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1. Intro


2. Curse

I thought that we were one
from all the nodding heads and how we sing along
but there are still the ones that got the scene all wrong
yeah you dance real hard and we all know your names
for those that come and go
I will still remain
One hand outstretched waiting for return
we're so diverse so much more to learn
a fellowship not just a place to dance
we'll make this work lets take a stand
this scene's diseased you're living proof
you act as if you're a one man crew
you've paid your dues
we need your help
this all begins and ends with you
all those things you do
what's been done to you
my hands are rinsed clean
you don't own this scene
why do you lean
stand on your own
just be yourself and don't let anyone tell you how to grow
you can't fake through this and pretend to love a God that you don't know
we can't make this work if you're standing by yourself all alone
this is not the place to make rules for a scene that you don't own.

3. Watch Your Mouth

And you say you're saved
but I don't remember blasphemy
being a righteous thing
tempers flare
clouds your mind
and the only thing you scream
tends to be
my true love and saving grace for me
empty emotions don't waste your breath on these words
free to speak
and I won't preach
but cut the crap it's not funny
repress the urge
to use those words
you're killing all His dreams
and the endless stream
of forgeries
will never do a thing
trust in Him and you will rightly see
those choice of words
are so absurd
and won't be used by me
for every time that I've been mad
I never went back on what I've said
and choose expressions that don't make sense
'til death I fight it with every beat of my heart
saying nothing won't change a thing
and dying wishes that you'll someday see
give disgust another chance to speak
just watch your mouth
it's the only way
my brothers won't stand for this
the second time and you could catch a fist
maybe then you will respect His gift
just watch your mouth
it's the only way.

4. Lay Down My Life

tell you once
and I'll tell you again
lay my life down for my family
my friends means that much to me
when the war is on we're all one
and this war can't change my plans
and you'll never affect my family and friends lay down my life
if you had ever had a little heart
because then you would understand
I will not wait for the fall
of the truth and brotherhood of God
I hold this kinship close to my heart
it will be there until this war is fought
take time to see you through
take time to show you what it's all about
find out what life's about
brothers until the end
my friends they are my life
for whom I'd sacrifice
in the end I won't think twice
lay down my
my friend my family my blood
for whom I could and would
don't have to ask me twice
give all I can
my friends
my blood
my life
my friends they are my life
for whom I'd sacrifice
the end I won't think twice
to lay down my life lay down my life

5. Nino Brown

choking the past
and all of the greed
subjecting myself
to all the wrong things
staying out late
with all of the team
committing the crimes that you would not dream
depraving myself
of what was in sight
and running around
like the world is mine
these idle hands
that I must destroy
never again
I won't be his ploy
and though the world has
all of these vices
it just isn't replacing my trust
everybody has their own convictions
I am annoyed at the way that you judge
He was there when you were devoted
He was there when you almost fell off
and even when we knew we made the wrong choices
He was there with a forgiving heart
and perfect love

6. Friend Was Your Name

I'm taking a look
back at the mess
the stains
the smell
but now is the test
rebuild the trust
of my friends that are left
think I'll be back
I wouldn't hold your breath
for everything
you've done
I stand stronger
as the man that I've become
and I won't pretend
were blood
hard earned lessons
when you hurt
hurt the ones you love
my hands are tied for once
only through Him
forgiveness for all of the wrong that you've done
it would've hurt a lot worse
when you ripped my heart from my chest
if I wasn't already dead from the knife in my back
friend was the name
that you lost when your face changed
all this was insecurity
your part defiling me
friendships were born
friendships will die
but in between
were the lies
so close to you
so far from new
we've all seen you
can't believe we're through
find a sucker you can leech on to

7. Set In Stone

is this worth the lives
is this worth the pain
this is not the life
this is what you've become
driven to the point
your desire is blood
unmatched by any man
the loyalty to you is steadfast
solid as stone
garnished by your words that are false as apparitions
this flesh that you once considered so dear
is proof of my ultimely demise
and you still want more
innocent blood shed
nothing to lose
as your sons
have fallen now
you spit untruths
as you wait
for your judgement day
for all the tears that have yet to dry
for all the years that you've destroyed all of our lives

8. Through His Blood

when I was young
I questioned my faith
at a time when I was searching
and now I look back
when I'm down
whenever I hurt
think of Christ and I think of the Cross
just when I thought the walls were closing in
in came the trap
think and react
never again will I turn my back
never again will I question my faith
hold on tight and close my eyes and pray will every beat of my heart
never think twice
hold up my cross
never again will I deny my faith
I break down
I am alone
stick right by
every word of the Book
when I forgive what they've done
won't have no more questions to ask
with Him close to my heart
live my life
with no regrets
just when I thought the walls were closing in
in came the trap
think and react
never again will I turn my back
never again will I deny my faith

9. Virginia

10. The Stand

these final days
in agony
spent holding your word so tightly
all the while
and you
falsify His name
degrading the dream
and it all becomes a testament to thee
with no return it all means nothing
therefore your judgement
seems shadowed
to me
with the love
He has shown
we wield the tools
and by His grace and through the same the service
is just and true
and still the threat is so real
removed from His view
compels me
makes me praise His name in everything I do
we do as of your will now
now is the stand
His sacrifice
showed more compassion than any other man
Pray hard
these final days
spent in your arms
and we won't be left here
to suffer
in sin
without His love
you can't begin life
we shall overcome
stand strong
His work is not yet done
the stand

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