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1. Deny The Fallen

Cast down in utter defeat
He fell to this earth
Weakened but not destroyed
For his doom would come...
After his use had reached and end

A choice was he
To be rejected or embraced
To be offered to the sons of men
To illustrate their freedom

Through cunning lies
He deceived human kind
Believing his lies as they chose
They freely gave him dominion
Which we in our folly continue to do!

Does this show great power
That he deceived us?
Does this act command respect?
You blind fools!
It only shows our grasping ambition
Futile, since God already gave man dominion
We barter it all away
At the cost of our souls!

The oppressor is none but the deceiver:
Never our ally, always scheming vilest treachery
Thus I deny his filthy, disgusting, damnable name:
"Defeated art thou by the great LIBERATOR!"
No more shalt thou rise!

No more shall you twist our faith into chains
For the great GOD of old spilled His blood
To free us from your domination
Mercy: since it was we who
Surrendered to you at the start!

In His strength shall we reign with Him
While you burn, burn forever, reviled one!

2. World Without End

Gaze long into my eyes
The serpent forever banished
Light shines forth
Life from the blood of the covenant
Light shines forth

Hollowness dwells in my spirit
Demons circle my sphere

Negative colours paint across my mind

Staring across wastelands of decay
The end in sight
My strength is gone
Sobbing racks my body
Amongst chaos I cling to hope
The end in sight

The light burns in my mind
Immortal life - the Healer

In the distance the exit
Carry me through death

Anoint me
Cover me with the oil of life
My spirit aches to be with You

I will burn bright for You
Bear your light in blackest darkness
Keeper and SAVIOUR
Lover of my soul

Nothing can separate us...
Faces to the sky
Coming on the clouds of heaven
Final victory is ours

3. Hypocrisy Of Hate

Who are we to you?
What do lives mean to you?
The stench of humanity
Assaulting your senses

People are worthless filth
Drowning in the misery
Of our own making
What possible hope is there for us?

If we are as pointless as you say
And not worth saving
What does your misanthropic
Thinking matter?

Hypocrisy of hate

If all humanity
Is doomed to destruction
Are you not part of the problem?
If all humanity is doomed...

You should hate your own life...
Lead the way!!!

4. Escaping The Abyss

A cold sharp blade
Warm candle light flickers
Lost in the caverns of depression
I drift into spiritual realms
Demons screaming for pain
Unending voices pounding
Weak and despairing
I offer my flesh

Burning metal one with my cold skin
Rushing pain sears my senses
Deep release
Loyalty pledged through sacrifice
Invasion of body, mind and soul
Awaking to life, departing this world
I join them and pass into the void

Relentless cycle, wounding deeper
Addicted to damage
Self revulsion
I cry to my LORD to break the chains

Powerless to resist when evil calls
Surveying my scarred flesh
Praying to CHRIST
To release me
I cannot overcome the demons I have called
I have called...

Love answers with liberation
Soft light dispersing darkness
My flesh restored
A sacrifice to the LAMB
Peace envelopes within
Sheltering in brilliant light
Demons denied
Their voices silenced
My torment over, I walk in freedom
My life regained as I pass
Through the darkness

5. Shadow Aspect

Cursed and bound to this earth defiled
In chains of animal instinct
Vision focused by force on the present moment
These chains forged by hell
Each moment a link

Repeating animal acts until the moments end
When worms of mercy devour
The carcass that's imprisoned
A slave race, neither name nor face
Potential left to rot
In the filth of the slave pits

Yet in the darkest corner of the mind

The master lurks, proud and evil
Urging us to a promise of freedom untamed
Grand vistas of sated lusts and of desires
Beyond existence
The lie of life unrestrained

Flattering ourselves that we are in control
The master steers us towards
The death we abhor
Aspect of shadows deep within the mind:
The dark side of our nature we try to ignore

Behold the cycle repeat itself
A sentence of self-worship punctuated by death
Am I the hero or the villain
In this tale of my own emptiness?

But the lure of shadow aspects call
Is the proof of its bane
The need for life beyond this corrupted view
Exists because it is there to
Be found beyond the chains

A glimpse of a SAVIOUR and a life
With no chains

6. King Of Chaos

In light unapproachable
In the darkness of mystery sits enthroned
The greatest KING - Lord of order and chaos
Who can know Him?
Who can perceive His thoughts?
For He sees all and all He sees is His domain

Forged He His kingdom
From His thought came all that is
Shaped on the anvil of His will
His hammer was His simple outspoken word

Out of the completeness of solitude
Came the desire for something beyond
The longing for communion with others
And with the desire so came the will

So He made the stars flames to light the night
And chose one out of billions to call the sun

Fashioned a world of splendour
For His new begotten kin
Thus purpose is seen in every
Known and unknown thing
For perfection of joy for His people

The desire to grow beyond
The confines of mere mortality
Is created henceforth by His will

To commune with the source of creation
Is to create a thing of utter beauty
A simple moment in a finite span of time
Yet within is contained all the weight of eternity

Forged He His kingdom...

And to be one in the everflowing
Stream of His SPIRIT
Beyond the seas of infinity

7. Chasm

A world shared, but worlds apart
Standing in divided unity
One purpose and goal
Life and that in abundance

In JESUS a path to freedom
Found by some
The church a symbol of tyranny
For others

This is what divides
Engulfed by chaos
But the truth will set free
Embraced by light

An eternity divides
The chasm yawns wide

The CHRIST of history
Brought every mountain low
The CHRIST of history
Raised every valley

A voice to expose tyranny
To raise the oppressed
He lives to draw you to hope
He died to bridge the great divide

There is no difference between us
Of our own making
His blood will unite
Those who hunger
For freedom and life

We seem the same
But blood has cleansed us
We can share eternity
His blood unites us in strength

Now and forever

8. Dreaming Future Memories

By lust ensnared, by innocent blood extricated
I am welcomed into the hall of murderers

Dreaming future memories
So shocking: covered with blood and dirt
My dead children in my arms
Amongst the graves embracing those
Too late to protect

Her deceit - my selfishness
Combine to spawn a torment that lingers
A brutal reality created in
The most intimate of moments

Making divine decisions but
Unable to deal with the consequences
Crushed by my will, beaten by my own weakness

The passage of time cannot replace what's lost
Aeons could not erase the shame
Guilt washed away by the blood of GOD
The weight of memory remains
But as these years pass
Wounds opened by my own hand
Are healed by undeserved forgiveness

Though some may condemn
The blood on my hands
Their pride shall be their undoing
For I answer to Him above
Aware of my wrong

Souls can never be destroyed
A distant celestial reunion
To heal completely the sins of my past
To cleanse all the filth of my deeds

By lust ensnared
By holy blood extricated
I am welcomed into the new city of GOD

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