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1. Return Of Demons

This is walpurgis night
The witches are arrived
Something is coming now
It wants the sacrifice
And you can see the flames
But something is in this place
I know who are they
They´re blood thirsty demons

2. Sabbath

Your soul is ready to burn
Tonight you will see its return
Lucifer will come in this place
The magick will open the gates

Now it´s the time to dancing
With all the demons and witches
Prepare your body for the sacrifice
This is your time to die


This is the sabbath of walpurgis night
The mighty power of evil in this
Damned night
Help me god, I don´t want to cry
Help me god, I don´t want to die!

3. Sons Of Darkness

In the darkness we are
With our souls we see you
You must don´t care of us
Or tonight we take you
We are the ghosts of ourselves
We are the shadows of our minds
You don´t know who we are
Because you are so blind

Sons of darkness, save this world
Sons of darkness, this is my soul
Sons of darkness, you must judge me
Sons of darkness, don´t leave me alone

We are your masters now!
We prepare you to magick
We are sons and you are sons
Of darkness! we rule the world!

This is not black magic
This is not religion
This is only the great law:
Respect yourself and save this world!

4. Damned Souls

I´m lonely in the darkness
I was dead to the world
Now my soul travels in the hell
But here there is none
I try to fly, but I can´t
So I try to run away
But there´s the devil inside of me
Ye, ye, yea!

No I´m outside the hell
And I travel in the world
There´s no darkness and no shadows
And I can see the sky
But the devil is alway inside of me
I´m a damned soul
I must kill someone
Ye, ye, yea!

I see a young virgin
I want her blood to drink
Now I´m a slave of satan
I can´t believe it
In my life I killed two men
I did the game of the beast
Now my eyes are red
Like the blood and the flame
I´m a damned soul
I cannot live no more

Come on little child
look at my eyes
I´m a damned soul
I must kill someone

Now my friend!
Don´t destroy your life!
Don´t do the evil!
Or you will be of the devil!

5. False Reality

You must looking for the light
You must looking for yourself
You must looking for the true
Don´t you believe in the reality

6. The New Aeon

We are the new aeon
This is the time of maat
This is the time of justice
This is the time to sacrifice
All the forms of evil
This is the time of blood thirsty demons

7. Blood Thirsty Demons

You listen the song of the demon
Tonight you can see the edge of evil
When the fire burns and the virgins cry
We can say "it´s time to die!"

We are the blood thirsty demons
We are the death of evil
We are the blood thirsty demons
We burn your soul in hell

When the sky is black and the moon is full
The blood thirsty demons come to you
Without satanic rites, without brutality
We kill you now, without your will

Your soul is burning
Your body is gone
Tonight you are becoming
A blood thirsty demon

8. Werewolves Night

When the moon is full
And the dark has come
Arm you with every tool
Prepare yourself for gore...
In the werewolves night

It´s the son of nightmare
Or the brother of cain
It´s running everywhere
It´s searching one to maim...
In the werewolves night

Lord of moon
Where are you?
His body is changing
Hopeless lands
Unlearned men
His power and wisdom will kill you

Every night, everywhere
When your fear is full
A mighty monster come to you
With some thirst, some rage
You must run, you must die
You want to live, but now
I want your blood, your soul
Tonight I´m coming

Haunted hasty scream
In the werewolves night
If you a fighter seem
Prepare yourself to fight...
In the werewolves night
I went from north lands
With my silver arrow
Follow me, arm your hands
Its power will grow
In the werewolves night

9. Ancient Beast

Today is the day of its return
Who lives in this world will burn
From the abyss you can see the smoke
The smoke of evil that comes in your homes

I see the ocean that runs with the wind
There´s a hole in the water, I can´t believe
I see something in the hole, it´s horrible
Now I understand, the beast wants to rule

This is the ancient beast
It wants to command over its earth
This is the ancient beast
There´s no survivor, don´t fight with the beast

Help me god, I will give my soul for heaven
I haven´t fear, I will fight forever
I will close the door of the abyss of evil
I will close the door of the blood thirsty demons...
...in Hell!

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