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1. Hello World

2. Brothers Of Space

President of the World: Brothers! I have got a mission for you of the
very most
importance, regarding the survival of the human race! Yes, I know, you just
got back from a mission... But this time it is for real! You are indeed the
only force between victory or distinction!

[Robot Stooge:] Hey, you! What do you think you are doing!? You can not just
walk in here and steal the secret plans regarding the destruction of planet
That is the only copy we have got! ...And what do you think you are doing
with that spacecraft? That is the personal belonging of my evil master.
The evil, evil Mr. Ping!

[Brother 1:] Here is one for being a bad guy! ...And here is one for hurting
my hand! Let us go, brother!

[Mr. Ping:] Escaped? What do you mean escaped? Got away? What do you mean got
away? Marsian missionaries! What do you mean?! Ah... The marsian
Revenge! REVENGE!

[Brother 1:] Look, brother: Marsian missionaries. They are funny! Oh... They
are attacking! Let us get out of here!
[Brother 2:] I can not shake them! I just can not shake them! They are on our tail.
We are done for. We are done for!
[Brother 1:] Oh... Wait a minute. They seem to have trouble with that groovy,
groovy bongo rythm of yours. Go brother, go!

[Singer:] Spaceborn adventurers, brothers of space, saviors of the human race.

[President of the World:] Welcome home, brothers. The planet salutes you!

3. No Cords. No Wires

No-one tells me when to laugh or frown.
Still I can not free myself from the thought:
I am not that unique at all.

I watch me on TV. On-Off. Left, right, mute
You hear nothing. You see nothing. No cords.
No wires. No wonder I can not free myself
from the thought: I am not that unique at all.

I hear nothing. I see nothing.
It is the only complete remote controll.
I watch me.

4. Marching To Rome

As I enter the basement I live in,
I notice that something is wrong.
The smell from the refrigerator
has grown tremendously strong.
The Ooze has merged with the yoghurt.
Add Cauliflower and you have got a brain.
The smell grow so vicious,
I think I am going insane.
Is it alive? Is it ALIVE? No way!
Yet it slides slowy towards me and
adresses me in a blubbly way.

[Beast:] Come to me love!
[Man:] What do you want? What do you want?!
[Beast:] With your feet and my mind,
we will conquer the world in a day.
Come to me, love! Come to me love!
[Man:] No way!
[Beast:] Yes way! We are marching to Rome!

5. By Five O'Clock Tea

Citizens of the World!
He was the devil. He was the brain.
He went for world domination again.
But his twisted, wicked mind could get stuck
on matters it did not ought to:
Why does the dungeon of doom
keep the devil in the next room?
The public demands an answer.
Some say potato. Me, for one, say otatop.
Backwards masking may not scare you, but,
down here I am considered to be just too tough.
I put the kettle on. Pick up the telephone:
Give me world domination by five o'clock tea.
I have got a nuclear bomb, and I know how to use it.
Calling long distance from the top of the world.
I am the devil.

6. King Inst. King

[Machine:] Welcome! I am your computer!
[Easy listener:] Initiating.
Scanning quadrant no. 9000065b.
Scanning... Scanning... One hit!
[Man:] I want to be king instead of the king.

[Speaker no1:] We can not allow the natural
passions to lead this nation to destrucion.

[Machine:] We understand you want to be king
instead of the king. We did a brain scan on you sir.
[Man:] I want to be king instead of the king.
[Machine:] That pretty much settles it for you, sir.

7. The End Of The World

There is a man on the sidewalk.
He carries a sign.
But I do not care. I do not have any life.
I will shut up and go to hell.
This is the end of the world.

8. Under The Sea

I am growing numb, dumb.
It does not feel real.
I can not hear clear, but I see:
I am becoming just like M and P,
but on the bottom of the sea.
Take me away.
Rush through the veins.
Drowsy. So drowsy.
Happy. I am happy.

9. Oxygen XX

Oxygen. Funny really.
[Oxygen:] Good.
[Carbondioxide:] Bad.
You need 2% bad to survive.
To little: you grow dizzy.
To much: You grow tired.

10. Sugar And Fear

Sugar, coffe, cigarettes and fear.
Just another song about me.
Tired and sad. Yet kind of happy.

Sugar, coffe, cigarettes and fear.
Tired and sad from being alive.
Yet kind of happy: I will not survive.

11. Making Room For God

Bashed my skull in, making room for God.
Opened a vein.
Opened another vein.
Stiill no room for God.
Realized God is in everything,
though, not inside.
Tried to put myself together,
using wallpaper glue.
No good. Magic Tape. Worse.
God was all over the place.
Dripping. Slipping. Sliding off the walls.
Falling down on the ground with a curse.

12. Flight To The Future

256 shades of grey.
Flight to the future,
to the world of plastics.

13. Things To Come

All music and lyrics by Bogus Blimp, except "Hello World", "Oxygen" and
"Making room for God" by Bogus Blimp and Ingar Hunskaar. Tambourine on
"Brothers of Space" and computer assistance on "Brothers of Space" and
"Flight to the Future" by Tore Ylvizaker. Session drums by Roger Jacobsen.

Thanks to andreasjohans for sending these lyrics.

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