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1. Ultima Ratio


2. A Thousand Suns

"I am become death, the destroyer of worlds"

As we struggle with our nightmares
And fail to calm the indignant mind
A hidden force born in despair
Shall change the fate of all our kind

Let the end justify the means, let the battle begin
With insentient will, we wield the hands of God

Revelation unsettles the Earth
The time of lordship is at hand
Repent, atone and perish in flames
Obey the nuclear command

We'll never find a way to turn the tide
The challenge of ages
As long as we won't realize the time has come
Transcend through gates of Hell
Cast open wide-inferno calling
In silent splendour a thousand suns shall rise

3. Creed

Inflict the world, the summoned joined
A pyre of lies in flames
Centuries are crumbling
In preservation's name

Newfound power, their solemn task
To save the weak in vain
Obedience and ignorance
Shall guide the future's way

So will you fall
Or will you follow?
The order of decline
Burn with us or burn in flesh
Burn within the sacred fire

Cause and effect
A crown of thorns within our hands
Apply the grand design
And no one shall suspect

Cause and effect
The dye is cast make no amends
Infectious deeds
Creed of murder from our hands

Dissection of society, all sentiments in vain
Rectified and bound in spite, a nation made of false disdain

Creed - will you follow?
Seed - of tears and sorrow

4. All Things Unsaid

It takes a stillborn heart to be
What we have become
Solitary souls

It takes a closer look to see
Everything we've done
To break out of here

Left to ourselves, in a world of devolution
We'll never find absolution

As we run with the wolves tonight
In the sweetest of illusions
For all the things unsaid
Our soundless retribution

The world shall fall
All life cease to exist
A fading star
Shall light a tragedy to rest
In the night

In silent dreams, in deepest of illusions
We'll never find absolution

As we run with the wolves tonight
In the sweetest of illusions
For all the things unsaid
Our soundless retribution

5. Cold

What's left within ourselves
What have we become?
Sworn to an empty chest
Sworn to a blackened sun

Center of the west
To find the final solution
The triumph of the will

They control the mind
They control the masses
Purity to find
In blood and soil

What have we done
How could we fail to see the fading?
All of them gone
Now that we face the truth
We're cold inside

Come, come
and see the worth of wrath
All enemies shall fall
On our holy path

We are the chosen kind
We are the force of fate
Wipe out the weak of mind
Come and praise your hate

What's left within ourselves
What have we become?
Born in the serpent's nest
Born in the blackened sun

Center of the west
To find the final solution
The victory of faith

We became the wave
As we became the tide
No life unworth to save
In our endless pride

6. ...Never Stills My Hunger

Crave for chaos, crave for the undefined
The path leading nowhere, none else to find

No return, no one step back
The course is set, the rising sails in black

The call of the wild, deep inside
Our hearts
Belongs to no one

The gates of surrender, open wide
Within the shades of what remains

To the master of all designs, no one shall bow before thy throne of lies
Crave for chaos, crave for the undefined
We're bound to rule what we divide

Everything I'll ever own
I should have known
Never stills my heart, never stills my hunger

Nothing I had to atone
I should have known
And it leads my life through the lights and thunder

Life is but a chain of regress, a tumbling on the precipice
A test of resolve, to find the illusion
And take down these walls of pain

7. Destination: Nowhere

Divided and ever striving for new deception
United in common cause to spread the infection
Objects in motion in the waning tide
A new age a new flaw to seek and hide

As the moment fades to shadow
Our destiny's obscure

In fire burn out to the excess
Another night, another show
Another soil to bless
The winding path
Leading on throughout the night
A life in the shades
A life in constant fight

As the moment fades to shadow
As our desitny's in vain
And we keep on striving

Until we'll be leaving nowhere
Vanished in the shores of time
And we'll be leaving nowhere
Never to return

8. Nothing In Return


9. Ignorance Is Bliss

Eyes shut wide, and minds caught in oblivion
The vision is the surrogate of life

Dead inside
Senseless yet with hollow pride
Marching for mortality, into the void

The words to which we're tied
On bloodstained banners held in pride
As we march to the abyss
We see, ignorance is bliss

I reject the words being spoken
Refuse the deeds called for by the masses

Times divide, the final chapter opens
Drawn inside the stream, I march into the void

10. Honest Words

So there's no way avoiding war
Ensnared in void affection
No future anymore
We shut the doors of perception

Repaid with a motherfucking knife in the back
Degrade to take the last means
As we fade to black

Everything we built shall fall in ruin
As a matter of fact
No other way to react
As no return the favor

Everything we built shall fall

All the things that came to pass
Withered memories from the past
Don't you see our falling star
Take these words for what they are

And we failed to find
The thorns within our eyes
Better living blind
Than surrender to our lies

We won't hesitate
To find and desecrate
Everything to bar our way
Reroute to decay

Everything we built shall fall in ruin

11. Apophis

Join the ritual
Join the willing masses
Rise from what you are
Blood be thy benediction

Saints of flesh and bone
Saints of resurrection
Praise the chaos throne
Praise our imperfection

Worlds fade to nothing
In thy multitude

Ages - in the void
Pain - of dissolution
Eternity - in dark desire
Penance, for our sins

Frozen grace
Convey a new evolution
From time and space
Come retribution

And we hear
The prelude to a silent symphony
Rage and fear
Give in to the common enemy

See the sky divide, ancient gods arise
Serpent of rebirth, devour this twilight Earth

Worlds fade to nothing
In thy multitude

Join the ritual, join the willing masses
receive a deadly blessing, from the blackened sky

Saints of living stone, saints of resurrection
Praise the chaos throne, praise our imperfection

12. In Vein

All cunning schemes devised
Now terminate in liquid
A fragile peace collapsing
In self-disdain

With thoughts the mind detests
Purpose without reason
Sanity's come to an end
A lesser self arising

Aspiration changed to flawed intention
Become addicted to a lethal attraction
Cannot live on with a life in dissection

Left my life all stained to seek detention
No reason, no affection
Shatter glass to escape the reflection

And the walls closing in on me
My innermost turned inside out
All I ever was
Became in vein

Hallucinations be me guide
To the world below
Excess and lunacy
The last threats to life

13. Storm Of Souls

Sear life
Burning to set an example of faith
In death is bliss
In death lives revelation

Eyes turning black
Shriveled skin escaping the flesh
The cleansing flame
Torment is purification

A final gaze and its over
Another minute is all there's left
For the praise of the elder
A flaming symbol

Burn the lie
And wash away the sins
Steady as she goes
in a storm of souls

Light the fire
Turn the world to embers
Steady as she goes
In a storm of souls

Sear life
Vengeance in mercy
Existence forfeit
In death is bliss
In death naught's unforgiven

The sacrifice is due
Order come rise from the ashen remains
The fist will open
Peace shall reign again

14. The Eternity Syndrome

Ever, everchanging tides of time
Running all around me
And still my wounds are bleeding

Ever, everlasting night divine
Can't believe the time gone by
Years have passed and
Still the wounds are bleeding

The moment ended too soon
The precious minutes
All wasted away
Forgotten and lost
As the path that lead astray

Again and again and again
The stories end remains the same
The cycle of ages
Keeps spinning endlessly

Again and again and again
The story's end remains the same
We suffer
The eternity syndrome

Frank – Bass
Moritz – Drums
Robert – Guitars
Nikko – Guitars, Vocals
David – Vocals

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