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1. A Prophecy Against Nineveh


2. Woe To The City Of Blood

Woe to the city of blood
Where murder rushes in like a flood
Completely full of pillage and lies
Where prey never escape alive

The cracking of the whip
The rattling of the wheel
Galloping horses, blood on steel
Horsemen charging forward
Swords flashing, spears gleaming
Slain bodies, steaming
A mass of corpses, endless in sight
Horsemen stumble over the lifeless
Destroyed with overwhelming might

Because of the many acts of prostitution
Nineveh brought destruction on herself
Charming and well-favored one
The one who betrays nations and families, the mistress of sorceries

I will throw filth on you
Make you vile and treat you with contempt
You shall become a spectacle

You too Nineveh
Will become drunk with the cup of God’s wrath
You too Nineveh
Will search in vain for a rescue from the enemy

Your fortresses are nothing
Your people are weak
The gates of your land are opened wide
The fire will devour you

Multiply yourself like the creeping locust
Multiply yourself like the ones that swarm

Your shepherds are asleep
Your nobles are lying down in death
Your people are scattered on the mountains
And there is no one to gather them

There is no relief or healing in sight for you
Incurable is your wound
All who hear the news
Rejoice at your demise
[Nahum 3]

3. Beheaded

Surrounded by principalities and powers
Entrenched deep in desert lands
Wickedness resides in supernatural realms [Ephesias 6:12]
Sifting lives like the falling sands [Luke 22:31]

Ideological displeasure
Hatred of Christ is manifest
I refuse to renounce my God
Behold, my faith’s final test

Prepare the blades
Herded to the shore
Revealed to eyes of the world
This shell will soon be no more

Surrounded by principalities and powers
Entrenched deep in desert lands
Wickedness resides in supernatural realms [Ephesias 6:12]
Sifting lives like the falling sands [Luke 22:31]

Ocular disparagement
Execution imminent
Line us up one by one
Forced to my knees, I cannot run

I cease not speaking Yeshua’s name
The name by which salvation comes
No other name is given under the heavenly realms
And there is salvation in no one else [Acts 4:12]

Extremist militant mind
I feel the cold edge of the blade as it’s pressed to my flesh
Starting to slice
The edge of the tool is beginning to cut through my neck
The spurting of blood
Lacerating the skin revealing the organs within
Off with my head
It’s held in the air as my body descends to the ground

Behold, the scroll
The fifth seal will break and then you will see me among the saints
Under the Altar of Souls
With those who were murdered and slaughtered because of the Word
Of my God
And because of the word that they kept of the testimony
Holy and true
The Lord will avenge all the blood that you shed with my fellow brethren [Revelation 6:9-11]

He is Lord
He is God
For all time [Hebrews 13:8]

4. The Day The Devil Lost (Instrumental Version)

5. Crush The Head Of The Serpent (Aggressive Version)

Cursed ancient one, you slithering snake
Trails in the sand and dirt you will make
Eat the dust, your sustenance made
For your deception, the price you've paid
The age-old falsehood, by lies to ensnare
With forked tongue tasting the air

Precision strike, the venom inject
Years of mendacity, ways to infect
Equivocation, untruths are told
Beguiling the masses, a concept of old
Jealousy to God, your plan of condemnation
Entice humankind with multitude temptation

Your crafty ways, the plan to deceive
That day in the Garden when spoken to Eve

Jesus took it all, the Lamb who was slain
His payment on the cross, body wracked with pain
Death could not hold Him, divine resurrection
Took the keys of death & hell, sin disconnection
Doomed to destruction, your fate has been sealed
When Christ returns, His glory revealed

Crush the head of the serpent

Lucifer, you better run! Run!
He's coming! He's coming!
It is finished!

6. Omniscient (Aggressive Version)

Supreme awareness, reign for all eternity
Understanding, insight, Maker of Infinity

Where will you go when you run from God?
What place can you find?
He is all-seeing and all-knowing
Searching the heart and mind

Intelligence beyond human comprehension
Bring forth compassion, eternal life-extension

Encompassing consciousness

Word was made flesh
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Scion of One
Brings forth compassion
Eternal life through the Son

The universe expands by the breath of His word
Majestic Creator, not of this world

7. Behold, The Fire (Aggressive Version)

Like a thief, the Great Day is near
Deafening roar, the heavens disappear

Conflagration, the elements destroyed
Earth is stripped, completely life-devoid

Behold, the fire

Great will be the destruction
But God keeps His word
A place where righteousness dwells
A new Heaven and new Earth

Since creation, life will persist
But by His word, the heavens and earth exist

He's patient with you, His promise not delayed
Not wanting anyone to perish, repent and be saved

Derek Corzine — All instruments, Vocals

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