Dark Lyrics


1. The Awakening

[Music by C. Mustaine]

2. Let The War Begin

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

The sky is red, like blood
I see the angels, and I see the demons
They are ready, they wanna fight
Satan wants the God's throne!

So now! Let the war begin...

Poeple look, at the red sky
I see their fear, they wanna cry
They don't know, what they see
The end of world, let the war begin

3. Black Solitude

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

Everything I see is black
Everything I love is dead
No more friends, no more hate
No more things to do
I look for the black solitude...

Everyday I live is black
Everyday I lose my head
No more magic, no more mistakes
No more things to do,
I look for the black soilitude...

4. Blood Thirsty Demons

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

You listen to the song of demons
Tonight you can see the edge of evil
When the fire burns and the virgins cry
We can say: "It's time to die!"

We are, the Blood Thirsty Demons
We are, the death for evil
We are, the Blood Thirsty Demons
We burn, your soul in hell!

When the sky is black and the moon is full
The Blood Thirsty Demons come to you
Without satanic rites, without brutality
We kill you now, without your will!

Your soul is burning
Your body is gone
Tonight you are becoming
A blood thirsty demons

5. I Am The Evil

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

I was born in the fire of hell
And I don't know what I am
Around me there was a black, black sky
And I don't know why I cried

I don't know why,
I don't know why
The devil want my soul,
But this soul is mine
But now I don't cry because the devil
Doesn't know,
I am the evil and this is all

Fire in the sky, here I am
See this evil come, on this earth
The end is near, and death is here
This world is in my hands

I am the evil!

I cannot die, I survive
I rule the world and your mind

6. This Is My Death

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

I cannot see the light,
I can't feel my body
I can't hear the voice
Of poeple around my bed
I don't know why, my firends cry
My body is gone, but I live above them

This is my death, and I do what I want
This is my death, my body is gone

This is trye life
My soul is ready
Here you cannot die
Here there is no living

7. Burn The Witches

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

Like witches inside your head
They disturbed your life, they let you cry
Leave behind your memories
Leave behind your pain
Now depression arrives, but you run away

You butn the witches, to stop your mind
Free your soul from memories
And live your life

But this is the evil, that lives through man
I know the devil, he plays with your head
You must burn the witches, inside your head
They disturb your life, they let you cry

Bur the witches!...
Leave behind your memories,
Leave behind your pain

8. ...all Is Black

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

Blacj candles and sacrifices
Satanic rites in Walpurgis night
I'll never understand
What you think to be, my friend

You say: "Lucifer bring the light'
I say: "Lucifer bring you to death!"
I know the devil and his tentations
Why don't you pray in some other way?

Remember that I said: "one day you'll walk alone"
And don't ask me again to help you with your soul
Remember that I said: "one day you'll walk alone"
And understand, around you all is black

Black masses, blood and drugs
Fire, corsses and profanations
I'll never understand if you feel good with yourself

9. Lucifer's Fall

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

In paradise he cannot live, there's no place
For the beastr
He wants the abyss, he ants the men
He wants to change the laws of God

So, Lucifer falls - Into the dark
Lucifer falls - Into the flames

He wants to command all the demons
The falen angels and witches,
The stupid men who believe
In the prince of hell

10. Lady Of Sin

[Music & lyrics by C. Mustaine]

You who control all the minds
Give me your ecstasy
By your love I am blind
Help me to see the light
I don't know if I believe in you
I don't know if I wat your love
I don't know who you are
But I know you're the lady of sin

I don't want to drink your cup
I don't want to drink your blood

Lady of sin, don't come to me...

Mother of all sins, of Earth
Mother of all sins of men

Blood Thirsty Demons are:
Cristian Mustaine: Guitars, bass, screams & vocals
Karl Skyquake: Drums
Jack the Ripper: Live bass player
Special guest on keybords: Gabriele Colombo
All arangements by Blood Thirsty Demons except track 1 by Giuseppe Morazzoni

"...No more things to do, I look for the black solitude" (C. Mustaine)

Thanks to venombm for sending these lyrics.

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