandestine

Hundreds of followers gather at this mount
torches in hand, to the top we ascend
where we will form a pillar of light
this night is theirs, sacrifices prepared
the time draws near, premotions are clear
"as it was said, it will be done"
now as the moon moves to cover the sun
as we bring our blades to their throats
they swallow all their fears
as the sun escapes our sight we offer you this beacon
oh great ones, make this your feeding place
open up, swallow it all
purge the earth, let us give it our eyes
open up, swallow them whole
i beckon to you from the farthest depths of space
to come and devour these fools
and here i wait
for you to call us back home
I have seen it written in the stars
Their world will pierce the sky and pour itself into ours
The darkness breaks exposing our offering
rise to your feet the ritual is complete
as we descend, our hope remains clear
we have unleashed the greatest of fears
all men will fall who ignore the signs
this selfish world, has run out of time

Michael Bielenda ‒ Guitars
Cody McCoy ‒ Drums
Jacob Gray ‒ Bass
Benjamin Lamoreaux ‒ Guitars
Nathan Wittock ‒ Vocals

Thanks to misanthropypure216 for sending these lyrics.

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