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1. Intro

2. Eloquent Atrocity

I want to tell you a tale, which includes gore
There was a bad-ass whore
There was a whore
She doesn't fear of the gore
There was a whore
There was a fucking bad-ass whore
All the town had history with…HER
But she didn't sleep with me
Cause it's big (she said)
She was playing with me
I couldn't wait for pussy
She has got what she deserve
It's her pleasure to take this
She…was such a shit
She…whores are deserve to die
She was begging me
She was begging me TO KILL
She was begging me to finish my things as well
But she didn't know that she's bleeding
That I'm in love with cunts and blood
The floor was full of
The things that came out
From her big vaginal
She looked at the floor
All over the place has been covered by her damn blood
She was deserve to die
You're deserve to die too

3. Ecstasy

Suffer now
It's almost time
Now you're all alone you're coming with something to me but you're still a kid for these you put it, in your vein, as you looking to me you don't know, what will be happened suffocate, pursiness, bleeding, wrong vein
I told you're a kid for these
Think about your mom and pa
Fear of the frustration
Now you're receive to me
You can't run away from me
All of us are guilty
Suffocation with the bleed
Save me from this
I know
I was such a pig
Save me this time
I won't do anything

I promise
I won't do anything

4. Ravenous Whore

There was a fat ass whore
Who hates my gore
There was a fat ass whore

She was bleeding
It made me happy
Whore, whore, whore

She was bleeding
It made me happy
Whore, whore, whore

There was too much blood
Drip from her cunt
Thirsty for my cock
I like her cunt
Raised with a knife
Killed by a knife

She was bleeding
She was bleeding

I did it with delight
Her cunt is useless

She can't make money by it
But my cock is straight

5. Pregnant Cunt

I want to tell you
A story of the whore
Who fucked up the people's life
And she won't take what she deserve
Till now
Whore, she was a whore
She was, unclean
Whore, she was, whore
She was,
I look for all of my life, to suffer, she's bleed, as you can see
One time a fool put it on her
After there was a fetal sperm in her womb
Now kill her, slay her
Her womb is full of filth
But no one had bulls to fuck her up

I decided to do it by myself
I put my gun on her damn womb and shot

6. Sadomasochism

Come on enjoy the suffer
Before you be dead
Do you want to suffer me?
See what
I did
Time to put in again
It's my favorite mission
Time to put in you
See you're bleeding
Don't afraid, be proud
Don't afraid, enjoy it
Come on see the suffer
You're next on this
Do you want to suffer me?

See what
I did

See what
I did

See me, what do you see?
Bleeding, it's part of it
Suffering, enjoy it
Say me
I'll do what you say
Pussy, misogyny, utopia, bordel, hate,
But just this time
I want to show you, what
I've done
See me carefully
Attention to me
I've done revenge

7. Withered Vaginal

I want to tell you about a whore
And what
I did to her

I want to tell you about a whore
And what
I did to her

Whores must be dead for us, to have a great life

You can use condom, and enjoy without suffer
You don't use a condom, and make her suffer
Suffocate her now, right now, so what ?, just watch, whore must die
Be killed, by who has fucked, suffer right now
Suffocated some whores and now
I'm ready to do this killing job
My genre's suffering now
Whore has come to work, now it's almost time, whore why you're not wet
It's time to suffer
Suffocated her and it was feel so cool
I never had any feel like this
I forgot to tell you all
I've done to her
I put my all things through her, while
I was trying to choke her
I was enjoying that her womb was withered
Suffer them right the fuck now you're my god

Be the first who see me, you're my sequacious
What, you, can, see
You can't find this anymore
Her, wet, pussy
Has become so withered
It, was, me, see
I did this to her

8. Bipolar Disorder

Suffering is my religion
No one can illustration of it
Test it just with me
You, will see
No one is better than me on this
No one is my damn rival on this
Show me what you got for this
Show me what you got for that
Suffering wants two big bulls to do
Suffering requires a real man to be followed
See me on this
I'm your god
See me and this
Before you be killed

Suffocation is first of all
You have to know
See me how can
I do it without the fear
I see no one can stand in front of me
You have to be god to stay in front of me
Hey, see, me
It, makes me
Died in the darkness
Conflicts with the madness
Died in the darkness
Suffer and torture are my traditions
I see no one can stand in front of me
You have to be god to stay in front of me, even
Go now, suffer, go now before you be fucked up
Go now, without, everything you left with me
Go to kill, see me, what do you see?, a guilty ?, yeah it's me
Forgive me just this time, don't suffer this time
You must to be dead, there isn't a chance

Suffering is the way to be clean forever
You had your chance,
All of your life
You have to pay cause of what you did

9. Lucid Dream

Once upon a time
There was a whore
Who fucked up all my mind
I wanted to find her dead
She was bleeding
Cause of the knife that I put it in her heart
Bleed, suffer her, right now, butcher her
Shiva died, in my bed
Shiva died, exactly beside me
Shiva mord, Shiva mord, Shiva mord, in my heart
Slice her damn corpse, you have to suffer
Right now, do it, get back to default
I went there Shiva was dead
I knew that she was a whore
I didn't want to do this to her
I didn't like butcher and dismember
Shiva mord Shiva mord, she's dead in my heart
I didn't want to hurt her
I'm regret of what I've done to her

10. Outro (Dead in mind)

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