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1. In Lucifer's Hand


2. Misanthropy

False friends, false musicians
False people and bitches
I thirst for blood,
the blood of you all!

I'm a mad ripper
And you can see my hatred
look at my eyes...
...and say goodbye!

Now you know all I need
Now you know all I feel
All I have inside of me
Is called misanthropy

I don't see the values
And I would like to kill
You think only to yourself
And I slash your flesh

3. Black Witches

This is Walpurgis night
They dance in circle
All around the fire
But they're not alone

There are the demons
They wanna call the devil
With sex and blood
They do all they want

Witches are here, demons are here
Ivol is here, the ritual begins!
In Walpurgis night black witches arrive
I want to survive, the ritual begins!

I see the devil
Into the fire
I feel the evil
Over the circle

I wanna run away
I'm not one of them
Devil wants my soul
But there's no way, no more!

4. Dead Rising

Finally I can see the light again
I can leave my old cold grave
I would like to see your face
I am rising from the heII

I'm returning back
I'm coming from the grave
I want my place to stay
You try to kill again
You try to take my place
But I'm returning back...
...the dead rising yeah!

You that live and insult my name
Don't forget all that I said:
"if you kill me I leave my grave
I return and I find you again!"

5. They Say

We are tonight all around the table
We wanna call the spirits and the demons
We wanna know something from the other side
Is there a better place to stay after we die?

They say: "We don't want you!
We hate human race!
But maybe someone wants your souls
So burn in hell...BURN!"

We are looking for a place where there's no sufferings
We wanna come to you, we wanna be free
Can you show us here tonight what is the light?
Is there a better place to stay after we die?

6. Cthulhu

The dark is coming from the sky
The dark is coming in our minds
Every man become crazy
The ancient god returns to take his throne

Cthulhu, come and take your world
Rise from the abyss, from your tomb
Cthulhu, come and take your throne
Destroy the people of this world

The ancient god walks on the Earth
His tentacles destroy the states of world
Someone try to call his name
And then they die in the flames

Destroy all the states
They burn in the flames
The dark is everywhere
We all die today!

He returns back to take again all his lands
The gate of abyss is open
Madness, sufferings... you lose your mind
Cthulhu is here again

7. Wicked Dream

There is something in my house tonight
Some shadows formed by the moonlight
I'm very tired and I go to sleep
And in a moment starts my wicked dream

I'm burning in the flames of hell
I see the demons and the unholy dead

My wicked dream
Burns into me
My wicked dream
The end of human being.........yeah!

Here people pay for their sins
Pay for their hatred and hypocrisy
The flames give us all the sufferings
The flames of hell that bring us to ruin

I see the old friends
I see the false people
They die around me
This is my wicked dream

I like this wicked dream,
The dream inside of me
The end of human being,
The end of blasphemy
But this is not real
And I can't wait for this
I must live here, into my agony

8. Suffering Of The Vampire

I'm looking for blood
I'm looking for souls
I'm looking for love

I'm always alone
I fly in the dark
And I look for someone

I would like to die
But I'm damned and I cry
You know, you are mine!
You know the vampire!

I hate human race
In these centuries
I've seen the disgrace

I suffer for you
I suffer for me
I suffer for world

9. Death Is Calling

It walks behind me
And it wants my soul
It says: "It's your time...
...it's your time to go!

I try to run away
This is my last day
But I would like to live again
I run away and pray

Death is calling my name
Death is taking my soul
Death is calling my name
My last day in this world.

It wants to see my blood
And I don't want
But maybe in the other side
There is a perfect world.

Here I see hypocrisy
Too much suffering
So death, take my soul
This is my will!

Cristian Mustaine ‒ All instruments

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